Monday, October 6, 2008


There are many reasons why you get old and die and to even attempt to answer that question in one small discussion is almost impossible, but you were promised answers and you will get answers. One of the problems with trying to explain these things, is that in order to truly begin to understand the reason behind the truths, is that it would take years of study of the inner reality that is part of your natural heritage.

But let’s begin with the assumption that you have at least some inkling that there is truly an inner psychological universe that underlies the one you are familiar with. There is also an inner psychological climate where the inner part of your identity that you are not so familiar with resides. An inner you, your true identity so to speak, that lend its support to the outer ego part of your consciousness. This inner self has access to far more knowledge than your ego would like to believe, since it believes that it is at the helm and it alone steers the ship through physical reality, and it does. But there is more to you than the ego, and if that were not so, then you would be justified in your fears of aging and death. You are not your ego and never will be, but your ego self will eventually relinquish its dominant position and join forces with the inner self when you have finished with your earth lives.

There is much more to you than your ego, but your ego hides that information from itself because it doesn’t want to believe that its very survival depends on its reliance on that inner part of you that connects with the whole self or soul. The ego, sometimes finds itself feeling alone and abandoned, but intuitively knows inwardly that its very existence compliments and depends on the support of that inner self. The ego is only in control to the extent that it is highly qualified to operate and manipulate the physical image within three dimensional physical realities. It is the inner self that supplies the impetus and the energy that materializes into solid matter. In other words, while the ego part of your consciousness assesses the physical terrain and makes the decisions of the flesh, the inner ego is the part of you that exists in another realm entirely, that drives this energy into solid matter of objects and events that the ego creates and we then perceive. In that respect, while we experience temporal reality, the ego does indeed steer the ship and the inner ego goes along and supplies whatever the exterior ego wants, within certain limitations. Its job is to make real what the ego imagines.

This is very important to understand if you are to really comprehend the real meaning of aging and death. The inner self is the physically unspoken part of you that is in direct connection with the Soul, it is the connective between you and your Soul and when the soul decides what it wants, the inner self carries out its wishes as it is fountain of energy that creates the outer physical construction (the body). It is the non-physical connection, as the mind is the connective between the physical brain and the subconscious.

There are pyramids and there are humans. If we see a human being standing beside a pyramid, we see two seemingly very different physical things. A pyramid is very big, solid and massive in structure and cannot move; a human being is small in contrast, soft and pliable in construction and has the ability of movement in time and space. They are both obviously made up of somewhat different physical composition, but both are the result of the combining of many earthly chemicals and elements. In the same way a rock does not seem to be made of the same stuff as a kitten. But there is a similarity. If we were to take a sampling of their elemental composition, we would surely find that there were many of the same minerals, elements and chemicals present in both.
If fact, we would all agree to some extent, they both share some, not all for sure, but some common ingredients that compose their physical image. We are made up of matter that we accrete from the earth, man and all other living constructions. You might then ask, are there some inherent characteristics within matter itself that age? Does physical matter deteriorate simply by destroying itself because it’s been around too long? That is simply not the case because as you will see, matter just isn’t around long enough to be susceptible to the aging, process, die, deteriorate, disappear or disintegrate because of the length of time it is materialized into a physical image. The sub atomic components of matter itself are constantly being replaced. Matter is affected by the elements and therefore does deteriorate, but that degrading in quality is not because of properties inherent in matter itself.

It is well known that you build up your physical body from birth by accumulating the physical properties of the earth. The process whereby this is done is well know and does not need discussion here, other than to say, that in a way, the earth lends you portions of itself that have been created through the use of atomic structure creating those earth properties and those accumulate or coagulate into our physical bodies that then grow by continuing this process to become larger in size and hopefully wiser as you accumulate knowledge and continue on in your prime.

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