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What the Whales know that Sea World doesn’t.

The subject matter of this column has been given before, again and again over past eons, but one advantage of this ABG Column is that I can relate to current events of today and apply some of these sometimes esoteric concepts, tying them in with the knowledge that I am trying to convey here, hopefully helping in the understanding of the true nature of reality and your world. Of course, your world is your reality arising from inner feeling tones on an emotional level, projected into physical matter and then perceived.

First let me assure you that I am not a card holding member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who decided on this short article to help educate the learned geniuses/trainers at Sea World who have recently proclaimed, in light of increasing criticism about keeping these intelligent animals in captivity, that the whales that it holds in these confined pens have no idea what life in their natural habitat would be like, since many of them were born in captivity and would have no way of knowing about life in the open sea in the presence of large pods of their species.

I am sure many of you realize that whales and dolphins, as well as all other animals for that matter, are evolving as you are evolving, and specifically in the case of whales and dolphins, are moving toward a developing intelligence, not the same as ego focused self aware human intellect that you possess, but something just as meaningful to them. Whales and dolphins are intelligent animals that have developed sophisticated social and family relationships, meaningful group associations and usually act graciously toward other animals and humans in distress. It has been noted that some dolphins have saved the lives of humans in the worlds oceans.

Whales and dolphins in particular, enjoy swimming with human companions in the seas and to a lesser extent in captivity. This does not mean that they enjoy living their lives in captivity and this kind of restricted confinement in small pools with no outside stimulation and precious little companionship of their own species, is at best basic survival for these creatures who thrive on freedom of movement as you do. Sea World is of course not motivated by altruistic motives of good intent for the animals welfare except where it affects their bottom line. They convince themselves through a delusional type of rationalization, that the whales and dolphins that they keep in captivity are happy and content and would rather be there than swimming free in the oceans.

This kind of convoluted thinking by large corporations and mankind in general, also rationalizes that this is mandated in the Bible by God Himself, and because of misinterpretations of these Biblical passages, it has the right to exploit creatures that it considers lesser than itself. After all, was not man given dominion over the animals. Rheological question, don’t bother to answer, you know the answer and I know that you know the answer, even though it my fly in the face of what you have been taught since childhood. This again one of the “Truths” that you know but usually don’t allow yourself to know. Man was never meant to dominate the animal world, but being the thinking part of nature, to “think” for the animal world

Some counties, such as Japan, slaughter dolphins in bloodbaths of indiscriminate killing, herding them into coves where they are butchered for food and body parts and used for display in “Dolphinariums”. They and other un-evolved countries join in a wholesale slaughter and/or imprisoning of whales, sharks, tigers, and chimpanzees and other animals for research. It doesn’t take a Harvard educated scholar to understand that an intelligent species as the whales, dolphins and a chimpanzee when kept in a four foot square cage all of its life for the purpose of experimentation will literally go crazy. An Orca (killer) whale will develop repetitive behavior kept in a pool only a few yards bigger than its body length all of its life with no outside stimulation.

I won’t go into more detail here other than to say, exploitation of animals is inherently wrong on any level, and it would do you well to remember, that the most basic units of consciousness of any animal are identical in construction and are indistinguishable from the basic units of consciousness of any human being, and you must remember on the most inner levels, all consciousness originated with the same “Prime Source”.

It is all good and one is not better than any other, and just to make sure this is understood let me unequivocally say that the consciousness of a rat is no better or worse than the consciousness of a human, they only differ in degree and their ability to form simple or complex organisms. These same basic units of consciousness, before they are actualized into the world of matter, could just as easily form a worm, a wolf, a wombat or a woman.

There is something else here that is important to understand, and that is, that when man imprisons and exploits a dolphin or whale, it is not the dolphin or whale that becomes less, it suffers physically it is true, but the man or organization who does the imprisoning is the one who loses. In a similar way, the personality who is killed, in greater terms, really loses nothing since only the image is terminated, but the personality undergoing the ensuing change of form, continues merrily on its way. The killer enjoys the same continuity of life, but will have serious lessons to learn in future lives. Karma is mis-understood, but one who kills with intent, will be killed or perhaps have a loved one killed with intent. There is no free ride in that respect.

