Friday, August 8, 2008


We are all One !
This is a statement we have all heard from time to time, especially when it is related to how we treat others, usually others of the human race. There is of course a reason for this. We have believed that the human species is at the top of the species chain and other living things, far below us are simply here for us to use for our convenience. We eat other living things, experiment on them to develop products to make our life better or more convenient and relentlessly overpopulate our world, infringing on the space that other species need to survive with a decent quality of life. It never occurs to us that all living organisms have their own rights to life.

In order to understand the true nature of reality, you must understand this basic principle, that everything is conscious, everything. It all begins the the most fundamental building blocks of physical matter, the underlying bed of inner consciousness, that eventually through a building process of attractions of like intent, break through the subjective barrier into objective physical materialization. Even the smallest nano particles of physical matter have their own distinct flavor of conscious and are aware of their own being. Now, I am not suggesting that an electron is like a little person, living in it's own little house with an electron wife and family at home somewhere inside of an atom. I am suggesting however, there is NOTHING, not one hypothetical point existing in this universe that is not to some extent conscious of self. In a very real sense, you could say that the universe is solid, one thing, it's just more solid in some places and less solid in others. There is NO empty space between what we observe as physical planets, all being connected by unmanifest consciousness.

There is SOMETHING everywhere. What we perceive of the universe, planets, worlds, comets, stars, houses, cars, tables and our own physical bodies are a matter of what our own type of physical senses are tuned to perceive. There is NO rock bed reality of SOLID MATTER anywhere other that what our senses tell us is solid. Our senses create the reality, then they perceive it, it's that simple. This will be explained in more detail in another post.

We perceive what we want of an available field of driven energy, driven into materialization in accordance with our beliefs, desires, intent, imagination and most important, our expectations. These energy patterns are then perceived by us as workable and usable events and objects. These ancient energy patterns that gave birth to our world left much leeway to the inhabiting conscious entities, ourselves, the animals, the flowers, trees and all of our natural environment. Those energy currents emitted by ALL consciousness, including all of the above, form our world as we know it, utilizing that available energy. In other words, we are all in this together. If all of the animals were to disappear, our world would take on a much different appearance, and not from just the absence of animal life.

There is an inherent tapestry of life, and that means ALL life, and the resulting world that we love so much is the result of creative, co-operative, subjective emanations of all living things. If all animal life were to disappear, everything else would have to adjust to compensate for the missing subjective reality of that tapestry of life. that is distinct and unique to our world. There are countless systems of reality with conscious beings, some similar to ourselves, some not, but ours is unique in the universe.

Look at it this way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If you were swimming underwater with a breathing apparatus and saw a sunken ship in the distance, it would not be too hard to convince you that in a very real way, there was a (water) connection between you and the ship. There would be no empty space between you and the ship, the space between being filled by water. So if we were to extrapolate from that thought, why would you suppose that there is empty space between you and the objects that you see? The truth is that there is no separation at all because the space between you and other stuff is filled with air, and air is composed of nitrogen and oxygen, which of course, are made up of elements which are made up of atoms, which are also conscious. So, air is manifest consciousness, the vacuum of space is filled with unmanifest consciousness.

In a very real way, there truly is NO separation between you and a speck of dust on the most distant star. Everything in between is filled with something and those somethings in between delight in their Being in a way that we cannot understand, but we can acknowledge it with the understanding that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and in an almost unimaginable past, we were also part of an original One Source.

Your cells in your body have their own awareness and consciousness and enjoy the knowledge of their motion and understanding of all physical structures that they have formed and they cannot vacate that form until their death. In forming your organs, your body, they have no awareness of you at all, although they are an integral part of your corporeal form. They know that in their death, they will live again and be replaced. In just such a way, you enjoy full freedom of choice within a greater identity than yourself, and you have the ability of full freedom of movement. A cell cannot change it's immediate environment, but you can.

You are part of something greater than you, but that greater part identity hardly notices you, even though it's very existence depends on you and you pay it no heed. We are all endowed with full freedom of choice to create our own reality, and in becoming something more in the process, we enhance the experience of greater identities as we enhance our own experience and move in the direction of a more mature consciousness of ourselves. The greater identity that you are a part of is also part of an even greater identity than itself. It goes on and on.

It helps if one is not to feel dwarfed and insignificant in the scope and enormity of the grand expanse of consciousness, to remember that all consciousness comes from only One Source, and it is all Good.

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Karel said...

That last bit reminds me of this:
The wise man looks into space and does not regard the small as too little,
nor the great as too big, for he knows that there is no limit to dimensions.

- Chuang Tzu
(370-301 BC)
Chinese philosopher