Monday, December 15, 2008

THE GREATEST THREAT TO MANKIND / How it is affected by probabilities.

We have talked before about the “End of Times” and I have said that there is no actual end of times in terms of a pre-determined ending to the world as we know it. There simply is no such thing as pre-determination. For every action or event there are multiple possible endings and we will call them probabilities, that exist in a vast field of probable actions, and from them you will choose the best suited events to actualize into physical materialization. This field of probabilities is constantly being added to exponentially. You dip into this field constantly when you are trying to decide what course you should take in regards to your daily life’s events.

Probable events exist for both individual and for mass world events so with that in mind there is no one act that leads to an inevitable conclusion. All probabilities are open ended but they do tend to follow certain paths of similar sympathetic actions. Mediums, at least good mediums, have the knack of peeking into the universe of probabilities and assessing the likelihood of certain probabilities to materialize over others. All future probable acts exist now in psychological fact and can be delved into, examined and tried on for size by the dreaming self, so to speak.

You experiment and play with your own future probable actions and events in your dream state and that is one of the main purposes of dreaming, to allow you the freedom of trying them out before actualizing them into your own physical life. No probability is chosen in advance, but your actions today will establish certain trends and will influence which probabilities will best suit your needs in the future. If your present actions are along the lines of scientific exploration, it is not likely that you would activate a probable future where you would become a virtuoso concert violinist. On the other hand, if you were interested in mathematics, then it would be more likely that you would select and actualize a line of probability that took you into the field of science.

Having now gone into that, there are mass probabilities that exist now just as there are lines of probabilities that will affect only your personal future, and even that is not exactly correct in that your life will always touch others in some way, but to some extent personal probable lines of development will point in the general direction that your world will move in the future. So if you want to know what major challenges your world will face in future years, you must examine current trends and challenges to see if they even the slightest possibility of affecting the world in a negative way.

I said that you have total freedom of action and no god, entity, soul or any other personality will remove or negate the choices you make even though they may result in dire consequences or even in your actual physical death. You are free to live and you are free to die, but if you choose to live on the edge, so to speak, you are steering your ship of life into treacherous waters. God will not swoop down out of the heavens to save you and he will not swoop down to save your world either. In other words, you will be allowed to fail personally and your civilization will be allowed to fail, as it has done in the past. That is the beauty of your system over others, the choices are free and open, acute, vivid, and the results can be extremely damaging or even lethal if you make the wrong choices.. Because of this intense type of training, when you evolve out of your system, you will be well prepared to move on to other more advanced systems.

Now as you survey your world landscape, you see that you are facing many challenges and they are elucidated quite clearly on your media every day. You are told of global warming, carbon emissions, rising sea levels, air pollution, water quality degradation, crop failures, wars, disease, pestilence and yet your most renowned scientists, religious institutions, think tanks and others do not show responsibility by discovering and mainstreaming the one underlying problem that can devastate and destroy civilization as you know it. Just as no god will swoop down and save you, no god will swoop down and save your civilization from mass disaster. I am not speaking of local disasters such as floods, hurricanes or plagues but world disasters.

The one problem that underlies all of your possible future difficulties is the problem of OVERPOPULATION. Why in the world would you let your political and religious leaders convince you that it is a sin to regulate population in light of the fact that you can’t even now, grow enough food to feed them, and the lack of potable water and basic nourishment for great expanses of your continents results in millions of deaths annually. Where have you left your brains, why have you not used them to decipher what is just common sense from the rhetoric of misguided leaders. It’s almost as if you have said; “I vow not to use my brain and intuitions to help me navigate in perilous times and these times are indeed perilous for mankind.

You have a pope and other religious leaders tell you to keep creating more babies when it is quite obvious that the people that are the biggest contributors to unfettered population increases are the ones who are least likely to be able to care for even a most minimum of a families needs. You have a president who bull headedly plows ahead, following totally false religious doctrine, with a ludicrous formula of abstinence for population reduction, when it has been proven over and over again by the facts that it simply doesn’t work. Telling people to practice abstinence and not to have sex is like telling the not to use their eyes to see.

Your earth now cannot adequately support six billion people, can’t you clearly see that? In order to insure a good quality of life for all, your world should support no more than three billion people. Here I must tell you something that you already know, that you owe it to all other species to insure that they have ample habitat of their own, and you have no right to keep destroying other species in order to support your own. Animals in zoos are animals dead. You will learn nothing from studying an animal in a cage.

There are many more practical methods to reduce the earth’s population. Your American president tells you that he will not participate in global efforts to reduce carbon emissions because it might cause some loss of jobs. I ask you, is that the level of mentality that is the result of thousands of years of evolution? Is that the best you can do? If this kind of thinking is not reversed, then you are establishing a trend leading to the probability that your world will become uninhabitable by life as you now know it. You may have jobs, but if you keep moving in the direction you are moving, you will have no one alive to fill them. Fortunately there are many more evolved personalities waiting in the wings that are not hampered by such lack of intellect and foresight.

There is an actual probability that exists now, not yet made physical, but just as real, where the earth collapses under the weight of unfettered population expansion. There is one other thing that must be considered and that there is an inherent need latent within the genetic structure of all living species, not just human beings, and that is the pursuit of value fulfillment. It is not all just about living; it is about living a quality life of ample opportunity to express creativeness, joys, and happiness and enjoy life’s pleasures. Your species has no right to develop your societies to the point that it detracts from the potential for other species to exist in a quality environment. To extinct even one species diminishes the quality of life for all other species.. There was from what you consider the beginning, a tapestry of life on your earth, a large pattern of existence made up of an exquisite balance of smaller life patterns. As you begin to unravel some of the smaller life patterns, you begin to destroy the integrity of the overall tapestry of life itself.

Your world is not UN-DESTROYABLE from your physical viewpoint. It can be brought to its knees, become unlivable and brought to the point where humanity as you know it must either mutate or adopt new form that can exist in such a degraded environment or exit this system entirely and emerge in another more suitable probable reality. The good news is, even in any perceived destruction, you can destroy nothing. You can remove the wonderful esthetics of your unequaled natural landscape, you can remove the joys of intermingling with uncountable other species and the joy of your intimate connection with them, but they will not be destroyed. They will emerge in another probable reality more viable and suited for their particular kind of value fulfillment.

This is all unnecessary if you come to your senses in time and follow your intellect and instincts rather than the faulty, defective beliefs of others that preach to you ideas that you know within your heart are wrong. There is nothing inherently wrong with limiting population growth, as a matter of fact, it will be done or you will not survive as a viable species.


Anonymous said...

Your comments about the future possibilities don't account for those surprising things that happen, events that lead you down a path you've never considered. It is the future that creates the present, not vice versa. If it worked the other way we'd all be living close to where we were born and raised, doing predictable jobs. Instead we often move far away and start something brand new ... as a result of a future that is calling us.

W. Allan said...

Every action or event sends out new lines of probability in all directions. Since time does not actually exist outside of our physical system, and since past, present and future exist simeltaneously, then these probabilities reach back into the past as well as into the future. In a very real way, the past still exists and can be changed from your present. Your present is the line of probability that you selected to actualize from past probibilities. The past probabilities that you did not accept still exist and can be explored. Actually, reaching back into the past to explore past probilities that you ignored can be a very effective techinque in changing your present. Your evolutionary progress is influenced as much by a future self reaching back into the present and pullilng you forward as it is by a past reincarnated self pushing you forward into the present.