It has nothing to do with the quality or esteem of the thing you kill but with your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions that brought you to the point of capturing and confining or killing. No whale or dolphin was ever captured with altruistic intent, they were captured with intent to display or experiment.

You think that you were born into this “Earth System” of reality with a clean slate, a fetus entering a new world with no sense of where it came from or why, with no past experience, no conscious memory of a past history and no choice in the matter. In fact, you are born into the “Earth System” because you and your soul/entity chose this field of experience for many reasons too numerous too mention at this time.

You were propelled into this adventure with a history of your previous past lives, your racial history, the earth’s past history and to some extent that you can comprehend, the history of the universe, embedded in complex electrical code, entwined in the physically materialized chromosomes and genetic structures that compose your physical body. At this stage of your development, you cannot easily access this embedded knowledge, but you are growing toward a “Knowingness” of those things which are now withheld.

If every scintilla of living matter, the world and entire universe were to explode and disappear with only one human “cell” surviving, the entire universe could be reconstructed from the electromagnetically coded and condensed data contained within that cell.

Other species have an easier time assimilating this inner knowledge, since they have not been so restricted by the compartment of the ego, which tends to jealously guard its physical territory, rigorously opting to limit this inner information coming from an “unknown source”. The idea that killer whales, dolphins and other emerging species have no conscious appreciation of their denied lives in the oceans is sheer lunacy. These creatures have evolved for thousands of years, and to think that memory of their natural habitat has somehow slipped from their memories in one or two generations, is rationalization beyond comprehension. Memories with these species as with the human species are passed on from one life to the next and from one generation to another. You were not born yesterday, though you may think you were.

As an example, if you were born in a cage with no outside contact, raised in a cage, were allowed to mate and give birth in a cage, do you think that the inner memories of thousands of years experience and evolution of your species would be eradicated from the inner mind of your child even though it had never seen the light of day? I think not. The physical body of man or whale is simply the current frame of reference in time, the physical vehicle that the inner soul/consciousness uses for physical manipulation. You must remember that the real you, the real inner soul/consciousness of you or the whale or dolphin is ancient, and once experience is recorded in electromagnetic codes within the creature mind, it can never be erased, minimized or terminated and will eternally remain relevant.

Just as YOU are not your physical body, neither is the physical whale or dolphin their physical body, and the ancient memories of the species is always refreshed and vital in its physical brain while it is materialized in the world of matter.

Translation for the Sea World trainers: Whales and Dolphins know what they have been denied by their captivity, and that act of capturing and holding any species for display purposes, is an abomination. And here is another aspect that you probably have not thought of in your rationalization that you are providing a service so the little children can see what a real whale or dolphin is like. A whale or dolphin, a chimp or wolf, kept in captivity is not the same creature as would be observed in the wild, since captivity changes and modifies wild behavior to the point where you will learn nothing from your observations except perhaps how an animal repetitively paces the floor or swims aimlessly in circles in its small, shallow pool.

It has also been said that if the these poor creatures were to be set free, they could not survive in the wild, and maybe that is true, but the whales, dolphins, chimps, wolves and other species know inwardly what the people of New Hampshire profess to know; LIVE FREE OR DIE. Whales, dolphins and such, understand far better than you, the continuity of life, and they understand that to die today, is to live tomorrow, and would readily make that choice if given the chance. In the future, there will be a coming together of all species, but it will be natural and voluntary and not through capture or killing. There will be recognition of the affinity of all species which is now lacking.

Should “Tillicum” and other whales be kept in captivity? Emphatically No!
Will I venture an opinion on what you should do with them? No!

To all of the Sea Worlds; you captured them and keep them in captivity, so you must figure out what to do now.

Trust me on this, and most of you know this to be true, these creatures would rather die than remain in their small enclosures, performing tricks, balancing balls on their noses. They need meaningful interaction with their own species and others, they need challenges, they need space and they need freedom to roam the open seas.

I will finish by saying, that to my knowledge, no human being has ever been harmed or killed by a whale or dolphin in the wild.

I realize that this article does not address the raising and killing of domestic animals, and will discuss this at another time.

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sune said...

Wholeheartedly I agree with you William..
That is heart-breaking practice from the part of humans..not being the Care-giver but being the Destroyer..Your words are so clear and direct to the point!!THANK YOU!!