Sunday, December 7, 2008


I intend sometimes to discuss general accepted world beliefs and knowledge that would inhibit understanding of the true nature or reality. Many of these beliefs have been adopted because of laziness, it being much easier to simply believe what someone tells you than to spend the necessary time and effort to look for the information yourself. Many of you have accepted distorted or false beliefs even though they didn’t feel right to you and I dare say that you now hold a variety of beliefs that are just flat out wrong and you know it, but still, you do nothing to replace these beliefs with more beneficial ones. Why should you bother? Because as you learn the true nature of reality, and finally realize that you are actually, not symbolically, creating your own reality, it will dawn on you that you and only you have the power to change your world.

I am here to make you think, to arouse your curiosity, to challenge you. The concepts I discuss here are not new and not revolutionary. They have been given before through the ages, but mostly lost or forgotten in the mists of time. If I accomplish nothing more than to get you to trust your own intuitions and feelings, then these writing will have succeeded. The real truths cannot be found on the outside, but on the inside. You may not consciously know the answers to the questions you wonder about, but you are directly linked to your inner self, and the inner self is intimately connected with the soul/entity, and here the answers are known and they are not withheld from you. My task is to stimulate your interest so that you will begin to question. The more questions you ask, the more questions will come to mind. What there is to know is endless.

So in these personal musings I hope to discuss new ideas in light of general misleading beliefs held by many of you that must be dispensed with if you are to really begin to get a feel for these truths. These will deal with the general concepts that are a necessary underpinning for developing a good and valid belief system. I call this knowledge truth, and leave it up to you to decide. First of all, let’s consider the connectivity and cooperativeness of consciousness. You have been taught that something exists on several different levels, with God somewhere up in the clouds in a stereotyped Heaven, with humanity somewhere in the middle on the surface of the earth itself and with Satan, somewhere down below near the center of the earth in the stereotyped hell. Because of this, you have developed so many false beliefs that I could never cover them here, but for openers how about this.

You now have a general feeling that anything UP must be bright, light and uplifting associated with God and good. DOWN of course, would signify something bad, dark and sinister such as Satan, while anything sideways is neutral. Why else would you raise your eyes and stretch your arms upward towards the clouds when speaking to your God? Did it ever occur to you that if UP is good and DOWN is bad, and then if you followed that direction downward through the earth, the other side of our globe would be bad. Black is considered bad and those kinds of stereotyped beliefs have caused you to look askance at many darker skinned people. Evil people in your movies are usually dressed in black and religious people always wear white. The good hero cowboy always wears the white hat and the heartless gunslinger is in black.

If you always looked up to find your God, you would certainly miss the more innocuous signs of the true presence of God even as a solitary dandelion forces its way up between the cracks in a city sidewalk, bursting forth into the sunlight in its exuberance to live. Nature is inevitable and the will to live through desire, intent and striving that is so evident even in the smallest speck of self aware matter, can teach you much about the emergence of the first essence of All That Is.

From my standpoint, one of the most frustrating things is to know something and not to be able to find adequate words to verbalize it or explain this knowledge to you. The problem is of course, both of ours, since we must sometimes together wait until the necessary foundations of knowledge are understood by you before some of these most esoteric concepts would make any sense. In other words, we must be on the same page, so to speak. As I have alluded to in the past, as the human brain is challenged to understand new concepts, it will grow in its comprehension and we can progress together. The intellect is helpful here, but some of these truths will be intuitively known first in the heart before the brain catches up.

The one overall, most important thing you must understand for any of this to make sense is that the people that you love, the animals that you care about, the world, the universe and beyond were not accidental happenstance as some scientists would have you believe. All of this was created with purposeful intent by All That Is, much of the actual creative work being done by powerful, evolved entities/souls because they were driven to create even as you are driven to create, even if you don’t know it at this time. I have said before and will keep repeating it until you finally are splashed with a hint of inspiration, and then you will surely KNOW that you do indeed create not only your own personal reality, but in masse with others around the world, create the reality of the times worldwide, along with its great religions, wars, droughts, famines and pestilence.

In future discussions I intend to explain in detail the exact process you use to create your reality and through which reality achieves form and action within the physical plane. You have been doing it for thousands of years unconsciously, so don’t you think it’s time you became aware of the process and learn how to do it consciously? Ultimately, that is why you are here.

Know then, that intellectual and spiritually powerful entities/souls originated and gave you the initial patterns for the first animals, plants, humans and all creatures in between. You then, began your part in this creative process by supplying the supportive energy that actualized itself into physically oriented matter applied to the underlying existing psychic patterns. The birds that fly and migrate across continents, the insects that swarm across the prairies, the animals that exist among you and the myriad plants, flowers and trees, were all designed with loving intent to venture onto a newly formed planet and gain new experience never before known and to refine their existence through the process of evolution.

There is not one accidental living consciousness that exists or has ever existed without first being created by entities so evolved that you would not recognize them as beings. There are newly formed creatures being introduced into your world even now and you think they have always existed and are just recently discovered.

What I really want to get across is that there exist pyramid gestalts of consciousness of which you are an integral part. These consciousnesses are intimately connected and cooperative in carrying out the unconscious bodily functions inherent within your body that you are not aware of. The consciousness of atoms form gestalts of cellular consciousness, the cells then, form gestalts of organ consciousness and organ gestalts of awareness gather in the same psychic pyramid configuration to form the overall body consciousness which performs and monitors all of the bodies unconscious functions such as breathing, healing wounds and carrying out countless functions that you could not live without. These are the same gestalts of consciousness that will continue to support the body’s activities even though you may be in a coma and the ego consciousness is out to lunch, so to speak. A cell knows that it is a cell and knows of the organization that is a part of. Although its consciousness is of a general nature, it still experiences satisfaction and value fulfillment because of its participation.

Everyone and everything is connected through these interwoven psychic gestalts, smaller organizations joining together into larger gestalts that can bring awareness and participation in more advanced forms offering value fulfillment not available before. Countless pyramid gestalts of varying degrees of awareness combining, mixing, flowing through, all self aware, all legitimate identities although they may never have and never will directly experience physical reality of the kind you are familiar with, but nevertheless valid on their own levels and some of those levels are very close to the ultimate. Of course, in a way, they will experience physical reality through other physical personalities such as YOU that share their gestalt configuration.

In a hard to describe way, all consciousness is connected to the Prime Energy Essence Being “All That Is” (God) through these gestalts of consciousness, and this is one of those deeper truths of which you are ALL aware of whether you think about it or not. This knowledge is latent within your genes and can never be dissipated or lost. It is your heritage.

In a reassuring way, you are all playing the game of life, and it’s a game you can’t lose. And here’s more good news, you get better at it the more you do it.

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