Sunday, March 21, 2010


A few notes by W. Allan to Anonymous.

The statement as it was presented recently by a reader in relation to a past article on “Levitation”;

“Wow, there are absolutely no facts to get in the way of your "truth". I see you failed Physics.”

It goes without saying that many who read these ABG articles have their doubts about the veracity of the material we discuss. I try to publish most of their comments whether positive or negative and I am happy to say that most are positive. I liked the way this person expressed their opinion, so thought it might be a good time to elaborate on their observations about my apparent disregard of FACTS.

You know, I love writing this column, and I can’t really tell you why other than to say that I derive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that if I help even one of you come to a better understanding of yourself, then I have succeeded beyond anything I ever imagined. Good old Mrs. Comfort, my high school English teacher, would turn over in her grave if she heard that I was writing a column read in almost every country in the world, so the above statement is not surprising to me in light of my somewhat underwhelming past academic achievements. In fact, I did take physics in college and must admit, my performance was mediocre at best, managing a few “C’s” and a basic understanding that an elephant creates friction as it slides down an incline.

I still am fascinated by physics, but now my interest has gone beyond“normal physics” into areas that I know exist, but will never be able to prove to you in hard, rock solid, sustainable facts that would be acceptable to most of today’s science. Things that lie beyond, often cannot be proven in the laboratory, and studying with microscopes and other sophisticated instruments will never prove the existence of the human mind, yet you know that it exists.

Facts will never prove the existence of an idea, or of love, or of an emotion or deep feeling but you know that they exist. You cannot prove a dream, but you all know they are real. You cannot verify by facts, the existence of a god but most of you suspect that God does exist in one form or another. So, there are many things that you know exist, even though they will never be proven in hard physical facts, at least not in the foreseeable future. Science will never prove the existence of the mind, but it may detect the effects of the mind, just as you know the electron exists, not because you can see or feel the electron, but you can pinpoint its effects and by its traces, hypothesize its existence. The electron and atom exist even though you cannot perceive them with your usual physical senses and you cannot capture one and hold it in your hand for examination.

How many times have you felt that you have met someone before? Have you ever been somewhere and felt you had been there before? Coincidence? Hardly. How many times have you had a hunch about some future event and found out later that your hunch proved true? How many times have you thought of a loved one, only to have them call you soon afterward? I am simply saying here that if you demand proofs of everything in facts, you are greatly limiting your personal reality. Telepathy, clairvoyance and other paranormal and extrasensory perceptions operate continuously, yet unknowingly below the threshold of conscious perceptions whether you know it or not. They are an integral part of the human experience, and were it not for these unearthly attributes, the human personality could never achieve and maintain the necessary physical and psychic balance necessary to function on the physical plane.

Its not so much that I disregard physical facts, but granting their existence in the physical world, I want to know what is behind or below those physical facts, and what is the cause of the resulting physical world. Apparently, there are others like me out there who are motivated by curiosity and the desire to know. They absolutely SENSE that something lies beyond the rock, the water, the tree, the fox and the newborn baby. They want to know where the baby really comes from, again beyond or inside of the physical emergence from the womb. They sense there is more to be known about the origin of a fetus than the combining of sperm and egg.

This leads them to want to discover not only what is behind the entrance of the fetus consciousness into the world of cellular structure, but to the discarding of the physical body from the world of matter upon death. Were it not for this curiosity and ignoring facts for the moment, then no god would ever have ever been worshiped and no evolution would have ever been accomplished and you would still be using bronze tools crouched around a fire in a cave..

In short, facts are wonderful, and can indeed provide much helpful and necessary information for manipulation in the physical world and beyond, but there is more. You lose nothing but time by not investigating your invisible origins of your greater “self reality” that lies within your inner being. There is so much more to YOUR IDENTITY that you are not aware of that it is a shame not to delve into the inner reality of which you are an integral part.

Whether or not you know it, you are on a journey to which there is no end . There are periods of rest for the weary and new roads to travel and it is all endless. You have no time restraints, and in fact, you have all of the time you need, so when you refuse to peep around the psychological corners and look for what isn’t there in this life, you sell yourself short and you limit your multidimensional potentials.

You are growing and evolving, and believe me, if you only allow yourself to believe in life, death and extinction, you are going to be in for a big surprise.

Now I must get back to the business of ignoring more facts.

W. Allan

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