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The complexities and richness of the human experience can never be fully explained in words or understood with the brain alone, and in truth, they will never be fully understood by mankind as it evolves and progresses. It is true that the human species has the ability to understand the true nature of the universe, but only with full use in a more balanced way, of the intellect and the intuitive facets of the entire personality. The worldly based ego portion of human consciousness simply is not capable of comprehension of worlds that have no physical basis, and the physical world that you call “Earth” is only possible because of the limitless potentials of the inner world and inner universe of psychological fact which is its source. If there were no inner world, no inner universe, and no inner YOU, you and your versions of these material constructions could not exist at all.

Many of the subjects that we try to discuss here could not be adequately discussed in a full book, so it is necessary to pare them down in scope and length in order to even get across the most basic of meanings. You may ask what you gain from knowing these things that we discuss here, even if they are true and I am aware that many of you have your doubts. It is not my job to convince you of anything, but to enlarge your scope of inquisitiveness and make you aware of the true breadth and depth of your true reality.

I try to the best of my limited ability, to acquaint you with realities that would otherwise remain hidden, and in so doing, help you navigate in a sometimes confusing world. You are far more than you know, and I intend to explain to you, who and what you really are and make you aware of your vast potentials. Whether or not you use this information to your advantage is of course, up to you, but you will learn, if not in this life, then in another. There is no end to it all.

What you gain is a better understanding of your true nature as a unique personality in this world and this in itself should give you a more secure feeling, knowing that your identity is eternal and ever renewing. You are indelible in the context of time and out of the context of time and you are evolving toward a deeper knowing. I must admit, that I do sprinkle these writings with information about some phenomenon such as flying saucers, levitation and such that are not always relevant, but I do need to keep your interest, don’t I?

I have said over and over that there are countless worlds and universes, fields, dimensions and planes that exist unbeknown to you, even though you have intimate knowledge of some of them that exist in the very same space that you consider yours alone. Where you see nothing and call it empty space is literally filled with other data waiting to be utilized by other creatures in other worlds relevant to them. I don’t want to stumble on here without making what I am saying perfectly clear. Your species and its particular kind of consciousness is superbly equipped to fetter out the “exact” electrical and chemical data contained in what seems to be your empty space, psychically mold it into meaningful patterns, (tables, chairs, cars and events), organize it, classify it, name it and share these objects and events with your contemporaries as your mutually accepted reality. After all, your table must also be my table.

In order to do that, there must be agreement between all living consciousness on your plane, of exactly what your constructions really are, that includes the plants and animals as well as humans. The space is really filled with other data that you do not use in the forming of your system of reality, in a sense, it is the ignored data that is not relevant to your particular physical senses. It is there, but it cannot be perceived or utilized by you, and perception is the medium that gives objects and events their reality in the first place.

Without your particular sensual apparatus, there would be no physical objects or events. Remove the physical senses one at a time and you in a very real way, break down the sensual appearance of your physical system, and this is of course impossible to do in totality, but if you could remove the sensual apparatus, and they differ somewhat between species, you could remover them from all living consciousness, the world as you know it would disappear. It would become non-existant. Of course this is impossible, since on a more basic level, all physical matter, the atom included, which is made of basic energy, has generalized consciousness.

So lets move on here. You are only too well aware that you dwell in the world of appearances, physical matter, objects events. Your type of consciousness has developed a rather unique style of meeting the physical world head on, so to speak, through the development of the ego. Humans did not always have the ego to steer them through the challenges and pitfalls of the physical system, but the physical system has also evolved and changed. The early earth was framed in a different context and emerging man (and woman) operated in a more free-wheeling manner, closer to its roots in nature similar to the animals, and you are also aware that even today the animals do not carry the psychic burden of the (I) oriented ego self consciousness.

For reasons that we need not go into here, the consciousness of the human species, like the consciousness of the animals, always dwells in THREE UNIVERSES simultaneously, the physical objective universe, the non-physical subjective inner universe and the dream universe, with which you are familiar. (Animal and plants also dream). The inner universe existed before the physical universe and in somewhat oversimplified terms, the inner universe was dreamed into existence by “All That Is”, given full psychological structure and form before even the first physical particle burst forth into physical existence. The physical universe, then, is an attempt in the replication of the non-physical inner universe.. The Big Bang of which much is said was a psychic explosion, a release of pent up striving for creativity, representing the first emergence of matter and your familiar physical universe.

This inner psychic universe did explode, releasing units of consciousness that coalesced into the atoms, elements, molecules, cells and all other manifestations, but not as is conventionally held, by the explosion of a minuscule amount of dense matter, expanding into all matter in the universe today. If fact, no matter existed in condensed form to explode before the actual first almost transparent appearance of an already fully developed and recognizable universe as it made a transition from invisible into visible, solid matter. Hypothetically speaking, matter either existed or it didn’t, but you can’t have just a little bit of matter. This emergence took eons, before full solidity was achieved, but the form, at first being nebulous, eventually became more and more stable. I only point this out to give you an idea of the importance of this inner universe, which although is totally independent of the physical system, yet is still connected in ways that I will explain. It is in the inner universe that the greater part of your total identity exists.

