Monday, February 23, 2009


This is a refreshing subject for discussion and I must admit, that I never thought I would find myself agreeing with both scientific and religious views, well, actually partially agreeing, but many of religious faiths that have held beliefs in “Intelligent Design”, have inadvertently stumbled on something and the reasoning behind their conclusions are surprisingly intuitive. I recently experienced what is commonly referred to as synchronicity, you know, where strange things just seem to happen in an illogical way, but seem to have some deep unexplainable connection.

I have recently seen two programs on television, one on your public channel dealing with the attempts of religious leaders to incorporate their theory on intelligent design into schools teaching Darwinian evolution. They were not successful in the courts, the legal view was that intelligent design is theology and does not belong in the public schools. I am not fully aware of all of their arguments in favor of intelligent design, but the one I want to talk about is that the differences between species is just too dramatic to have been accomplished through conventional evolution, meaning that “Humans” are too complex of a species to have evolved from primates in such a short time. Another of their less defensible views is that the earth is a mere ten thousand years old.

The other program that caught my interest was also on the public channel and dealt with the discovery of what scientists now believe was a very small “bird like” dinosaur with what seems to be feathers on its legs, leading them to speculate that dinosaurs are the ancestors of all birds. In other words, in their view, all birds evolved out of the dinosaurs. Both of these theories are nice and do exhibit some valid suppositions, except for one small fact and that is that birds existed at the same time as dinosaurs and that radio carbon dating shows that the age of the earth is in the billions of years old, not thousands of year

In a sense, creationists and scientists apply their flawed hypothesis to what seems to be, and conveniently ignore what seems to contradict their theories. Geologists have for years understood that there is no direct link between primates and humans and they have called that one small inconvenient truth, the missing link. The missing link will remain missing because man did not evolve from primates or any other species. Creationists believe that God created man as an independent creation some ten thousand years ago, which of course would invalidate radio carbon dating on all kinds of varieties of matter, always obtaining the similar results, that matter and the elements composing all physical constructions are very, very old, in the billions of years old.

So, there is some ray of truth in both belief systems and if one does not have at least some basic understanding of the true nature of God / All That Is and the creative impetus that gave birth to the universe and all it contains, they will always find a dead end when searching for proofs of their inherently flawed theory’s. One of the most limiting beliefs that will always be a stumbling block is that there is a God in the prime exalted position at the top and that one God caused all creation. Another mistaken belief is that there is only one universe, one inhabited world, and one species of intelligent beings inhabiting that one world. But this is not the place to discuss the pyramid gestalts of All That Is and the ancient advanced consciousnesses that have created not one universe and one world, but countless realities, and your vast universe is but one of many.

Time here for another of my infamous analogies, although this may not be the best, I will give it a try. If the CEO of McDonalds gives the order to add a new hot dog to the menu in all of its stores, the order is sent down the chain of command to the national managers, then through them, distributed through the regional managers, then through the district manager and finally to the actual store managers, where the new hot dog is finally put on the menu. Now, the store manager would consider the new item as coming from the district manager, but truth being known, it actually came from the CEO and by now the CEO is concentrating on other matters, but will get feedback from his national managers. In this kind of chain of command system, those darn hot dogs could be sold in stores around the world in a very short time frame. This is the nature of the God consciousness pyramid gestalt. There exists countless layers of entities and personalities within this pyramid gestalt, and if even the least of them create reality, the impact of that creation reaches to the Prime Identity at the top of the pyramid gestalt.. (See previous articles on The God Consciousness.)

In a sense, you might say that God copied the McDonalds concept, in that He created other consciousness, entities, now so evolved that you would consider them gods in their own right. Entities whose experience would simply be so evolved that it could not be explained with mere words. These, then are the entities who create entire reality systems and universes and all they contain, and they created, under the auspices of All That Is, your universe and your world and all of its countless, diverse species, flora and fauna that ever was and ever will be. They created the patterns that were then filled out by the consciousness that then inhabited your universe. Now, I understand that this will seem scandalous to some, but understand that what is created through any and all entities, is also created through God. The link is undeniable, so there is really no contradiction to say that All That Is, is the creator, even though all consciousness creates realities, some that are seen and some not achieving enough impetus, fall into and are utilized in other unseen systems.

Evolution, of course continues today just as it did in the beginning, but all species did not emerge at the same time in the beginning. The first to emerge, that is, to break through from their previous subjective state were the elements that were needed as the basis for all that was to follow. None of this would have ever happened were it not for the nature of atomic structure, the ability to group, combine and form physical structures and the innate abilities of self aware consciousness to propel inner subjective particles into the realm of physical materialization.

We will limit our discussion to your particular earth system, although the same processes caused the beginnings of all universes and universes that are unimaginable to you at this time, still rely on atomic structure for their perceivable reality, although the structures would be unrecognizable to you.

