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Understanding probabilities is not some useless, esoteric, spiritual mumbo jumbo, but a very useful concept that can be applied to your everyday life and much benefit. In fact, one of the main reasons you should try to learn some of the things we talk about here is because they offer very practical methods that anyone can use to improve their lives. You are, at this very minute, living what was once a probable future brought into the present in the form of a physical event or groups of probable events. The present was once as nebulous as future probabilities may seem to you now. I hope it is obvious to you by this time that probabilities exist as psychic events and objects and will remain so until they are accepted for activation into one of many probable physical systems (worlds) where they are deemed significant enough to be accepted by a probable self.

What makes this difficult in the telling and even more so in the understanding, is that you normally consider thoughts and emotions as less than real. You think that a rock is real, but a thought is not. You think that a pyramid is more real than an imaginative idea, but the fact is that an idea gave birth to the pyramids. Let me try another analogy; your physical constructions are indeed magnificent, but the underlying creative bed of inner reality is much more magnificent. It’s like an iceberg, the visible tip of it, which amounts to only about ten percent of its total mass, being here equated with your physical system and the portion that lies below the surface is like the vast, inner field of probabilities, and other realities which you do not sense, which then would represent about ninety percent of the icebergs total mass. There is more not seen than there is seen and inner reality would dwarf the physical system.

This inner field of probabilities cannot be less than what it gave birth to. You focus only on a small portion of what is available to your perceptions. So intent is your focus that other fields, planes and systems that co-exist with yours are not sensed. This field of probabilities contains in an expanded present, all probable events that have been experienced, are still being experienced and will be experienced. In other words, past, present and future events rub shoulders here. Your particular species of experienced time will not allow you conscious access to future events as it does past events, but that doesn’t mean that they do not exist. Right now, in the present, you have a future history just as assuredly as you have a past history. It is not set in stone, but neither is your past, as we have recently discussed. The past, present and future exist as electromagnetic connections within the human brain and mind and they are malleable, still plastic to some extent and can be manipulated and changed. The year 1940 exists today just as real as it did then and it is not finished.

Some of the greatest works of mankind are accomplished in the dream state before they ever begin to show themselves in the guise of physical constructions. I have talked somewhat about the dream universe, and said that it exists just as real and actual as your physical universe. The dream universe only seems temporary, chaotic and disoriented to you when awakening and trying to remember, but when you are fully focused in the dream world, you are as lucid and purposeful as you are carrying out your daily awake activities. The dream world is continuous and meaningful; it does not just begin when you fall asleep.

I mention this to so I can easier explain that much of the work done in the dream state is the auditioning of future probable events. In the dream state, you have access to the field of probability and it is here that you try out possible future ideas, testing certain events against others to see which works better for you. The dream universe gives not only you, but humanity in general the opportunity to “sample the future”, both personal and mass events such as wars, climatic events and world migrations.

Many of the things that happen in your life today, you first experimented with in the dream state, then because of your present desires, beliefs and ideas, you drew closer and closer to that line of probability that best suited your needs and development. You then made the final selection to actualize it from its prior subjective reality into physical expression as an object or event as conscious energy makes itself known in the world of matter. At the moment that you made the final selection of a future probable event, other selves were doing the same so that all versions of the event would be experienced somewhere. There is no rule that says that one of your probable selves could not choose to actualize the same event as you chose.

Now, here is where the feeling of Déjà vu comes in. Systems of reality, independent worlds, including your “earth” and other physical and non-physical systems seem to be closed, but in actuality, they are not, otherwise no communications between systems could be accomplished and we know this is not the case. There are certain sympathies and similarities between you and your probable selves that provide for what could be called leakages or short circuits between systems that do not amount to direct conversation, but can be known though your intuition, hunches, unlikely and untimely deep unexplained feelings that you KNOW SOMETHING and not sure why you know it.

Here’s how it works. Say for instance, when you were young, you always wanted to be an artist, but because of other circumstances, you never followed through on your desire. In another probable reality then, a probable self DID become an artist, and if one day while day dreaming, you had a overwhelming feeling that you wanted to buy some paints and canvas and take up painting, it could very well be a psychic bleed through from another probable self in another probable world.

I am well aware that all this can be extremely unnerving and give you a feeling of insignificance, but you need to understand you place in this grand abundance of reality. You have to expand your beliefs of one universe, one world and one identity to encompass a richness that you never knew existed. Everything is part of something else, while holding its own complete independent and unique identity and nothing is sacrificed in these consciousness gestalts. Your soul/entity will always try to express itself fully in the physical system, so it creates independent identities to explore many different dimensions of reality, and to do this, it breaks up one main identity (whole self) into independent personalities and sends them in all directions. When you leave the physical system upon death, you will be reacquainted with the other versions of your whole self.

I know this is a difficult concept to understand, but you are your whole self and the soul/entity has other whole selves. For those insecure and weak of heart, I tell you that you do have a soul of your own, but your soul has other selves which are truly one whole self.

So when you feel a strong hunch or urge for no apparent reason, pay attention, your feeling of Déjà vu may be a psychic short circuit, opening up a temporary channel between you and a probable self and you may learn from the experience. The main difference between someone who is learning and growing and others who never think about these things is that those who are growing and consciously evolving have learned how to “PAY ATTENTION”, others don’t or they just dismiss hunches, intuitional urges as Déjà vu or coincidences. You have heard this before, but I will say it again; there are NO coincidences and as you learn to recognize these barely noticeable illuminations, you will find more will come to you as you open yourself to your inner feelings and emotions. You can learn to steer your daily life’s choices in the direction of the possible future that you want to objectify. Remember, all possible events are probable and awaiting their day, and in time terms, their day is eternal. They will be exteriorized somewhere.

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WOw..This is GREAT..!!THANK You so much for your incredible explanations..i read about this before and had some experiences too..But you are explaining it here so clearly..!