Sunday, October 26, 2008


Remember, it is not the belief that causes the illness; it is the belief that sets up the condition in the body activating inner processes that will allow the body to most accurately mirror the inner conditions, usually by lowering the immune defenses so the illness can manifest outwardly to give warning of the inner difficulties that need your attention.. The physical body always tries to most accurately mirror inner conditions whether they are good or bad. The simple truth is that inner mental health equals outer physical health and this will always be apparent. An inner illness that remains concealed from the outer senses, remaining inside, represents an inner condition that has not yet been dealt with. Outer symptoms mean that the issue has been and is recognized by the ego oriented personality and is being addressed in some way.

I must admit that it is extremely difficult to hold your own psychically speaking because you are constantly bombarded with mesmerizing suggestions through you means of mass communication and it is almost impossible to insulate yourself from them. I want to also remind you that you live in a world that you create and if you have read my material on creation, you will know that you create your reality through well defined processes that I have explained before. In short, you get what you think about, concentrate on and expect. I am not the only one who has tried to convince you of this as you will recall;”Ask and it will be given unto you, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be opened to you.”. This was not idle talk but a truth that permeates all realities and all universes. Think long enough look hard enough and expect what you think about and seek, and you will find it. You will actually create what you are looking for.

This holds especially true when trying to find the source of inner problems. You must be diligent as the truth is there for the finding. Now, when you are listening to your radio, television, you are unwittingly being mesmerized without even knowing it. When you are constantly hearing your public service announcements to look for signs of a cancer or a tumor, you are in a sense contributing to creating one in slow motion. If you search for a cancer or tumor diligently enough, expecting for find one, you will eventually find one, the body will literally give you what you are looking for: (Seek and you shall find). I am not telling you to discontinue examining yourself, but to do so incessantly with expectation of finding some deformity, is as dangerous as not examining yourself at all.

Of course the secret is in starting with the simple illnesses and giving the body a chance to exert its own healing abilities. You must start with the small things and learn to regain trust in your body’s abilities. There is a latent inner knowledge that you still possess as you did when you were a child. You must of course, continue to see your doctor since you have lived in this reality most of your life and while you hold the beliefs that doctors can cure you, they will indeed be able to help you, but you will not find a permanent cure for even one sneeze unless you understand your mental connection to illness.

It is helpful in developing a simple mantra that you repeat every day. In a way, this is also a kind of self hypnosis that is meant to change your inner feelings about your state of health. This mantra should not be more than three of four lines in length and should not make statements about a condition that does not obviously exist, but instead, it should contain statements about conditions that are beginning to change for the better.

Returning to our previous example of a condition of a sore leg; your mantra should not state; “my sore leg is healed”, but should state ‘my sore leg is beginning a healing process that will bring about total healing”. In other words a simple mantra repeated once a day for period of no more than five minutes each day must not contain an untruth of the condition as your inner self surely knows that the leg would not yet be healed. I would recommend something like the following;

I am beginning the process of healing my sore leg.
I am directing the healing energy of the universe to affect the cure.
My leg is in the process of healing itself.
I believe in and expect a complete recovery.

This should be repeated with confidence that a cure has begun with your first word, and it has. Your first thought actually begins the process. After you say the mantra every day, drop it; do not think of it again until the next day, lest you begin thinking that it isn’t working.
This is not some esoteric, elusive spiritual wishy washy thing. It is a basic premise of the physical construction and manipulation of matter itself and it is irrefutable in all realities. Matter changes over time, so make good use of that time and begin thinking about what underlying causes could have brought about your problem in the first place. There is an underlying reason and the mere fact that you begin to look for the reason, brings a cure closer. Remember the saying “If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting”. You will need to make some changes for any cure to become permanent. No illness is inflicted upon you by some outside source but from inside. The manipulation of reality takes some time. Beyond that, expect beneficial changes to begin appearing within thirty days.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for this information. I do believe and follow every word you have written here. In fact, I am recovering from cold and fever (which I acquired due to my belief in 'Vacation Illness, as ridiculous as it may sound), but I also believe that cold and fever take two days to pass and then you start getting better. And this is exactly what is happening. I have not taken any medication. And I don't feel the need to. Its past two days and I am feeling lot better.
Now what I want to know is that there are people who outwardly believe in all these concepts of self healing. But they are unable to apply them inwardly. Also, there might be some pay offs of living with the illness that they are not aware of. So though they might say that they want to get better, but they dont and it because of not wanting to really heal, then in such a case can EFT or any psychological techniques be used to at least make them aware and help them choose?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
The truth is that from birth you are indoctrinated with beliefs in the vulnerability of the human body. These messages are based on a mass belief in sickness perpetrated by drug companies, doctors, nurses, and yes, parents too. Parents are usually the worst offenders. By the time you are able to begin making your own decisions about your health, you are so steeped in the "illness myth" that it is difficult to escape. Your body is biologically able to protect itself agains any and all illness given the absence of limiting beliefs.
It's all about beliefs, and usually you cannot get rid of long standing beliefs overnight.
So, when a person decides to change their beliefs regarding their health, it takes some time and experimentation to replace old, limited beliefs with new beneficial ones.
You must start with something simple, exactly as you said. Say with the common cold. Decide to not go to a doctor of you have a cold, and if you are correct in your diagnosis, it will cure itself within a week. In other words, you have to ease into the new belief through gradual changes so as not to put yourself in danger.
Not to be redundant, but the human body is a miraculous creation and can cure itself of anything, given the total unobstructed belief in health over sickness.
The healing ability of the body is dependent on the strength and intensity of the beliefs of the directing consciousness.
The religious beliefs of some of the well known "healing" religions, asking God to do the job for you are detriments to true healing. Healing doesn't come from God, it comes from you.
If you TRULY believe that you are immune to sickness, then you are. To infuse that belief into your daily life affairs may take some time.