Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have been asked many times about the real existence of these entities or whether they simply exist as a fantasy in our minds. There are so many different varieties of unseen beings and unseen worlds that I must explain each separately, for their existence and your ability to perceive them varies depending on their abilities to make themselves noticeable and your ability to notice them.

So let’s begin by addressing the reality of Ghosts, or what we might call Spirits, for usually ghosts are equated with ill intent whereas spirits are sometimes considered good spirits or bad spirits. Whether their intent is good or bad, they are sometimes real and sometimes imagined but they can certainly exist in ways that you can perceive them and as much depends on the perceiver as on the one attempting to make its presence known. Sometimes these spirits are not really trying to show themselves, and are not even aware that they have manifested any kind of perceivable form in the physical world. All consciousness is energy in motion, action, and even when the physical body is discarded for a new subjective form, the action does not cease, even as a thought is action and thoughts never cease, dead or alive, in your terms, bodies die, but consciousness never dies and identity is eternal.

As I have mentioned in other articles, no ones death is exactly the same, much depending on what you know about reality and what you expect to see when death occurs and in that respect, all deaths are unique. There are some rules that apply and they are the same rules that I have been telling you about in this continuing material. They don’t change when you die because your consciousness doesn’t change and your currently held beliefs will prevail either in life or death. Death does not bring about instant knowledge or wisdom, which will stay much the same after death as if you were still in a physical body. That is why it is advantageous to begin to understand what kind of reality to expect when the time comes to step out of this reality and transition into another. Death is a necessary open door that you must step through in order to progress to another life experience. Another way to look at it is that death is both a simultaneous end and new beginning.

You always get what you concentrate on and you concentrate on what you believe. In other words, in death as in life, you still create YOUR reality. If you die believing that life is good, then the death experience will be a good one. If you believe in Jesus, the disciples and prophets, you will be greeted by same. If on the other hand, you believe in devils, Satan, hell, and the lake of fire, you will experience all of those. Now, it should be evident to you that in both cases, you will be dealing with very real hallucinated realities, but their effects will be experienced as real to you for some period of time. This period of transition can be pleasant or traumatic, and again, your beliefs at your time of death are paramount and the information that you learn here will be of vital importance on making the death transition understandable at the time and less disorienting.

An over concentration in either of the above circumstances can be a detriment, only because they are so limiting, and neither will give you any true understanding about the after death condition. The best position you can hope to be in is having an open belief system and realizing that you will see what you think you will see. I have said before, in living life or out of life, you get what you think and expect to get. There is no other rule and it is not exclusive with what you would call living, breathing humans. The rule applies to all species in all worlds in all universes. In other words, this one simple rule is a “primary” throughout every universe and every dimension of reality, there are no exceptions.. This is why it is important that you begin to learn about the true nature of your reality, because it will stand you in good stead in this life or out of this life. The rule doesn’t change. All lives, all worlds, all universes have a mental foundation, in other words, they existed in thought before they existed in matter. Matter happens because of thought, desire and expectation, and if those ancient consciousnesses had never expected matter, the first atom would not have broken through into physical mass. Physical matter then is a result, not an inherent reality.
I have also told you that at the time of death, the passed spirit may linger around the coffin containing the vacated physical body, gazing at it in disbelief. If this personality was obsessed with physical life, their spirit may even try to re-enter or reactivate the dead body, to no avail. Many of these people have unfinished issues in the physical system and feel an obsession to finish whatever they were involved in before they passed.

They would be the ones that were overly pleased with their physical appearance, highly focused on their objective bodies and personal circumstances rather than the subjective side of their being. They may have been so entranced with physical life, thinking that is all there is, that they cannot bear to leave it. Usually when they are perceived by others, they have no ill intent and are in a state of confusion, not understanding where they are, but caught up between two realities, not having yet made a smooth transition. Their presence will be represented not by a physical image, but by a not fully materialized, in between world’s kind of transparent apparition. When you mistakenly believe that this is the only life you have to live, it sometimes becomes very difficult to leave it behind.

These particular over-obsessive types of personalities have trouble letting go and leaving the physical system, and even after the transition has been made, they cannot fully take on their new responsibilities, drawn back to some familiar physical location such as a house, hotel or other place where there is unfinished business. They can also be drawn back to some still alive physical person for misguided feelings of love or hate. If they are perceived, usually this is not a purposeful manifestation and the fact that you can even see them is accidental, they are not inclined to inflict any kind of harm. So, there really are no EVIL spirits, just misguided spirits.

The reason that these spirits can be perceived at all is a result of their pent up accumulations of energy, generated by overly strong emotions or feelings that they cannot dissipate as would happen with a normal transition. Usually they cannot affect physical matter in the manner you sometimes think of, but not always, and in some instances they can actually move physical objects when assisted by a sitting medium aiding in the event. As in all of reality, it takes two to tango, in other words, the spirit entity can create a kind of pseudo-matter, but it will not be seen unless someone else is there to objectify it and perceive it or assist in the movement of an object. I guess you could say that a ghost cannot scare anyone if no one else participates.

For all of you ghost hunters, if you ever encounter a spirit or ghost, it only exists with your acquiescence, so simply state clearly and emphatically “I mean you no harm, so go away”, then turn your attention away from it and it will have no choice but to dissipate. No event or image can exist unless there is one to create the energy image, and one to perceive and interpret the image. If you turn your attention away, it cannot sustain the necessary energy to maintain its image on the physical plane. Because inherent within the act of perception, there is also a contribution of energy on the part of the perceiver that is a necessary component of any physical or pseudo-physical construction, so if you turn your attention away, the image will not be able to maintain itself.

