Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There have been many books written about theories and secrets of getting everything you want by positive thinking. In a way, some of these ideas do touch on some of the basic aspects of how we actually do create or co-create reality and getting what you want in life is a by-product of that natural creative process. Of course, if you live in a world that includes other people, you necessarily have many people all creating their own reality individually and en masse.

The creation of what we perceive as our reality is a natural aspect of consciousness, and not necessarily just awareized consciousness. The reality that we experience is of course an end result of an endless series of perceptions picked up by our particular senses, experienced as chemical and electrical impulses, sent along channels to the brain where the brain receives the given perceptive information and paints a visual and auditory picture of what is perceived.

Perception of an object, an event or even another personality is a psychological handshake between unseen fields of chemical and electrical impulses, describing an available field of energy that has been driven into a particular physical form. The act of perceiving is kind of like invisible radar impulses thrusting outward in all directions from all identities. We could not perceive even one thing if our perceptive abilities were limited to the five physical senses. If we did not also unconsciously use telepathy and other psychic abilities, nothing could be perceived. It’s almost as if we introduce ourselves mentally to everything that lies within our field of perception.

When we see another person in the distance, what is actually happening is that both parties on an unconscious level are sending out psychic, telepathic messages below normal perception, interpreting each other in a real sense, saying, “Hello, this is who and what I am, who and what are you? Perception, then, is a mixing of countless energy fields impinging on and mixing with other such fields and resulting in a somewhat homogeneous picture of realty that we can all accept and utilize well enough for manipulating in our physical system of reality.

Our senses are immaculately tuned to our particular system of earth reality, as they should be, because when they detect and interpret an object or event, they are also creating it. As an example, imagine two people looking at a car. There are actually two cars being created, one by each person interpreting sense data that has been driven into a specific pattern, to create their own version of that car in their physical brain.

Of course, since there are really two cars involved, there are also inconsistencies between both cars, but with the aid of telepathy, we can pretty much come to a psychic agreement that smoothes over the differences and gives us “One” car that we can pretty much agree upon. If we could qualify the characteristics of both cars that are actually created, we would be surprised how dissimilar they would be. In short, no car really exists in any rock solid, permanent reality, but if it exists in psychological fact, that’s good enough for us, and its driveable.

All energy is conscious. Einstein knew that Energy equals mass multiplied by velocity squared. (E=mc2). What he didn’t know was that all Energy in conscious of itself. Energy cannot be destroyed, but can change form. Conscious Energy seeks form and once form is created, it cannot be dissipated or destroyed.

There is one basic overriding concept that holds true in all systems in all universes. That being ”You get what you concentrate on” so one would think with that in mind, it would be quite easy to then create anything you want simply by thinking about some specific desire or lack. Some advocate visualizing what you want. Friends of mine have often said that if that statement is true, they should be millionaires by now because they have always wanted to be rich and have everything they have wanted. They always misunderstand the importance of intensity and duration of thought. You will only bring into your life what you desire with great intensity and over a duration of time.

It is quite true then to say that you create your personal reality, meaning that you create everything that can be found in your personal immediate environment and you and your contemporaries co-create everything that falls within the joint perceptive abilities of the times. Your reality includes not only everything you can perceive with your unaided senses, but everything that you can perceive aided by scientific instruments such as telescopes peering out into the deepest points in space and electron microscopes viewing the microscopic world. This is the limitation of our system of reality. It results from our interpretation of fields of energy that has emerged into physical fact.. No rock bed reality exists on which to hang your hat in this universe.

Having touched on these basic principles let me finally get around to creating and the trouble with mirrors. Basic reality is as natural as BEING is to all consciousness. Our natural environment is the result of unconscious activity of all consciousness, including flora and fauna. Even the flower, the frog, the blade of grass, emanate feeling tones and emotions that contribute in its own way to the overall natural world that we so much enjoy.

On another level, purposeful creation is still in a rudimentary stage with our species. A first thought initiates the process of “Being” driven into meaningful physical form. At this stage of the development of our species, physical manifestation takes time to appear physically, but the process once begun and cannot be withdrawn. A simple innocuous thought that you give no thought to, will manifest somewhere, sometime. Imagine that simple non-descript wandering thought perhaps not gathering enough impetus for materialization into our world of seeming solid physical objects and events, but perhaps having enough energy behind it to materialize in a dream, maybe not even in our system of realty, but in another not quite as solid as ours.

If a thought does not carry enough impetus, enough duration in time, enough expectation, then it will not materialize in our system, but will materialize somewhere.

There is a way to get what you want through definite known processes of concentrating on and visualizing what you want to manifest in your personal reality. That requires keeping in mind what you want, but not too much. Obsessive over concentration makes one always looking behind their back for a reason that it may not be working. Here is what you do need to do to draw what you want into your life:

1. Create a short mantra of a few lines long, one that is comfortable to you. Repeat this mantra only a few times each day while concentrating on what you want believing that it MUST happen. Do this for no more than a few minutes a day, then forget about it until the next day and do the same.

2. Do not lie to yourself by repeating a mantra that emphasizes something that you know is not true, something that has not yet happened, and if you are trying to lose weight for example, that is where mirrors and scales are a problem. If you are trying to lose weight, do not create a mantra that states that you are already skinny, because looking into a mirror will then simply reinforce the obvious present condition that you are overweight, which you are trying to change. Always postpone the use of mirrors, scales and any other device that will be a detriment until obvious changes begin to appear.

3. Do nothing to strengthen a belief in a present condition that you are trying to change, no matter what the goal. The use of mirrors can be detrimental to anyone trying to make positive changes to the physical body because they simply reinforce the reality of the present. You would be well advised, if you are trying to change a present physical condition, not to look in mirrors until you really begin to make progress, then use them to reinforce positive changes that will later be more obvious.

In the same train of thought, if you are trying to lose weight, do not use a scale until you ARE SURE that you have begun to lose weight, because until then, use of the scale will simply reinforce the present condition that you are trying to change and convince you of your failure.

4. Take small steps in the direction of your thoughts. Do small, sometimes seemingly innocuous physical acts that emphasize that you are moving in the right direction, no matter how minor they may seem. They will become part of a pattern of progress that will then begin to materialize.

You can only create your personal reality, so don’t think for a minute you can create something that includes another person or groups of other persons in any way unless they are in total agreement and an active participant in a group belief with you. The accumulation of particularized matter in space takes time to emerge from the smallest invisible inner units of consciousness into physical matter. Usually physical results will begin to be seen in about a months time. Try it!

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