Thursday, October 9, 2008


Until you reach a certain age, then something funny begins to happen as at first the physical body seems to reach a tipping point when this natural growth process seems to come to a halt and for some strange reason begins to reverse itself, beginning a long downward spiral that we call the aging process. The body itself begins to deteriorate, becoming less active, less vigorous, it gains weight, loses muscle mass, becomes less mentally astute, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles form, the hair whitens and we hate it. Most people find it a downright outrage that aging must happen, let alone the creeping recognition that the future holds an even more traumatic reality, that you must eventually die. No one likes the idea of death for many reasons, and most know them well, but that is mainly because of our fear of death. This fear of death is rooted in ancient myths, stories and legends of threatening afterworlds, sterile heavens, the coming nothingness, and angry, judging, punishing gods. It’s enough to scare a person to death. Most fears are because of a lack of information and understanding.

There is good reason for aging and death, but some will fight it tooth and nail, having their heads removed and frozen cryogenically to preserve them for some future when they can be revived and their head reattached to some other body. Where that body comes from I have no idea, but this is just to point out the utter simplicity and futility of fighting a natural process that taken in the proper context can be a quite enjoyable experience as new horizons of experience open to you that were never before available. There are scientists around the world working on potions, regimens and treatments to prolong age and extend your years. To be sure, they have succeeded in some respects as you do see the average age rising worldwide, except in some undeveloped societies.

What would be the benefit to extend the age if you are frail, incontinent, senile and unable to live a vital and fruitful life? Of course, there would be none. There have been periods in the earth’s history when man lived to hundreds of years old and it was common in certain tribes and lineages. What happened? The Bible says that Enosh lived nine hundred and five years, Seth lived nine hundred and twelve years, Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years; and Methuselah died an old geezer at nine hundred and sixty-nine years. Now, assuming this is fairly accurate, why did this change so much in only a few thousand years, which is really nothing on the time scale compared with the existence of the earth itself?

This of course, implies that the aging process can adjust according the needs of different civilizations in their own time. It also suggests that aging is somewhat a psychological reality. All That Is knows that if there were any real benefit to living nine hundred years, you would all be living to nine hundred years in the present day because matter left alone does not decay. What this does signify is that, at this time in our evolution, there is nothing to be gained by such long lives, or it would be happening now. In those ancient days, elders were held in high esteem because they were the carriers of tribal and world knowledge as it existed then. There were no books, no tapes, CD’s, computers and no television to preserve these ancient histories, so these elders were needed. They knew where to find certain roots that healed their wounds, how to catch fish to feed the tribes and they knew how to predict the migrations of herds of animals who spread across the early plains. They were needed and they answered the needs of their cultures in their times. In your present time, the elderly are warehoused in retirement homes. No wonder they often run away or wander off.

Aging and death only seems to be such a tragedy in light of our misunderstanding of the true nature of dying. There are unique and wonderful experiences that can be had in all phases of life, and although it may be hard to understand at this time, you can learn as much from old age as you can from adolescence. Death only seems so tragic if you consider yourself to be your physical body which you must discard at some point. When you begin to understand that the real you is not your body and the real you survives all deaths. And you have had many.
Aging and death is a natural part of life, just as life is inherent in death and your last breath is the actual beginning of new life, a new adventure and a fresh new perspective. At this time in your evolutionary progress, you do not remember past lives, but that does not mean that they do not exist or make them less valid. You cannot usually remember your dreams either, and you would not deny that you dream.

In a way, words imprison us in these discussions. They are symbols of something else and sometimes that something else is not very good at conveying true meanings. For an example, say you decided to create a new symbol, a new word, not the word life with its inherent meaning of a new birth and not the word death with its inherent meaning of a life ending, but lets say you invent a new word, say the word is “Frap” and this new word means or symbolizes: The spiritual event that happens at the exact point in time when you take your last breath, signaling the opening of a new door to a new existence. In other words, when you “Frap”, you actually take the first breath of a new life, in that sense, the last breath is also the first breath. OK, so you leave one life in the process of beginning another. In your world of structured time, you must essentially close out one event before opening another. In other words, you experience one event after another in a linear fashion and this means that one event must knock out the last one in order for it to be perceived and experienced.

Would you then be so fearful of death, understanding that and enjoy your later years in life as we grow older more joyfully? I think so. If you had a symbol or word such as that and believed in its meaning, then this lack of appropriate words would not have such sway on your fears and your lives, and in truth, many then would not fear death as you do at this time in your species
evolution. You of course know that you get old and die and why is that a necessity in your reality?

Maintaining a precise physical stance in your system of reality requires intense and vast amounts of energy and a precise focus to keep yourselves immaculately poised in earth reality. The inner self provides the immense amounts of energy that supports the ego conscious self in its discriminating intersection within your particular time and space. There are other versions of time and space surrounding, adjacent to and sometimes moving through your earth system, so in order not to drift, so to speak, you must maintain and concentrate your attention on that one reality. This then, is the enormous amounts of energy that is expended by the Soul and inner self in order to support your physical body in time and space.

Your physical image is a result of an almost endless series of energy pulsations filling out a psychic pattern, creating new and continuing and specific reproductions of your self. This is the price the Soul and inner self pays to gain experience in your system through your materialization. Think about the old motion picture films from the 1940’s, which were actually a series of still photographs played in motion of somewhere between sixteen and thirty five millimeters per second to give the appearance of permanence and fluidity of motion. Imagine then, your physical body created by a similar series of pulsations of energy from you inner being, giving it form and motion. Although the analogy is not the best, it will, I hope convey the idea that your physical body is the result of separate, distinct pulsations of energy from the inner self giving the appearance of permanence and motion, just as the film actors achieved an appearance of permanence and motion through a series of individual frames projected in sequence. Without going into this to any extent, your consciousness has learned how to play the game well and happily skips over the lapses in between these pulsations giving you what is perceived as a seamless picture of reality.

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