Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have tried to condense valid inner truths into words that are insufficient to convey the true meaning behind illness. You will surely wonder if what I say is true, then why isn’t everybody healthy, wealthy and wise? I have told you that the concept is rather simple, but the difficulty lies in the doing. Remember, these are not just words but symbols of something bigger and in a larger sense; their success depends on the implementation of the suggestions already given.

First, in preparing and repeating a short mantra, you must believe in what you are saying. If you create a mantra saying that your health is improving, you must believe in what you are saying. You must then, understand that you actually create your reality through your beliefs and you health is certainly a large part of your reality. You must believe and understand that your physical body was not some accidental happenstance but a specific and purposeful creation by your inner self and it was not created with flaws. Your physical body always leans toward health and not sickness. Your body has all the information that it needs to bring about healing of ANY affliction, disease or cancer, but you must create the right conditions and remove all mental blockages standing in its way. Given the right conditions, there is NOTHING that the body cannot cure. Here is the last but most difficult part of this equation. What you concentrate on you will get, period!

So when you are working to create the circumstances that will best bring about your recovery, you must understand that thought propels energy into physical manifestation. If you concentrate on what you have instead of what you want, you will get more of what you have. Look hard and long enough for a tumor and your body will give you a tumor. Returning to our “sore leg” example, you must learn to believe in the leg healing and turn you attention away from the present condition. This is not easy to do when your leg hurts, but you must learn to focus on the healing and not the illness itself. Concentrating on the illness will always reinforce that condition and give you more illness. Focusing on the healing aspects will automatically begin to rob the present illness of much of its energy and reality and begin to propel energy into healing instead. The reality begins to change with your first thought, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

If your illness is internal and you are in the habit of seeing a physician for your problems, it is important that you continue to do so as you learn anew to also trust in the integrity of your body and its natural abilities to heal itself The good physician will understand the mind-body connection and will incorporate positive reinforcement in his treatment. The truth is that all healing comes through your beliefs. No physician, no matter how many degrees he holds will be able to affect a cure if you do not believe you can be cured. Conversely speaking, no matter what anyone says, in spite of all negative suggestions of hopelessness uttered, any illness CAN be cured if you believe it can and work to that end.

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Anonymous said...

Even the question "Why Am I Always...?" is a message to your subconscious mind.If you say or think that you always anything, especially if it's about something negative like sickness, it will be counterproductive! Catch yourself and say "until now I've come down with illness," or something along those lines. If you say "I always," you are creating it to happen always!