Friday, October 10, 2008

WHY DO WE GET OLD AND DIE / Part 3 / Final

Keeping the same train of thought, you play the game well and with exuberance during your early years, but there comes a time approximating middle age where most of the options of the game have been tried and you have either succeeded or failed. In some cases you have achieved successes and in some you have not, but either way, this is the time when changes begin to happen that you perceive as the aging process. The Soul knows that this prime time is drawing to a close and its attention begins to drift. Remember, enormous amounts of energy are required to support your physical body in your system of reality at great cost to the Soul. The Soul supplies the energy and the inner self directs it into physical form. The inner self then, acts as a channel, funneling the energy supplied by the Soul. In a sense the Soul is playing a very specific game of life and you are its ambassador for a length of time in this game of “Earth”. The Soul knows that there are other games to play, and at some point in the life of the personality, when maturity is reached, the Souls attention begins to stray from the present game. Its concentration begins to wander to other concerns. It knows that it cannot play all of the available games at once, so it begins to pare down the energy available to the present personality. The Soul, having initiated the personality (you) in the first place, will not play the game forever. All games must end and at some point the Soul makes the conscious decision to begin to restrict its energy to the present personality and project it in other directions so it begins to diminish the energy that it has been supplying to the personality, knowing that eventually this identity will shut down, but another will rise to the surface and play another game in another time.

Since your physical body is the rather immaculate result of countless recreations filling in the same pattern over and over again to give the appearance of permanence, when the Soul begins to restrict the energy supply and turn its attention in other directions, each succeeding recreation of your body becomes less distinct. Each reproduction becomes less perfect as the body’s inner energy begins to wane. This blurring effect is interpreted by the senses as aging. Our scientists know that the cells that make up your body fall off and die and are replaced by new cells on a regular basis. This happens at a rate that actually replaces every cell in the human body approximately every seven years, meaning that every seven years you are in a strange way, an entirely new person. Not one cell in your body is the same as it was seven years ago. If this is indeed true, then why don’t you look like you are new every seven years?

The skin does wrinkle, the teeth do become less perfect, the body does change, but of all of the changes that aging brings, none of this is because of the aging of matter itself, but because the body is receiving less supporting energy. Of course this process can take many years and the Soul is not in any rush, it has all the time it needs. What this does mean is that when the Soul has decided on its course, to abdicate this life, there is usually no turning back. There are some exceptions to the norm, but the aging process goes on and will not be reversed. The actual dying can be postponed. If the personality finds a new reason to live, a new project, a new love, the Soul can reconsider and allow the personality to continue for some time. When this happens it is not so much because of the acquiescence of the Soul but because of the impetus and psychic momentum of the identity asserting itself. This does not mean in any way that you cannot remain vital, energetic and in good health throughout your years.

Let me return to the pyramid and human reference used earlier.
There are different types of consciousness, but all from the same source. It is the kind of consciousness behind and driving matter into form that determines its capabilities and longevity on the physical plane. Generalized consciousness that is objectified in the formation of the earth itself has limited self awareness and carries with it none of the inherent capabilities of the Soul or Entity. In a sense, once projected into form, it will remain in that original configuration in what could be compared with an eternal dream. Awareized consciousness of the Soul, Entity which create living matter is projected into the human form, the flora and fauna, which eventually must die and be replaced. This kind of consciousness is also eternal, but in a different way. Of course, the matter itself is not the consciousness; consciousness is behind the matter. This kind of consciousness does carry with it the inherent full capabilities of the Entity or Soul. The implications of this are enormous, meaning that at some hypothetical point in some distant future, you could stand at the same lofty viewpoint of your Soul or Entity.

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