This inner universe, still exists today and is the basis for ancient myths and legends of Heaven in many religions. As far as you are concerned, your inner ego consciousness faces inward to this inner universe which is the source of the its physical counterpart and contains the field of probable actions from which you eventually pick and choose the events selected by the outer ego. In other words, the outer ego makes the selection from the inner field of probabilities what it wants to actualize into its world of matter as an object or event.

Then the inner ego channels the necessary data and energy into objective world to be shaped and formed by the physical attributes of the outer ego. This objectification of data into matter is carried out by the physical brain, the nervous system and other glands that you may sometimes consider useless. They are then projected outwardly as physical objects and events into the world around you as finished products of your thoughts, emotions, desires and most important, your mental suggestions and expectations.

Finally, we have the dream universe, which for explanation purposes, you could say overlaps both the outer and inner universes. The dream universe is a necessary part of the physical and inner universe for the survival of all species. It is a separate universe on its own right, but exists within your physical universe and the dream universe, since it is so closely allied with everyday life. Without sleep and without dreams, you and the Earthly system would be impossible. Sleep and dreams will never be dispensed with since they are so tightly interwoven into the fabric of all universes close to yours.

The dream universe, still always connected in intimate ways to you own, exists in its own right and has dependability, duration and purpose far beyond what seems to be chaotic to the dreaming self. It does not just pop up into your attention when you sleep, since it exists even when you are awake, and your conscious awareness of it ebbs and wanes while you are awake or asleep, you dip in and out of it constantly even during your daily pursuits, i/e daydreaming. Of course, you are more aware of your dreams while you sleep, but remember, there is an important part of your whole identity that is always your dreaming self, even though you pay scant attention.

The dream universe exists (constantly) whether you are aware it its existence or not. When you go to sleep at night, you simply become aware of your dreaming activities in your dream body. When you wake up, your dream body goes merrily on its way, with YOUR own purposes in mind. Of course, this dream body is in no way entirely unfamiliar to you, since you are also IT, you are within it and it is within you. You just become unaware of your other (dream self) while you are egotistically focused in everyday life. Focus is everything, and physical reality, if you are looking for a simple definition, is a (miraculous result) of precise, intense, specific, almost hypnotic like focus on a mutually agreed upon set of electrical and chemical data that produces a physical platform, that will provide the potential for fulfillment, accomplishment and satisfaction of all of the entities and personalities involved in its creation and use.

The Entity/Soul creates the platform (world) and then projects portions of itself into this world to gain and gather knowledge and experience in the sensual world that would otherwise not be available. For that reason, there are countless worlds, planes, dimensions of experience available to the Entity.

Other systems/worlds, concentrate on different sets of data that produce other planes of existence quite different from yours. They, because of their own “unique perceptive mechanisms”, utilize the same data or different data in different ways than you do, resulting in what you would call “Alien civilizations”. They can make use of the same data, or not, there is no requirement or restriction, it is there for all to use to construct their own systems which would seem peculiar to you if you could perceive them at all.

An aside note, there are what you would call other civilizations, operating now, close up, so to speak, elbow to elbow, sharing your earth in ways that is difficult to explain, but I think some of you will intuitively understand. In other words, they are utilizing the same available energy data, and since you are not focused in their same range or pitch of perception, you may never notice them, unless there is some unusual type of bleed-through of this electromagnetic data, a psychic storm, so to speak. When considering this, always keep in mind that “solidity” is only an appearance to those who can perceive that particular frequency.

Translation; more than one fully active, real and meaningful alien (Earth like) civilization is now, as you read this article, moving through, around, in and sharing the same space as what you call Earth at this time and you will never bump into or meet them. Their “just as solid” physical constructions intermix, move through and occupy the same space as your constructions. Their version of an Empire State Building could stand in the exact same place as your Empire State Building and there would be no inconvenience to either of you. In a way, you share the same psychic energy bounty, so there is not only something out there, there is something in there too. (Smile)

Your total identity is far more expansive and inclusive than I have hinted here with a somewhat inadequate explanation of the Physical Universe, the Inner Non-Physical Universe and the Dream Universe. Your TOTAL IDENTITY is dependent on its simultaneous existence in all three of the above universes. You are truly much more than you think you are when you observe yourself in the mirror in the morning, since you are only seeing the solid facet of your personality as it is expressed in the world of matter .. While you are physically focused (during your waking hours) you concentrate your attention on the physical plane. When you are dreaming, or even day dreaming, you have some limited contact with the inner universe on a psychic level.

Your sub-conscious is your link between the outer universe of matter and the inner universe of the Soul/Entity. There are many levels to the sub-conscious that are related to your activities in both, and in that way inner messages can be sent between the outwardly focused ego and the inner ego. I must also say that your everyday life is touched in many ways, changed and altered by the experience of your dreaming self, and you inadvertently affect your dreaming self likewise, even though you may not remember your dreams the next day on waking. There is then, a give and take between the two selves, especially concerning the choices of future events in your life.

Again, I want to make sure I have explained this as best I can by saying that these three universes are totally different universes, but for practical purposes, you could refer to them as different dimensions with different functions, all separate, but overlapping in some important ways and allied in purpose, the creation and maintenance of your personal identity in physical reality. Also, because of the existence of the sub-conscious, you are never cut off from the wisdom and knowledge of the inner self and ultimately, the Entity/Soul.

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