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I do not usually like to digress from a general progression on our subject matter, but one of the things I can offer to you now and then is a perspective on actual current events in your society that are relevant to some of the material that we have been covering in our discussions. I am aware that some of our material overlaps, but I do like to avail myself of a new perspective when the opportunity presents itself. So, I would like to talk about weight loss as it relates to true reality.

I recently mentioned Oprah Winfrey in one of my most recent messages concerning the treatment of animals. So let me say now that I am not on a crusade to denigrate or pick on Oprah, but because of her high public profile and bigger that life persona in many aspects of your society, she does make a good example of someone facing the problems that many of you face. This information uses Oprah for an example only and granted she has done much good work helping to acquaint many with the more spiritual aspects of life, but it is meant for the average person struggling with overweight problems. Fortunately you all do not have the financial resources that Oprah has at her disposal, and it’s a good thing that you don’t. Oprah has a tendency to make her own problems, the problems of everyone in her audience and the problems of the nation.

She gathers around her some of the most prominent experts in their fields, marshalling her platoon of ardent disciples to pool their vast collective knowledge to confront the defeat her demons of fat. Her comrades in arms gather together ready to confront the bad guys, calories, fat, sugar and carbohydrates, designing a plan of action utilizing their joint resources to launch an all out psychic and physical assault and help our heroine lose the excess weight. Oprah then goes before the general public and declares an all out war on weight, the problem then becomes the concern of the whole country. Everyone watches as the fat posse rides in on white horses to save the victim. What Oprah needs to know is that when you parade yourself and your demons before the public, declaring the battle has begun, you automatically set yourself up for failure. The “Guru”, the “Doctor”, the “Fitness Expert”, do possess some aspects of worthwhile objective knowledge but all of the knowledge in your world will only bring about temporary results without the innate understanding that beliefs create reality, not in a symbolic way, but in a real, concrete physical way.

The “all knowing guru” can suggest hours of contemplation of your navel, but that alone will not help achieve permanent weight loss. The “medical doctor” preaches to all who will listen about how to cure the physical problems and maintain a healthy body, but overweight people are generally pretty healthy, they are not sick, unless they are grossly overweight. The “fitness expert” can teach Oprah certain new and exotic exercises, walking up stairways instead of taking the elevator, using a chair in your home to do triceps dips, but exercise alone will not solve her problem or yours either. It may have become evident to you by now that what we are talking about here are all outside fixes for inside problems and in most cases the problem of PERMANENT weight loss is not an outside objective problem, but an INSIDE, subjective problem. It is a problem rooted in subjective beliefs manifested outwardly in cells and molecules for all to see.

Ancient man and animal alike sustained themselves very well on a mostly carbohydrate diet. Meat and fish were eaten on occasion when the opportunity arose, but primarily they depended on mostly plants, nuts and berries and guess what? They were not obese. What this infers is that if you eat a well rounded diet and are not influenced by prejudiced beliefs about certain food groups, you will maintain a healthy body weight. It is not so much what you eat but what you think about what you eat. Unless! And therein lays the story behind one of the most common problems encountered in your society today.

You plan your future body before you are born into this life. There are two entirely different aspects in play here and we will only address one that is of any great importance to you at this time, the other we will consider at another time. Some personalities choose an inherent bodily defect or disability that is inherent at birth and will remain throughout this life as a challenge to overcome, an overall life limitation that helps them to rise above their seeming restrictions. In some cases, they may choose obesity, usually by selecting parents who would be most inclined to pass along the genetic triggers that would cause a predilection to the overweight condition at birth. These people are usually very adventurous and impatient to confront life’s difficulties in their most extreme versions, dealing with the difficulties in one intense lifetime experience and getting beyond that and on to new roads to explore. Of course, one of the rules is that you forget that you planned these hardships to begin with; otherwise no real lessons would be learned. If you fall into this first category, your overweight condition was one that you accepted at birth and you will probably be haunted by its affects most of your life.

Assuming that you are not one that falls into that first category and that you were born with what would be considered a normal body weight for a newborn and accumulated your excess weight over many years, you can lose the weight.

You tend to accumulate the excess pounds over the years of poor eating habits, not enough exercise and especially psychological difficulties, such as guilt, worry and disappointments. You acquire your body fat along the way, usually in such an innocuous manner over time that at first you don’t realize that it is happening until one day you wake up and realize what has happened. Do to many factors that you have heard about over and over you have gained unwanted weight, so I won’t belabor the point other than to say that the one real reason that diets usually fail is because you do not understand that you do actually create your reality, and nothing can become real on your plane unless you believe it first. So there is no mistake, what I am saying is that you build your physical cells and molecules from scratch through your thoughts which always follow beliefs. The belief must always come first; otherwise the physical reality will never materialize. I know this will sound too simple, and I must admit is something of an over simplification, but if you had never began thinking and believing that you were getting fat, your body would have utilized the food you ate in a more efficient way, maintaining a more normal weight.