This does not affect you, but I thought it might fit in here well, so let me tell you something you probably never considered. Your reality was at least partially built around ancient myths and legends, some of which have persisted through your time, and for good reason. The beliefs in fairies, little people, elves and leprechauns were to some extent based on truths to the people of those times. Consciousness seeks to express itself in as many forms as possible, physical and non-physical, many of which don’t concern you personally, simply because you cannot perceive them.

Because you don’t perceive them, does not mean that their reality does not still exist. People living in past times had different beliefs, and their beliefs in these “little people” made them somewhat perceivable to the people of those days. They did exist and they still exist, but because you don’t believe in them, you close off your inherent abilities to see or interact with them. Matter comes in spectrums, intensities and density just as color and sound comes in spectrums, and there are many spectrums of matter that you cannot perceive.

Your consciousness is precisely “tuned” into one frequency vibrational pattern of matter and this intense focus, closes out other aspects of structures that co-exist with your own. The existence of other viable beings sharing the same space as your planet is pervasive and you don’t have the whole place to yourselves. It’s not that you can’t see other realities that exist; it’s that you have not given yourself the freedom of perception to include them into your field of what is real to you. You, of course, assume that which you cannot perceive is not real and does not exist, and that is a big mistake because there is much more that exists outside of your reality than what seems to exist in your one cozy little universe.

I will discuss ALIENS and other beings in our next article.


Anonymous said...

Interesting take on ghosts.

W.Allan you do not mention if you have actually see or experienced any phenomena that you might interpet as a ghost, but out of interest have you experienced any such phenomena.

I certainly have, and so has my mother.

As far as ghost go, do you speak from your own experiences or do you base it on your own(or others) theories and ideas?

W. Allan said...

KL,,,,I have not personally seen a ghost but since I have been "paying attention" to the existence of other realities, I have experienced many occurrences that cannot be explained. I have learned to expect them. (and that's the secret). My information comes from others more evolved than I, but of course I add my own perspective.

Anonymous said...

You spoke about the spirit that has lingered around the casket in disbelief and I have had an experience with a spirit who has lingered around a home she had inhabited and guarded.

In physical life, this woman lived to take care of her home and property, not in a good way but, in an obsessive, overly protective manner to the point of shutting people out of her very narrowed world.

About a month ago, her spirit left her earthly cage but, seemingly did not completely make the transition. All who have entered her house or property since her passing have felt an oppressive air to the feel of it. It is still one of being "guarded".

I have been left the job of taking care of her 2 cats until family is able to find a home/homes for these two. On occassion, I have encountered what I would call an "energy wall" in walking through this house to take care of the cats as requested. I have tried to make "peace" with this spirit by telling her that I am not there to hurt, steal or harm but, only to take care of her two cats that she dearly loved.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been slowly feeling that oppression lift as I enter to feed the cats, clear out the litter box and generally just do that work then leave. I feel as though I am and have been building a trust from this spirit but, her energy still distrustfully inhabits that house. None of the those who have entered that house to look at it as prospective place to live (family wishes to rent it out for the time being) have wanted to stay, even at a greatly reduced rent (to the point of being simply a token amount).

It's interesting that this spirit cannot seem to move beyond her previous surroundings. My hope is that as her belongings are being removed from the house by relatives, she will eventually recognize that there is no need to remain. At least, I hope.

W. Allan said...

Dear KL
I must apologize for not replying sooner. I have not personally "seen" what you would consider to be a ghost, but have felt and known of the presence of others when there are no others around. The knowledge that these other realities exist will open up new freedoms to the ego to admit other phenomena that it otherwise would block. My information comes from an unknown source, unknown, but now very familiar to me. I expect knowledge and it comes to me very naturally. In a way you could say that I am a middle man, passing along information that is given to me and I know it is my task to translate into understandable language and disseminate it to those who will listen.
William Allan

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous, Regarding your recently passed friend, your care of her cat and her spirit lingering around the house. First of all, spirits are for the most part, simply confused with the transition, and some find it quite difficult to admit that they have indeed died. Usually these spirits being of a compulsive or obsessive nature, have, in their minds "Unfinished" earthly business to attend to before they complete their transition. They have no ill intent and do not need to be feared, although they can be a nuisance as in the attempt to sell the house. They can make their presence known to many sensitive humans and especially animal personalities. Cats in particular are very sensitive and can feel the presence of spirits quite strongly. Usually, as time passes, they will be helped by other survival personalities, family members, friends, etc., to realize that it is O.K. to move on and she will be encouraged to finally let go of her earthly obsession. My advice is to simply deal with it and maybe use this as an opportunity to expand on your own abilities to communicate with her until she moves on.
William Allan

Tess said...

I've been reading your writings for the last hour, completely engrossed and appreciative of finding this resource for exploring ideas that I've had for some time but didn't quite know how to explain or put into words. I've had several, "Yes! Exactly!" moments while reading, and I'm comforted to know that these "crazy" ideas I've had about life and death may have some merit after all!

I'm so glad I found you...

W. Allan said...

I too am glad that I found you.
We all find each other when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness there are people out there to help those who have passed over and still attached to the physical. Those who are "stuck" need help to go the "light".

Kimi said...


You have done an excellent job by writing this post

W. Allan said...

Kimi,,,,,you know that I love that,,,,,smiling