Thursday, March 27, 2014


In doing some searches on the Internet recently, I was amazed at the number of questions and articles asking this question or stating it in an affirmative manner as fact. There were so many articles that I felt compelled to discuss the "God Reality" subject once again. As some of my readers already know, I have written much about the true nature of God, but I am cognizant that in my writings I face a difficult task and must attempt to offset thousands of years of ignorance and false teachings.

I have said before and will probably repeat this statement time and time again in my efforts to explain something that is at the very edge of the ability of the human intellect to understand; God does not exist, at least not in terms that you generally understand. He does not exist physically and since He does not exist physically, then He cannot be dead, and if you had been paying attention for the last 2000 years, I would not have to tell you this. God is not some super human being; He/She/It is a Subjective Energy Essence, a Divine Knowing Process out of which all realities emerge.

The only things that are capable of dying are matter-centered physical identities, and that also includes the animal world. God or All That Is, is more like a superlative dream personality and dream personalities do not die. The only reason that you ask the question; is God dead, is that you have a bad habit of assigning human characteristics to an unseen Deity that exists in unseen dimensions and does not possess human emotions, human characteristics or human intents, although through you, He does possess them. 

If you are depending on the intellect alone, understanding what is written here will be practically impossible, so I might suggest that you enlist the help of your other latent human asset, your intuition. In enlisting both intellect and intuition, you may be able to emotionally feel the truth in the concepts given here when the intellect operating alone falters and fails.

Truth is that you could not live without the help of your intuitional sense, but many people ignore those intuitional impulses when they happen, your consciousness effectively screening them out of your daily experience. You are supposed to be operating in the physical world smoothly and effectively relying equally on your intellect and intuition, and if you had been doing this for the last millennia you would be far ahead of where you are now.

This may be hard to accept, but practically speaking you would be better off if the human race had learned nothing over the last several thousand years, since almost everything you have been taught to believe is flat out wrong. There have been other teachers far greater than I, who spoke in the nuances of their times but you didn't pick up on the true meanings behind the teachings.

I am not trying to educate anyone in this one article and I am far too wise to attempt to change your beliefs in one fell swoop, other than to advise reading other articles available here concerning the God concept. I thought that concerning ourselves with the recent profusion of articles about the death or non-death of God might be a good starting point to encourage you to look deeper into your inner self and realize that what you observe on the surface is simply a physical reality veneer overlying the true inner nature of your being. 

Looking inwardly, might, just might make you curious enough to get busy learning about the true nature of your world and the reality that it supports in such luxurious splendor.

I ask that while reading this article, you hang your beliefs in the "Beliefs Check Room" by the door and pick them up again when you finish this article. You will be surprised to know that your consciousness, yes, I am speaking of the consciousness of you Mark, Susan, Joseph, Melanie and of course all of humanity, existed at that ancient beginning before the universe existed, it just wasn't manifest, or should I say, it wasn't yet individualized or personified. It was "awareized" but not "personified". It knew it was, but it didn't know who or what it was.

Your consciousness existed before the Earth was formed. You were a part of that ancient beginning, and it isn't too far a reach to say that your consciousness has always existed, but had not assumed specificity. You were part of the original bank of consciousness, that original massive energy that I prefer to call "All That Is". There is no new consciousness being created so everything that has existed in the past exists now and everything that will exist in the future has come from the original bank of prime consciousness.

That original bank of consciousness is of course "God" and from here on, I shall try to refer to God as All That Is, since that terminology dispenses with much of the in-grown distortions of conventional religious doctrine, and we could get bogged down in erroneous religious dogma should we continue along that path.

All That Is never was a humanoid, is not now a humanoid and will never be a human being in the normal sense of the word, but let me clarify before someone gets too misled. Humanoid form of human beings is only one species of intelligent consciousness beings inhabiting the universe. 

There are countless other beings that have no resemblance to the traditional human form, yet they were all created by or through the auspices of All That Is, and so we can say with full confidence that All That Is, God, wears all faces and exists in all forms, and in that respect is truly all that is, but All That Is, is more than the sum of it's parts.

All That Is is within every thing that lives, the animals, the insects, fish, humans, virus, bacteria, and even humans, endowing each of His multitudinous parts with the same characteristics and abilities that he possesses. There is a portion of All That Is within every living creature. You my friend, possess in a somewhat condensed form all of these same characteristics of the Original Creator, albeit somewhat unrealized at this time. All That Is lives forever, but you live forever. All That Is is a creator of reality, but you too are a creator of reality.

Before you begin to get too full of yourself knowing that, let me say that anything that I attribute to the relationship between All That Is and the human species, holds for all other species, and there is no special place reserved for humans that all living creatures do not also share. You were not given dominion over and were never meant to dominate anything, anybody or any other creature.

In the beginning, there was only Energy that gradually became aware of itself as a Prime Identity. I am not speaking here of electrical energy that you are familiar with, but of Energy pervading everything, and that can be misleading, since there was no physical universe, so for now we will equate it with the dream universe.

There was no firmament, no objects, no air, no sky, just infinite Energy, and by the way, there was also no time and space and no void existed that could even contain a universe. These came about much later.