Here is the most important thing you must know if you really want to lose weight, and that is this; you are not fat because you eat too much, you eat too much because you think you are fat. Period! ‘’’

What this infers, and I hope it does, is that if for some reason you happen to look in the mirror, lets say wearing a dress or suit that makes you appear a little heavy, and you think to yourself that you had better start doing something about that, you have sparked the chain of belief that you are becoming overweight, even though that may not be the case at all. Unconsciously, and I must stress “UNCONSCIOUSLY”, you then being to react as though you were indeed overweight, you start buying clothing with elastic waist bands instead of belts, you wear black clothing to better hide the weight and these things just add to the belief that you are fat, your eating habits will begin to change and you will find that you need more food to quench the hunger pangs that will surely arise from these distorted belief patterns.

If you could lie to your consciousness and convince it that you were indeed not overweight, then the processes would begin to reverse itself, not overnight, but the direction would change, so in a sense, that is what you must do, convince yourself that you are on the road to “skinnydom”. This is not as hard as it may seem, and I will now offer some suggestion on how to accomplish this, and it is well within your abilities, but you must always remember, you will become what you think you are.

It should be evident to you that over time all diets have worked to some extent and will work if enough of your society believes they will work You cannot deny that certain foods have properties that will that will cause weight loss or weight gain, depending on a variety of factors including body weight, exercise and state of mind, but one thing is certain, you should choose foods that are most likely to accomplish the weight loss that you desire. Remember this, weight loss is not a war against those pesky pounds, and it is not against food, they are innocent of ill intent, they simply gain physical appearance because you created them. Now you must learn how to un-create them and make them go away.

Whatever diet you choose that would be best for your body type, food intake and exercise; you need to evolve into your diet not plunge into it. You must realize that your civilization progresses through a process called evolution, and evolution usually happens in small increments over time, so you need to begin your new diet, taking small incremental steps, one at a time. When you do that, even the first “itty bitty” step will give you a feeling of accomplishment and spur you on to the next step. Once you feel that you have succeeded in the first small attempts to lose weight, your beliefs will begin to change accordingly. As you feel comfortable with your small successes, add other aspects to your regimen, all the while remembering that evolution is a slow process, so don’t attack, but evolve into your full weight loss program.

It is very important not to bite off more than you can chew at first. Take it one step at a time, one small step that you KNOW that you can accomplish. You need to be able to convince your consciousness that you are “progressing” and there is nothing that will set you back more than an initial failure, so bite off only what you can digest for your first step.

You should then supplement your small success with a short little affirmation that you repeat once a day. Here is where you can begin to fudge a little bit, in a sense trick your consciousness. Even though your first small successes are negligible, you can create an affirmation (short saying) that embellishes them. Also remember that your body knows what is going on even if you don’t visually see or feel any change.

Try something like this, and repeat it just once or twice a day;
“My weight loss program is working and the pounds are beginning to fall off. My body is responding positively and I am making good progress toward the ideal body weight that I want.”

Create a saying that is comfortable to you and be careful to structure your saying so that it is not yet inferring an accomplished fact, but is a work in progress. Here is a side note, mantras are great for positive reinforcement, but it is extremely important that you do not repeat it too often, because then you will begin to doubt that it is working and you do not want to instill any doubt. Use it no more than once or twice a day and no more, keep it short, say it and forget it.

Losing weight is in a sense, un-creating, getting rid of excess cells, but since the jettisoning of fat cells is actually creating a new body, the creation or un-creation process works the same.
1. Concentrate on what your want. (In this case, desire a skinny body).
2. Imagine your new body as realistically as possible.
3. Take SMALL steps to bring about the changes you want.
4. Duration is important, it takes time to build up reality, so be persistant..
5. At the first notice of success, the first pound lost, congratulate yourself.
6. Incorporate your knowledge of your small success into your affirmation.
7. Lastly and most important of all “EXPECT SUCCESS”.
Desire is important for sure, but you will get what you expect, so if you don’t believe and expect to lose weight, it will be totally impossible for you to lose weight. The creation of your life follows certain irrefutable universal processes and if you follow them, failure is not an option.

It is also advisable that you do not broadcast your new endeavor over the radio, TV and newspapers or even to your friends as Oprah has a habit of doing. It is best you keep your personal business personal until you know your program is working and you have visible proof of your success. Here is why; the underlying fear of failure for all to see would be more exaggerated when your intent is made public, thereby reinforcing a negative feeling of possible embarrassment if you were not successful right away. As I said before, you would be setting yourself up for failure even before getting started.

If is inferred here that these same procedures and techniques can apply to dealing with other habitual problems like quitting smoking.
Great expectations create the world that you know.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice explanation of why people are dealing with weight issues - I would add that any diet will work if it feels right to you, so just find one that you will be comfortable following, and when you eat something you think is "bad" (we've been so programmed by now that it's hard to change those beliefs), tell yourself, "this is going to make me healthier and slimmer." I don't think there's a problem repeating affirmations whenever they come to mind - as long as they use words that end in "ing," implying a process as you've said.