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This is a question that had been posed by theologians, scientists, philosophers and teachers alike since the beginning of time as we know it. The Seti project has been sending radio signals into space for many years now in hopes of receiving a confirming signal. Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a scientific area whose goal is to detect intelligent life outside of Earth. It uses radio telescopes to listen for narrow-bandwidth radio signals from space. Such signals are not known to occur naturally, so detection could provide evidence of extraterrestrial technology.

So, as our exploration of the universe has thus far yielded no satisfactory confirming results, we feel a certain satisfaction in our seeming aloneness as if we are the “one special” civilization that exists in isolation in an otherwise dead universe, devoid of other living beings and other civilizations..

There is a problem with this kind of thinking since NO LIVING THING exists alone. Take this analogy for example. If you were an astronaut visiting Mars and came across a little green man hiding behind a boulder, you would of course, begin looking for other little green men, knowing intuitively that if there is one, there are more. The existence of even one ant presupposes the existence of more ants just as the existence of one elephant indicates the existence of more elephants. It follows then that the existence of one intelligent world infers the existence of others.

So with that in mind, how in the world can we even think for a minute that we are the only civilization of intelligent beings inhabiting a vast, endless universe? It is this kind of egocentric thinking that keeps us from understanding the true nature of All That Is.

Our limited understanding of the true nature of perception and the limitations imposed by our chosen method of communication, the spoken language with its use of words strung out in a linear fashion, one before the other, makes it almost impossible to convey esoteric concepts that do not originate in our system of reality. When one tries to explain realities, other existences, worlds and civilizations that do not exist in our vocabulary, it becomes almost impossible to impart those concepts to others in a meaningful manner using words. So, I have found the use of analogies most useful and will try to use them to our advantage here.

First let me attempt to explain that the solid world, planets, stars, people, buildings, cars and other physical phenomenon are NOT solid in the sense of the word that we usually consider. They are solid only as far as our sense perceptions are concerned, but even our scientists agree that a table composed of swiftly moving atoms is not really solid. The dictionary describes solid as meaning three dimensional, filled up, heavy with no cavities. Again here we have a matter of perception. A hypnotist can create the appearance of solidity from nothing. The appearance of solidity is simply one of the parameters of our earth reality and as long as we are here we must honor it just as we pay homage to gravity. Imagine your dream reality, where objects, still slightly tied to our waking reality appear quite as solid, but we know in this world of appearances, they are not. Enough said. Solid is an appearance and that is good enough.

Solid IS just as solid as everything else around it, so it works for us relatively speaking. Here again we are hampered by our use of words. Words are symbols of something else. They are symbols of things and events in our world, but they are not the things and events they represent. So the word SOLID is relative to other manifestations around it. If everything possesses the same qualifications and quantifications of solidity, then we are fine with that and can live with it quite well.

Imagine if you were sitting on the beach on a beautiful sunny day with your headphones on enjoying your favorite country music station. As you looked around, you notice that the lady sitting next to you is also listening to her favorite station. Another man, not too far away is talking on his cell phone. Of course I am going somewhere with this train of thought. You understand that you are listening to one of countless stations available to you as you sit on the beach and none would interfere with any other unless there was some sort of bleed through caused by a storm or other unusual atmospheric condition. You also know that there are other frequencies other than AM or FM radio available including telephone, short wave, television, etc. that are being broadcast simultaneously through the air and none interfering with any other. All exist harmoniously because each broadcast station is on its own unique frequency and will not interfere with any other under normal conditions. You tune in to your favorite radio reality.

Our system of reality is not too unlike one of those broadcast stations emitting its own frequency which is only picked up by listeners who program their radios to the correct frequency to listen to their favorite music.

We pre-tune our consciousness before birth to precisely focus on our particular “ Earth oriented” frequency, pinpointing an exact precise intersection of time and space and propelling our already existing consciousness into the Earth system of reality, creating a life trace, which begins at the point of our birth and exits upon death.

There are countless other systems of reality swirling around ours and through ours and none will ever run into each other. One system, one dimension, one plane can completely pass through another with no noticeable effect on each other. Worlds intersect but never collide. Of course, there can be no communication between the systems other than an accidental psychic “ bleed through”. There are other systems of reality that share our earth, utilizing it’s energy and properties the same way we do, but we will never see them and they are just as physical (solid) as ours. Remember, solid is just a matter or perception.

On another level that we are mostly interested in, there are other what we would call parallel, physical systems of reality, many that predated ours, that evolved far beyond anything we can presently imagine and went on to populate other planets outside of our solar system. They are our distant ancestors and they still hold a fond fascination for Earth and of its sunrises, sunsets and the sweep of its seasons. They are what we are evolving toward and what we will become.

Radio communication is possible within this type of parallel reality, but there is one rule between all advanced realities, and that is “DO NOT INTERFERE“. Other civilizations more advanced than ours will be very careful that they do not interfere with our progress, even though it is at a snails pace. We must evolve in our own way as we will. This brings to mind about the so called “ ADVANCED BEINGS “ that are romanticized in more movies that I can even begin to recall that come here to destroy our world. I can assure you that any civilization that has advanced enough to be able to travel enormous distances to visit our planet would be so evolved that they could not even imagine violence to another.

We are not only "Not Alone" but there are countless systems of intelligent beings in our Universe, some of which are so alien that we would not even recognize them as beings in our sense of the word beings. There are dimensions of existence beyong anything that we can imagine, that we will discuss in future articles.

There is so much to be said about this, that I will return to this subject again and again.


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