Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It matters not whether you do or don’t believe in reincarnation, it happens anyway. Obviously the process of living more than one life has not found wide acceptance in your western civilization. Since most of you don’t believe in reincarnation, the proofs of its existence will always elude you and remain transparent. When the masses begin to accept its reality, the proofs will become more opaque. There are other cultures however where reincarnation is pretty well universally accepted in one form or another.

In talking about probabilities in other articles, I have tried to explain the idea of multi dimensional personalities (that’s you), by elaborating on the idea of probabilities. In the realm of probabilities, you exist simultaneously in other dimensions, other worlds if you will. The reality of reincarnation helps fill in the blanks in the scenario, being that “reincarnation” is simply “probabilities’ in a time frame concept. Probable lives experience over the years and centuries.

If you are like many others, you are going to say, well, if all these other parts of me are living other lives in other dimensions, why don’t I know about it. The answer is simple in the telling, but not so simple in the understanding. The individual personality, (that’s you), KNOWS but doesn’t know that it knows. The overall identity, the whole self (that’s you too, but more) KNOWS and knows it knows. Your whole self exists now, you are simply not privy to its knowledge, and if you were, you wouldn’t understand it at this stage of your development. In other words, FULL KNOWING is in your future but not available to you now. Please notice that I said full knowing, not full knowledge.

As you grow in your overall understanding through the experience of probable selves and reincarnated selves, your knowing slowly deepens and understanding of what was at one time unknown, becomes known. I hope it has dawned on you that reincarnated selves are simply probable selves experienced through the window of time, and they also exist now. You exist in other worlds and other time periods relative to your accepted concept of time. Actually, in the one true basic reality of the basic expanded present, all lives are lived simultaneously.

Understanding the deeper aspects of probabilities, probable selves and reincarnated selves is just the beginning. Of course even in your system, everyone is not at the same level of development. Some are experiencing their first lifetimes and it is easy, if you spend a little time, to identify those individuals and cultures, and even within certain more primitive cultures, there are individuals who are more advanced than others. By the way, “advanced” has nothing to do with technology, prosperity or wealth, but more with values, intensity of emotional experience and spiritual understanding, spiritual having nothing to do with religions connotation.

I know you have all known or read about certain individuals that seem to have lived a life of tragedy and sorrow. They seem to have been born to suffer, may have had abusive parents, were not comely in appearance, and were always lacking the trappings of the good life. They were often sick or suffering health setbacks or even born with deformities. They were unpleasant of character and had few to no close friends. They may have never married and may not have had children so they had no close family and were always lonely. Then they die.

Now, looking at this person, you could not help but think, “that poor person, what a wasted life, how he suffered, such sadness”. But was it really wasted?

Would you now consider that the person with all of these seeming handicaps was making up for a previous life of extreme wealth, sustenance, privilege that were flaunted over his cotemporaries. A life lived where abuse of friends and foes alike was common. Consider a person who did not learn humility, caring, love or respect for his fellow man. Maybe he was getting all of his trials out of the way in this life in order to enjoy a life of relative ease in the next. Of course, by now you know that you choose the life you will live, even though it doesn’t sometimes make sense to the ego self. Who in their right mind would choose a lifetime of suffering? You would, if it was needed to provide a deeper understanding of your conscious being.

Would it make any sense to you, if a very difficult life of continuous hardships, trials and tribulations followed by death, was the last life? I think not. And that my friends is one reason why reincarnation exists, to give you ample time to correct the wrongs, to even out your experience over many lifetimes, to grow and to learn the necessary knowledge that will stand you in good stead as you advance through and beyond the physical reincarnational system. There is much to learn and you are just beginning. As I have alluded to many times, if you are sincerely interested in what is behind your life, your world and your universe, you are not in your first lifetime.

Here is where “karma” fits in very well with reincarnation, so karma is not only a method of evening out experience in one lifetime but carries over between many lives. As I have said before, it is a mistake to consider karma as any type of punishment, as it is not, but I can see how you might think that. With Karma, you get what you deserve, in a good way or bad. If you steal from others, you will have to know how it feels to be stolen from and all debts will b e paid whether in this lifetime or in another. If you love others, then you will experience love in return. There are no time limitations, and you could experience the affects of karma in this life as a carry over from several lives in the past skipping a few in between. You are here to learn, grow and develop and you need to experience both sides of the coin, so to speak. Karma provides that opportunity and reincarnation provides many new venues for action. No one, no god or deity inflicts karma on you; it is of your making and worked out through your inner self to help prepare you for what lies ahead.

