Sunday, August 31, 2008


There is one basic law of the universe, that being “You get what you concentrate on” period. We are creators of our own reality both individually and en masse. Now, some take that statement in a symbolic way, thinking that maybe if we work hard at something over a long period of time, we will more than likely succeed. But that is not the case and in a very true sense, your thoughts, based on intensity, duration and expectation do actually, reaching a certain pitch, begin to emerge into the physical world and coagulate into objects and events. There is not one object or event in this physical universe , not one objectified manifestation that was not first the result of subjective work in another dimension.

Everything is connected. It can truly be said that if one bird falls, the effect is felt on the farthest star and beyond.. There is no hypothetical point in the universe that is not conscious to some extent. The areas that we perceive as solid (the earth, planets, objects and events), are the areas where consciousness is actualized; the areas that we perceive as nothing (space), are consciousness not-actualized, but conscious nevertheless.

I am in no way assigning a thinking, reasoning consciousness to objects, but rather a consciousness that seeks satisfaction in its knowing of its value in the massive cooperative effort of consciousness to create for the benefit all. The universe is not a dog eat dog, survival of the fittest universe, but one of cooperation, although sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. Even the ubiquitous electron senses fulfillment in its motion and a satisfying knowledge of its role in its many manifestations.

The creative processes that formed our planet, its land masses, oceans, seasons, skies and atmosphere are the same creative processes that we use on a daily basis to create our own personal reality, only on a different scale. In other words, creation is creation, regardless of the seeming mass of the object or magnitude of the event. The process works equally well whether the outcome is perceived by us as positive or negative when balanced against the beliefs of the time.

We have been given the “gift of the gods (small g). We are co-creators of our world and indeed our lives, its trials, tribulations, victories and joys. That creative process works equally well whether we are create a celebration or a disaster in personal terms. The universe cares less in what light we judge an event because in the greater scheme of things, there is no bad or evil, and on other levels good even comes from events that we perceive as evil in nature.

The creation process, which we do unconsciously in every minute of every day of every year of our lives, is neutral, working equally well to create success or failure in our lives. I can never say this enough, but we are here to learn to consciously create and manipulate matter and events, something that we already do proficiently unconsciously. Our physical universe is not accidental. It is the result of unimaginable psychic sophistication and maturity that we can barely imagine. Everything is with purpose.

If you seem to have a disproportionate amount of unfortunate events popping into you life, know that you had a hand in creating them. One of the reasons you may have bad things in your life is that not understanding your role in the creative process, you have abdicated your right to create what you want in your life to others. Your life then, and its lack of material successes, its lack of health and knowledge will be dictated and created around your beliefs or of those you follow. Indeed, your clergy, your teachers, your scientists, your fools and idiots will influence and cause your reality to form around THEIR beliefs, not yours, if you do not assert your position as an originator and not just a follower.

If you don’t have the things (objects) that you want in your life, cars, houses, boats, etc, you also have had a hand in creating the lack of those objects. If you struggle with poor health, unhappy relationships, low self-esteem, it is because you created that condition or allowed others to create conditions in your life around their beliefs even thought their beliefs are often wrong. First you must understand and accept your responsibility in creating those lacks in your life and make a conscious decision to begin purposely creating what you do want.

How do you get everything you want? By concentrating on what you want, by thinking it, speaking it and most importantly, taking small steps in the direction to get what you want. It does not matter how small the step, but it must always be positive in the right direction. Now, here is the kicker, since you are the creator, you should never allow anything in other than the Very Best. You must change your thought processes from what brought you to your present position in life to ones that will bring you what you want in the future. You can create the worst or the best; it’s all up to you. There is no such thing as pre-destination and you can create good or bad, but you cannot blame your lack of success on someone else.

Granted there is a habitual thought process momentum built up over time that has given you the results you perceive in your personal reality and that will take time to change. Changing your reality is about changing your beliefs and the resulting familiar thought patterns that have built up over time. It is very much like trying to bring a train at full speed to a stop when it has established momentum. Trying to bring a train in motion to a stop and put it in reverse takes a great amount of energy and time. After bringing a train to a dead stop, the reversal of direction also takes time to build momentum. But the good news is that once you change direction, the momentum becomes more and more easy to maintain.

When you do this, you initiate chemical changes, neuronal connections will reroute and establish new pathways, electromagnetic impulses will begin a change to bring about the necessary biological structures that a new mindset requires. You must integrate this new thought process into every aspect of your life and one of the best ways to do that is to accept only the VERY BEST in your life. Why settle for less?

For example, when you go shopping for a shirt, for heavens sake, do not go to a thrift store or a mass retailer, no matter how you perceive the quality. Go to a specialty shop, and even if you can only afford one shirt, buy the best. If you are in the market for a new car, do not buy an economy car because it is cheap; buy a pre-owned luxury car because it is the best.

Do not buy the generic brand of anything because the “cheaper:” generic mindset is what got you into the “life of lacks “that you are now experiencing. Remember it is not quantity that matters, but quality. It is better to buy one of something of quality, that a dozen of something of less quality. This leaning toward to quality will begin to manifest in your life in ways that will not expect, replacing in your memory, established patterns of accepting less than you want and changing them into deserving the best. These changes are made in the inner passageways of the mind and will influence the development of more positive creative processes.

Of course, the same principle holds for health issues, relationships and extends into every aspect of your life. If you are sickly, expect not only to feel better, but to become exceedingly healthy. Begin an exercise program, join a fitness club, and take yoga classes from the very best instructor available. Another permutation of the One Law is that “You get what you expect”.

It is very important that you understand that you are not only establishing new psychic realities but also biological changes affecting every cell within your body. When you have successfully learned how to get what you want using this process, there will not be one molecule with your body the same as before. The changes that will take place are profound and here is the good news.

Once you have learned this nifty little trick of creating reality, it will stay with you until you consciously decide to change back to the person who once accepted only the “less is acceptable “. You do not have to accept anything in your life other than THE VERY BEST!

Accepting anything less than what you deserve can be psychologically and materially damaging to a successful and satisfying life. And by the way, the next time you see a beggar in the street, give him your last quarter, understanding that you are not so much helping him, but helping YOU.

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