The creation of a new system happens because enough entities desire a certain type of experience that they know will result from the system they create. That is why your system is unique in the entire universe and there is none like it anywhere. The entities that create these universes, systems, worlds, planes and dimensions are the mature, advanced “God like” entities that were the first ancient entities to be created by All That Is. The creators of the earth system, still view earth as their home planet and lovingly watch its development and learn from your mistakes and your successes. Your particular system provides a certain type of experience that is not available to them anywhere else in the universe, and they do not meddle in your development, slow as it may be. They affect your earth system by sending a portion of their consciousness into new identities who are then born as physical personalities in your world

As the earth was initially formed, there was an initial fervor, a chaotic dance of atoms and other particles as they sought areas of significance that certain groupings of them could find their own levels of satisfactions each to its own potentials, each with its own general conscious comprehension of value fulfillments. This then, over billions of years resulted in a magnificent natural environment of the mountains, rivers, valleys and oceans that would be the platform for the subsequent emergence of all species to come, beginning with the fauna, trees, plants, mosses, grasses.

When the environment was ready, certain species were introduced, completed and unique. The trees, plants were established by this time and provided a lush environment for the existence of the newly emerging species. Now it is important to say here, and I know it may sound like a production line type of creation, but the intricate design of all species was well thought out by the originating entities, their physical appearance and functioning of their bodies was not accidental, but well planned from their blessed beginning.

From the beginning, insects were insects, birds were birds, fish were fish, mammals were mammals and man was always man. Remember this was the beginning in physical terms, but all of these identities had always existed in the mind of God, even before the idea of a physical breakthrough into matter was accomplished. They existed in a subjective dream like reality in the mind of All That Is in their completed form, so they did not need to evolve one species into another since all species were already an inner reality. In this respect, the creationists are correct; man did not evolve from primates. The good news is that a chimpanzee is not your grandpa.

This was a time of trial and error for all species and many species were given physical manifestation did not survive in your world do to certain physical distinctions. Here is where many of the arguments between creation and evolution need to be cleared up. Centuries after other species were introduced many variations of primates/humans were then introduced to a now thriving, lush planet, but still some just didn’t take, didn’t find the conditions ripe for their type of existence, and their species died out. There were many variations of man, man/monkey, monkey/man and monkey that fell by the wayside during these times, and the best suited survived where other didn’t. That is why there is today such confusion in examining the archeological evidence of ancient skulls found in Africa. The missing link will always be missing because there is NO link between man and primates. Monkeys did not evolve into human beings, monkeys were always monkeys and humans as we know them were always humans, although many near humans died out early on. In larger terms, no species went extinct in this sorting our process, as they all emerged again in a more hospitable probable reality. In those terms, the dinosaurs still exist today and carrier pigeons fly the skies somewhere.

In defense of the scientific community, they are right too, inasmuch as the planet is even much older than the billions of years they attribute to it. Man emerged on earth, not ten thousand years ago, but millions of years ago and they lived at the same time as many primate species that we know today and some that we don’t that have become extinct. Evolution DOES happen, but inter species only and one species will never evolve into another. Within all species there is a tendency from one generation to another to add refinements and beneficial adaptations to environmental conditions resulting in necessary changes of form, but these changes are initiated from within, not from without.

In other words, consciousness evolves form, form does not evolve consciousness. No matter could have ever existed were it not for the driving force and intent of self aware, individualized consciousness. Changes in physical form are the result of decisions made by mass species inner consciousness and then sparked from within the physical bodies of the species. This may help in understanding what I am saying. If there were a “end of the world” type of disaster that would require a mutation of form for survival of any species, not one single chimp would ever evolve into a human.

This also explains why there is and can be no inter-species mixing after death, and you will never be reborn as a cow as taught by some religions as a result of karmic payback, a way of dissipating bad karma by being reborn as a lower species in one or many lives until the karmic debt is repaid. This theory assumes that the consciousness of a human is better in some way than the consciousness of animals, and I think by now you understand that all consciousness from human to worm comes from the same “Prime” source, so all consciousness is “Grade A” in quality.

Bottom line, humans were created as humans, primates were created as primates. In the beginning there were many versions of man and ape than there are today, some became extinct and have never become known, but they left their bones as archeological evidence that will never be understood when viewed in light of currently held hypotheses. Your ancient ancestors were human, as humans they have changed and adapted, but they were always humans. No man or woman ever evolved from a primate ancestor. Darwin got it wrong and All That Is, got it right.


Anonymous said...

Summary of your article: There's magic in the universe.

An intelligent child wouldn't believe that.

W. Allan said...

Great comment, thanks. You have a great way with words, and I absolutely love the sarcasm. I too received education in science and nothing wrong with that. Science does provide great proofs as far as they go. There came a time in my life where I needed to know what lies beneath the physical proofs. Until then, I felt just like you, show me the proofs. I knew that physical reality came from something else, just didn't know what. I do understand and respect your comments, but trust me on this, there will come a time for you when you will need to know more and when that happens you will begin a new search. You are where you are, and at the present time, that is exactly where you should be. I am where I am, and I am on my own journey. My information does not come STRAIGHT from God, but from the God pyramid gestalt of consciousness. People who are on similar journeys as mine know that real proofs come from an inner affirmation of inner truths, and as long as you demand physical proof of a rock, you will never learn what caused the rock. I know, the rock came from magma. Then I ask you where did the magma come from. And you may respond that the magma came from the big bang and it goes on and on until you come to the question, where did the big bang come from. the difference is, I know. I wish you success on your own journey and invite you to keep in touch.