Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The question as it is posed; I seem to always be coming down with some illness, in the winter its colds, flu, sniffles and other reoccurring symptoms and in summer its hay fever. Was I born with this or is it something that I just acquired.

I have addressed this subject before and probably will do so again and again trying to approach it from different angles each time. I am quite aware that most reading this material will not believe what I say, but the interesting thing is that of the many questions that are answered here, this one is one that can be put to the test in most practical ways. Not to be misleading, the reasons behind illness, sickness and other afflictions may seem simple on the surface, so simple that you could be mislead into believing that the solutions to affecting a cure would be a simple matter of making a few minor behavior changes. That is not the case because even if the procedure for a cure may be understood, the application can be confounding indeed and must be approached with caution and good sense.

One of the main reasons that you probably will not believe what is said here is that in order to make any practical improvements in your health, it requires a stepping up to the plate, so to speak, and taking responsibility for your condition whatever it may be. In other words, if you are in good health it is your fault. If you are in bad health, it is in a way, the result of discordant mental patterns (false beliefs) and those too are your fault. Now, no one likes to be told that they are at fault for anything, especially when the given explanations seem to fly in the face of what the masses believe, what the experts tell you, and no doubt you can show me living proof that you are right and what I tell you is wrong. It seems inconceivable that civilization as we know it could have continued over the last 50,000 some odd years give or take a few days here or there believing and doing things wrong, but that is exactly what has happened where health and sickness are concerned. In a way, ancient societies that existed thousands of years ago had a better understanding of the true nature of illness than we do today. You should remember that although a system of reality is purposely created with good intent and direction, once created, it is allowed to evolve in its own way with no interference, for better or worse. There are some safeguards set in place, but you are to learn through your mistakes and no direction is given. If everything went perfectly, you would never eventually come to the conclusion that there is a connection between what you think about and what happens to you.

I realize that it is hard to believe that your beloved physician could complete college and medical school, serve internship in a hospital and show up for work in a superbly appointed office with a wall full of diplomas, possess a multitude of impressive instruments, a white coat and stethoscope dangling around his neck and still not understand the true nature of illness. Please be aware that I am not telling you that a physician cannot cure illness. What I am saying is that if a physician cures an illness, it is in part because you believe in his power to cure you, not because of any particular procedure, but because you believe in the power of the procedure to cure. That is why ancient medicine men and Shaman were so successful by using fireside chants and dances and chicken bones to cure illness. If you do not believe in the treatment and the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, there is no pill or other remedy that will bring a successful long term cure. You can manage to shunt aside any particular illness for a time, but if your intent is to affect a permanent cure, then you must look to an inner source of the problem. An illness is the result of blockages of the free flow of the life force energy that supports your physical body.

In other words, illness is the result of mental obstructions or impediments which causes invisible inner blockages of energy which then become a visible part of that physical body, symbolically bringing the inner problem to the forefront of your attention. In a very real way an illness is an outer representation of the difficulty, the “canary in the coal mine”, signaling to the outer self that something is amiss inside. Illness then, is ”inner speak” to the outer self. This is how the inner self communicates to the ego self, “Hey, there is something wrong in here”.

There are far too many causes of illness to go into any depth in this discussion but we can address overall concepts. Let me begin at a point in time before the beginning. Your birth was not an accident even though it may have seemed that way to your parents. You chose your parents for specific reasons before you were born and sometimes that choice is made because of a predilection of the parents to a certain challenges that you plan to address in the next life and that will result because of the inherent latent genetic structure of those parents. We plan and write the outline and the story of our lives before we are born and if there are inherent lessons that can be learned from an illness or series of illnesses, we will create ahead of time, the most favorable conditions to bring about that result, including selecting parents who will make that reality more probable. In other words, you may select parents who will have a genetic pre-disposition to a particular disease that would then most likely manifest in your physical life. The reasons for these types of choices are known only to the personality being born and then contracting the illness. The reasons behind these choices are varied, but in some cases the personality will select a particular illness that best suits his or her needs, maybe an illness that is currently popular in that time period or century.

Children may for instance, choose an illness to get out of going to school, then after the traumatic time is past, they simply cure themselves. Unfortunately as we grow older, we forget that we once knew the connection between mind and illness. A person who is lonely, may for example contract a severe case of the flu, so they can spend some time in the hospital which is a fine social setting for someone who seeks compassion and companionship. There is no virus, bacteria, bug or cold wind that causes colds if you do not want to catch a cold. Your mental condition, blockages of the natural flow of life energy, causes the immune system to temporarily restrain itself from combating what it inherently knows how to resist, and for a limited time, it lets down its defenses and in a way, welcomes the infection. Those who do not believe in the reality of illness will usually be immune. You all know somebody who never seems to get sick. The underlying reason, which may seem over simplistic, is that they simply don’t believe they will get sick. For some, this seeming immunity to illness is a natural carryover from prior lives and some pick up these harmful beliefs in this life through a process which actually amounts to unconscious self hypnosis.

I must regress for a moment and clarify that I am well aware that some people tire of hearing about energy when discussing topics such as this, but I do want to make myself clear so there is no confusion when I speak of energy. I am NOT speaking about electricity as you know it because you would surely say you do not feel as though you were being electrocuted. Of course the electricity that you know is simply the outer semblance of an inner energy that creates and supports the universe that you know and all that it contains. This energy of the universe cannot be felt or detected by your instruments, but it is responsible for the stars, the planets, the comets and all dimensions of reality. It is pervasive in that it is everywhere, within and underlying every physical thing that you perceive including yourself. It is where you see something and it is where you see nothing and in larger terms, there actually is no place where there is nothing. If this universal energy did not exist, you would not exist for one second.

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