Reincarnation exists, has and always existed and will exist whether you believe in it or not. Reincarnation was part of the Christian Bible until Pope Justinian and some of his cohorts decided that a belief in reincarnation was dangerous because it freed the populace of the time from implied guilt and the fear of death, and from the control that the Catholic Church exercised over the population in those days, so in around 545 AD, they simply deleted all mention of it from all Christian Literature. Reincarnation is not held in popular beliefs to this day, especially in the western world, but when enough people begin to believe in it again, and they will, then ample proofs of its existence will become evident. Many proofs exist today; you just have to search harder for them.

Here’s another tidbit of good news; reincarnation is only a reality in the physical system, so when you have finished your reincarnation cycle of lives, in other words, when you have learned your lessons well, you will evolve out of it, and you will move into other more advanced systems where death as you know it does not exist.

And sometimes I wonder why the concept of eternal life is such a hard sell. It’s yours whether you like it or not, so deal with it. You are an eternal being, and you can’t UN-BE.


Anonymous said...

I had a spiritual awakening seven years ago where I knew the future and that I wrote a book about group reincarnation and rock music. I discovered that the human ego appears to be very tenacious at keeping us under the illusion that we are individual, separate beings and that we only have one lifetime.

My experience has shown me that some part of my consciousness transcends death and returns into another life. Thanks for your thoughts. I am convinced that if people could have a direct knowing of some aspect of their other lives and soul, our consciousness would raise and the ego would begin to have less power over us.

And that book I knew I wrote now exists in this reality, and a famous rock band and their music helped me see how reincarnation allows us to return to heal from past and present-life trauma. I believe many people are drawn to music because we are sound...vibration, and music can heal our souls!

Sunyata said...

The one problem I have with "karma" is that the overall structure of lives on Earth seem to point to a framework which is not as dependent on a personal quest of learning, but rather on just the pure blind unfolding of conscious energy. If the extremely wealthy and/or greedy moved onto subsequent lives on the other side of the spectrum, you would expect to see a relatively equal number of super destitute. There are, of course, thousands and thousands of times more super destitute than super rich. The belief in karma, to me, seems to be no different than the belief in the ego - desperate attempts for nothingness to give greater meaning to whats happening. I don't suggest its impossible, but it makes a lot more sense to me that humans, our brains, and ultimately consciousness are in line more with materialist thinking, even if we hold that thinking within a flawed context of actually existing "things." The energy moves onto greater and more complex forms, eventually consciousness, but its just an interdependent clusterfuck. At our current state of collective ego, this still means that very few of us have great prosperity and material wealth or life opportunities, while the great majority have almost nothing. Whether human consciousness can awaken further, and whether it WILL, is another question. I would love to believe in karma, but I just don't buy it. The way I see it, the only way in which reincarnation exists is in that I am consciousness, and if consciousness exists now and is therefore possible, it will probably always exist in some form for the rest of eternity.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
I love a curious mind, and a desire to learn. That is what we are all doing here. It seems to me that you are equating success with wealth, and that is a mistake. You learn as much, maybe more through poverty. The poor were born into certain chosen circumstances where poverty could be used as a learning tool. Of course, there is much more that must be considered than we can touch here. No life is a failure and all lives are worthwhile, even though it may not seem so from the outside.

Evolution infers progression, slow as it may be, it happens whether or not you realize it. Remember, Karma is not punishment, but an evening out of things. The wealthy today will be the poor of tomorrow and the poverty stricken today will someday be the lords of the castles.

No one gets a free ride, so to speak. Karma assures that all lessons are learned, and if that includes lessons of poverty, sickness or even death, remember, your identity cannot be extinguished and is eternal.

For instance, the only way to learn from killing is to be killed or maybe more significant, to have a loved one killed. That is not punishment, but a kind of social reciprocity. This is not a symbolic statement, but meant to make clear that you will live again and again as a self aware being, albeit in many other systems of reality in many other forms.
In a very true sense, it's all good in the long run, and what you don't learn in this lifetime, you will learn in subsequent lives. You have all the time you need,,,,,,,,,,there is no rush.