Thursday, October 23, 2008


What I am saying and I want to make sure this is understood, is that all illness begins as an unconscious mental act. You are the result of a mental act that began with an idea, an inspiration, and an imaginative impetus which could be termed inner suggestion, either consciously delivered or unconsciously delivered. Your birth, whether you believe it or not, was well known to your inner self and to your parents long before they were informed of a pregnancy, so in that regard your future existence was known and the result of inner suggestion.

The way you acquire advantageous and disadvantageous life changing suggestions and beliefs is through a kind of outer unconscious hypnosis that you have acquired from friends, teachers, clergy, and physicians and most importantly through the messages you receive daily streaming incessantly from your radio and television advertisements, public service announcements and other programming.

Good, healthy suggestions unconsciously acquired, will usually be evident in a good healthy life in most regards. Someone who seems to have it all, for instance, a good family life, a good job, happy children, enough money, smiles, laughs, play and many good friends, will usually have good health. This may or may not be readily observable because you can only tell what is on the surface, but in general this is a safe assumption. Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, if you have a good, healthy belief system, you will have good physical health.. What you believe you will become. Your unconscious will not accept messages that do not fit into your belief system, no matter what the source. So, if you want to discover the discordant or false beliefs that are causing the energy blockages, you must look inward.

Let me try another tack. You form your life around your beliefs and your beliefs create a filtering system that essentially blocks out all data about reality that does not fit in with your personal belief system. If you inherently understand that the body at birth possessed an almost perfectly tuned immune system that has the ability to cure any affliction, then you will not unconsciously accept the damaging messages you are subjected to every day. The problem lies in this unfortunate truth, that as you grow and learn, you usually begin to alter your initial beliefs that you began to accept shortly after birth. You begin to consciously and unconsciously accept beliefs from your parents, from teachers, from your contemporaries and that is a natural process of growth.. Of course, as infants, you need to accept the beliefs of your parents, but you were never intended to keep them forever without examining them to see if they served your changing purposes. And who would dare to question the long held cherished beliefs given to you by dear old dad? Before long you can become a walking, breathing bundle of discordant, distorted, false beliefs and over time those actually begin to become part of you and are hard to dislodge.

For instance, when you were a child and your mother told you not to go outside without your coat because you would catch a cold, this suggestion over time will become an inherent part of your belief system and for all practical purposes, will become an indisputable part of your reality. If you were given that belief as a young child, you will most likely retain it for your whole life whether or not it is true. Being cold will never give you a cold. Believing that being cold will give you a cold, will give you a cold. If you grew up from infancy hearing your parents say that money is the root of all evil or that it is easier for a camel to get through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven, you might then find it extremely difficult to ever achieve financial success. It works the same in all areas of your life.

Illness symptoms are bellwethers of your progress in ridding yourself of illness. Symptoms tell you if you are on the right track in addressing the problem and continuing reoccurring illness will indicate that the problem remains buried in your consciousness. Your beliefs are not beyond discovery to an inquiring mind and a dedication to looking inward for their existence and source. Symptoms also often express themselves in a symbolic way, so an unnatural fear, disgust or religious guilt about sexual expression that might be considered deviant may express itself in that person in a symbolic way with some malady occurring in the pelvic region or directly concerning the sexual or reproductive organs.

I told you earlier that this is one of the easiest of inner truths to put to the test in everyday life, but indeed, it is also one of the most difficult for many reasons. In order to cure an illness permanently, you must discover and begin to make changes in discordant beliefs that you have probably had for a long time. If I told you that to retain anger at someone or something over a long period of time is bad for your health, you would probably agree. If I told you that unresolved hatred of your job could cause ulcers, you may even agree to that. If I told you that loneliness and a belief that you are unworthy of being loved by another could bring about other maladies, it might be more difficult for you to accept. Remember, developing a belief system is an ever changing process of mental and spiritual growth, so as your physical body was meant to change, so were your beliefs.

Your first task in finding the problem rooted somewhere in your beliefs is to sit quietly with no distractions with a pen and paper and begin to think back in your life to important and sometimes innocuous events alike which may have been turning points in your distant and recent past. Write down things that come to mind that may or may not have some effect on your health. Remember, there are no bad things lurking in your subconscious, there are just things that are more beneficial to the corporeal body and some that are not, so your search should not foster feelings of guilt, just give you the satisfaction of discovery of things that have been too long ignored in your past. After you have done this, give it some thought to forming a plan to make changes in your beliefs that you think will be beneficial to your mental development, psychic and physical health.

OK, now its time to address the process you need to put into action and this is also the hardest part of discovering and discarding old worn out beliefs and inserting new, healthier beliefs. I am giving you a concrete example here so there is no confusion as to the process that you need to consider initiating. I am simplifying this explanation to a great extent, but we need to start somewhere.

Let’s assume for example, that you have a lingering pain in your left leg and that it has been bothering you off and on for some time. Let’s also assume that you do not have a fractured or broken bone but have not been able to discover the reason behind the reoccurring pain. A pain in the leg can often cause a problem with physical mobility, so you should first, in your introspection, begin browsing through the corners of the mind to see if there is any reason luring in the shadows of your memory of any reason that would cause you to inhibit yourself from moving forward in some aspect of your personal development, your attitude toward a personal love affair, your reluctance in accepting a new job assignment in a different area of the country which would require moving or perhaps unhappiness in a new profession that you find unacceptable. This implies a type of psychic blockage, inhibiting forward progression that could be expressing itself through demonstrating symptoms of an ailment such as a pain in your leg that would give you a clue that this is an area that should be considered in formulating a wellness program. If this were indeed the case, then resolving the job issue could begin to clear the obstruction that causes the pain in your leg.

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