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There has been much written over the centuries about the predictions of Nostradamus, especially those concerning the end of the world. He claimed that his predictions would extend out, covering future events for several thousand years. Nostradamus had one of the same problems with his predictions that most mediums and psychics have and that is that most of them are wrong and never come to pass. Now, if you make enough predictions, some are bound to happen simply by analyzing and assessing present conditions and based on the current information projecting the likelihood of possible results into the future.. Before commenting further let me assure you that worlds don’t end, at least not in your time frame of reference, but civilizations do.

This subject matter presents a perfect opportunity to dive into “probabilities”, a subject that I have wanted to speak about for some time. You live in a particular type of world/reality with its own built in characteristics and parameters for existence unlike any other. Some of the things that you consider the laws of the universe are only applicable when you consider the universe from your own world perspective. This means that those so called universal laws do not hold for other worlds and systems and are not even exclusive in your own world. The laws of your universe extend out to the outer reach of your perceptions only.

Consecutive moments of time are not even experienced as such by most of the animal kingdom on your own planet, yet you want to project your version of time on them and the entire universe. Gravity is another that seems irrefutable in your universe, but it is another camouflage appearance that cannot be applied to other systems. In other words, gravity will hold you in its grip as you travel around the universe, but other beings will not be bound by the same limitations. It works well for you and while in you physical body, you must abide by its reality. In other systems, time, space and gravity may exist in entirely different ways. There are two characteristics that do apply to your system and all other physical systems, and they are “Probabilities and Reincarnation”, they are real and they must be followed while within your system. They cannot be applied to other planes where physical materialization is different or non existent.

Your system and others emerged out of an infinite inner reality, the richness of which you cannot yet conceive. Your “Earth System” is but one of many probable physical systems and there is no lack of space to contain them. You will not find them with telescopes because they exist in another dimension, you will not measure their light waves as they do not exist within your present frame of reference. In my messages to you I have tried to give some hint of the pervasiveness of consciousness and its need to show itself. Consciousness wants to be known, and it will not be denied any possibility to materialize itself in all possible manifestations. This need causes consciousness to form all possible platforms for experience and within your earth system; all possible worlds will become probable. In other words, in rather simplistic terms, all worlds that can possibly be, will be, and all possible experience within those probable worlds will be experienced. I will try to explain and believe me trying to explain how something which is not, really is, is not easy.

I think the hardest thing to understand from your standpoint is that “There simply is no lack of space for worlds, dimensions, planes and universes to exist. The physical properties of any world is only an appearance, and appearances do not take up space. Period!

Physical systems only take up space within your own frame of reference, but other systems share the same space as your world and you will never bump into them in your journeys. They are just as real, just as physical and concrete within their own dimension as is your own world within your dimension. Many dimensions can co-exist within what you call your own space, moving through each other, oblivious of each others existence. Probable worlds exist in these multi-dimensional aspects, and in another gross oversimplification, I am afraid, probable worlds exist in what might be considered, sympathetic clusters around your world, in the same cosmic neighborhood so to speak, but in another dimension entirely.

From your standpoint, you will always rationally consider your world, the “Real World” and the others as probable worlds. Of course, you can assume that identities that exist in the other probable worlds consider their worlds the “Real Worlds” and you’re world, to them, would then be considered the probable world. In other words, distance wise, keeping in mind that distance does not apply to other dimensions, they are close, but in psychic terms they are very distant indeed. In the same way, the universe of anti-matter exists as real as your own, but in another dimension entirely, and you will never visit it in your space vehicles.

I realize this is incredibly difficult material to fathom, and that’s OK, you have to start somewhere and get off of dead center if you truly want to understand the true spiritual nature of your universe. Of course, there are no words that will ever be able to adequately explain the emergence of your universe into physical materialization, but intuitively the truths will be known and I intend to push you along into a deeper understanding of those truths.

