Saturday, August 16, 2008


There is much to be said about “Energy” in metaphysical discussions. Every so called guru, self proclaimed teacher, author and speaker talks endlessly about energy, but no one seems to want to discuss the characteristics and importance of energy in the creation of reality. All one has to do is turn on public television and hear countless experts talk endlessly about energy.

First of all, in order to understand the real meaning of energy and its workings, you must understand some basic points about reality in general. There are two separate frameworks that are needed to give rise to the three dimensional physical reality that we experience. Our physical reality is just the surface overlay of a more basic inner reality from which all physical things achieve their substance. Underlying all physical phenomenon is a far greater subjective reality that provides the inner building blocks for our physical objects and events. In this inner reality, there exists a more perfect representation of all physical things, in other words “ The original Version”. Any object, event or living physical identity has it’s non-physical counterpart underlying the actual physical structure.

This subjective form provides the ideal from which we attempt to objectify in our exterior environment. It is the nature of consciousness to strive to replicate that more perfect inner form into objectivity. Consciousness always evolves form. Form does not evolve consciousness. From this statement you can rest assured that conscious always comes first and that in the Beginning before the existence of even the smallest physical particle, consciousness began to assert itself and impress itself into particularized physical matter. From this first matter, the existence of the universe, it’s planets, nebula, stars, comets and even the necessary void that contains them was created from what we would best describe as nothing.

Consciousness arises from the latent Energy of the universe which could be interpreted as everything and everywhere, even though the words everything and everywhere are meaningless in an inner universe where time and space do not exist. That inner world exists simultaneously containing all probable events, waiting to be objectified. The latent Energy of this vast psychological universe that underlies our physical world supports all worlds, systems of reality and universes. It is all encompassing but cannot be described in terms of dimension or duration in time of it’s existence.

This inner “Energy” couched universe is of course psychological and could best be compared to our dream world in terms of time and space. A dream that encompasses your whole high school career could be experienced without missing one solitary event, in a matter of minutes and takes up no space. This then, is the arena where events are constructed and played out before physical materialization. We are trying to replicate the inner truths in a physical matter based world. We are not very good at it yet, as can be evidenced by our wars, plagues, destruction, catastrophes, disease and illness. As we progress, wars will become less prevalent, illness and disease will be brought under control and we will eventually quit killing each other in the name of God.

This latent and inexhaustible Energy of the universe is not the same as our familiar ”Electricity” that we use to light our homes, power our televisions and maybe soon to power our cars. Our electrical energy is a far cry from the “Energy” that powers all universes and could only be described as a shadow energy in comparison. (And yes, there are countless universes which will be discussed at another time). This universal Energy of course is “ All That Is” (God). “All That Is” (Always with a capital "ATI") being the Prime Energy Identity from which all reality springs.

This Prime Energy Identity always existed. In an inner universe where time and space do not exist, beginnings and endings obviously cannot exist either. Imagine if you were born in a world where no event ever ended, so one event after another simply existed as an extension of another already existing and forever expanding nature.

Therefore the words beginning and ending, cause and effect would be meaningless. Taken in this contest without more explanation, I am suggesting that God always existed and always will exist. Of course, by inference, and I say this with apology to the purveyors of “ends of worlds theories”, what had no beginning can have no ending either. Our world did not begin, it emerged from this profound inner universe and made itself known as matter formed itself into a platform for experience for the coming of conscious identities.

Action is Energy in motion and action creates Identity (personalities). Energy thrusting outward and then enfolding back on itself initiates a recognition of self, creating the original question arising out of wonder, who am I? And of course, the original answer was and always will be,” I am I”.

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