Now, here is the basic concept of probabilities in a nutshell. They exist and they cannot be denied. Every event in your life triggers a myriad of other possible variations that could materialize out of the one event. All of these possible future follow-up events then become probable events, meaning that they exist just as real as any physical event, but they have not yet been manifested into physical constructions. As an aside here, and getting back to good old Nostradamus, a good seer or mystic can delve into future probable events, but bear in mind that no probable event is set in stone, so Nostradamus had a knack in picking up on probabilities, but no living or survival consciousness can accurately select which among many probable events will become energized enough to erupt into physical reality. Using one of the eloquent phrases of one of your recent presidential candidates, predicting the future is like trying to nail jelly to a wall. Remember, the future is not decided until it is the present.

As probable future events come closer to the present, there will be a natural elimination of many of the future possible events, simply because some become less likely due to the course of present events as they materialize in your life. So, in that respect, the closer the available probable future events comes to you, the easier it will be to predict which ones are more practical as they begin to affect your life. In short, some of the future probable events will fall by the wayside; not fitting in the current trend of events in your life. Other future probable events will begin to point in the same direction, until one or more coalesce into one acceptable event which you will then concentrate your attention on and force into a perceivable physical event.

Since we have begun this task, let us continue, and it doesn’t get easier. Let us discuss where exactly does all of this probable stuff happen? Where does it occur and who does it occur to? We are talking here not only about personal (your) probable events of your life, but also mass probable events that affect entire countries and world events.

I now have to tell you that every event in your life that you do not choose to activate (make physical) into your present reality will be experienced by another probable self that is also a splinter part of you. OK, now I’ve said it and you are still here? What I am saying is that there are other versions of you, individual self’s that are part of your “Whole Self”, which you are not acquainted with at this time who exist in just as valid probable worlds as you do and those other “self’s” are not any less real any more than you are. They are you just as much as you are you and one of your probable self’s will experience the other aspects of events in your life that you do not choose to experience. In other words, they will be experienced somewhere. As I said, if you were to ask them about their position in this probable system, they would insist that their world was the real world, and yours was the probable world, maybe inferring that one was better than the other, which is certainly not the case.

So let’s try an analogy here. Imagine the time you initially met your future wife as an event. The instant you met, many probable future events were spun off. Imagine that you found her attractive, intriguing and interesting and asked her if you could see her again. That was just one of the probable futures that instantly came into existence at that time, and there were many others. There was a probable event created where you did not like each other and chose not to see each other again. There was another probable event created where you dated for a while, split up and parted ways. There was also another probable event created where you liked each other, dated, got engaged and married. That marriage as an experienced event spun off many new probable events. From this you can imagine all of the probable future events that were created from those future probable events, would be activated in some other probable reality and spin off their own probabilities.

Imagine this as an analogy; picture in your mind a wagon-wheel with its spokes radiating outward from the inner hub. The hub would represent the current event and the spokes would represent the probable paths to new and different probable events that would be created. Each spoke would lead to new hubs that would be new selected events and each hub would have spokes radiating outward creating new probable events. You can see how the multiplication of possible, probable events is endless,

The creation of probable events by probable “selves” is endless, multi-dimensional and exponential, expanding countless real probable events into probable worlds, projecting reality into infinite variations so that no potential avenue of experience is ever “Not experienced”. Your identity is so much more than you know, and in time it will be known to you. There are many “self’s” that you do not know, they are all you, or other variations of you. They are as real as you are and their experience is not less valid than yours.

I know the hardest thing is to realize that other probable worlds can exist and can be solid, concrete as yours seems to be, but let me continually remind you that outside of your own frame of reference, standing on a different platform viewing your world, it is no more solid than the solidity that you assign to other systems that you do not perceive. Solidity is a divine hallucination, in that you create it, then experience it and think it has been there all the time.

I hope now to at least to bring “probabilities” into our future material from a variety of different perspectives in future articles. Don’t expect to fully understand these concepts on the first read, maybe not even in the first lifetime, but as I have said, if you find our somewhat one-sided conversations interesting, this is not your first lifetime.

In closing, if for some reason you did not marry dear old Charlotte in this lifetime, in some probable realty you did get married and may still be living happily ever after.

I did warn you up front that my intention if nothing else, was to make you think.

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As suggested by Jung, and Pauli, Nobel laureate:

Dimensional templates and acausal
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