Einstein knew that energy and mass is the same thing, only in a different form. The one thing he left out of that famous equation was that consciousness = mass = energy or C =E= mc2 (consciousness =energy = mass x velocity squared).

When you no longer inhabit your physical body, you will understand how you can be an active, vital, purposeful identity without a solid materialized form. It's how you existed before you were born and you did it with great finesse unbeknownst to you now. True identity is non-physical; assuming a physical form, is a specialization used in order to gain a new type of experience in a physically materialized world. Consciousness always seeks to be known and to accomplish that it assumes a variety of perceivable forms, both physical and non-physical.

Consciousness creates matter for its own purposes, not the other way around. The cumulative physical matter of the entire universe could not create one speck of consciousness under even the most auspicious conditions. One inspired idea, propelled by eomtion and expectation created the physical universe and I don't need to tell you the origin of that one idea.

One of the great limitations to deeper understanding of spiritual truths is your unbending, rigidly, critically focused attention to that one brilliant light of Earthly physical experience, not realizing that it is just one focus that the human race could have adopted, not realizing that there are other quite as legitimate focuses that you elected not to concentrate on. You think because it is, it had to be that way, but consciousness had unlimited latitude in constructing its physical world.

Other worlds share the same space as earth; you are surrounded by, immersed in and adjacent to other quite as legitimate reality systems (worlds) that coexist in the same space with your earth reality system, some actually moving through each other unnoticed. You will never see them since they are not actualized in the same frequency signals as your physical world.

The belief in one God of one small universe, one world and one human species is so nonsensical to be almost laughable, but it can be understood in light of the fact that many of you still insist that your God created you in His image, inferring that God is human. Each race of the human species creates their own gods in their own image and I can assure you that the God that you assume created you is not the same God that other races assume created their own cultures.

God is an energy essence personality that is within all living creatures and non-living objects. There is vitalized, generalized consciousness in all physical manifestations. There is God energized consciousness in a mouse in a field, in the field itself, in the continent that contains the field, in the world that contains the continent and in the universe that contains everything. 

On a micro and macro scale, everything is conscious from the meson, quark, electron, atom, cell and molecule to a mulitverse containing all worlds, galaxies and stars and there is not one speck of matter that is not conscious to some degree. Consciousness created all of the above.

Energy is conscious and again, I am not speaking of simple electrical energy, which is not a force of consciousness, but is created by consciousness. 

Finally, in speaking of these matters it is easy to get lost in semantics and word games, so let me try and make my point clear.

God, All That Is, although existing, as the Prime Entity could never exist in human form, since the unbelievable power of such a Prime Being would overpower any physical form, but All That Is found a solution to that dilemma. He divided His Being into infinitesimally small portions, fragmenting His consciousness into innumerable small packages, creating multitudinous entities that would populate all worlds in all universes, thereby creating separate appearing individuals while still maintaining an inner connection with all of His creations.

You are a part of that original Prime Entity no matter what you think about your worthiness, your perceived sinfulness, you cannot be separated from your divine heritage and you cannot lose your soul, since soul being a part of you, cannot be lost.

It would also be correct to say that God (All That Is) does exist in human form since His presence is intertwined within all human beings and all creatures, but as humans, you are not alone in sharing that privileged stance since all species including animals, fish, birds and insects also share that entitlement. 

Here's where it gets a little sticky.

Although we speak in "time terms" in order to get the point across, time only exists in physical reality; it doesn't even exist in your dreams. In truth the conscious energy, which is All That Is, has always existed, and so there was no real beginning and there can be no ending. It is the passage of time that gives you the concept of life and death in the first place.

All That Is, is eternal in that respect. You only believe in the passage of time because from your viewpoint, it has always been that way since your birth. Imagine if you were born into the dream world instead; your consciousness would not be tuned into the time context and a reality that is spontaneous, yet blossoms out in all directions in the "now" would not seem unusual.

The universe begins NOW and renews itself in each nanosecond and each NOW contains all pasts, presents and futures. "Consecutive moments in time" do not need to be experienced, and yet there is still room for growth. Growth in the earth system appears as value perception in others, growth in value, not in terms of growth or inflation over time taking up more space.

I'll finish by saying that space does not exist in the way it seems. All space is one space, all universes exist in the same space, but of course, you cannot perceive it that way from your physical world platform. Having said all of this, I trust you will now quit believing that God is dead. The universe is born tomorrow.

If you have questions or comments on this article or any other, please submit them by using the "comments" link after this article, and I will try to address them as time permits.


technobishnu said...

can you explain on who are we. like are we natural mechanical body or mind or heart or soul....what actually we are and how should we define ourself? and what should we do with our mind or heart or soul and what are the difference between this things...

W. Allan said...

Your questions would take up a whole book to answer but I will give you a condensed version. While you are focused in a physical body, you are also a physical portion of your soul, temporarily experiencing the life and times of the world of physical matter.
You are a matter based projection of your soul clothed in atoms and molecules. Your soul is not something different than you are.
If you want to define yourself, you could say that "you are a perceivable portion of your soul, expressed in matter in a specific time and place".
You are a representative of your soul. Your soul is within you and you are within your soul, you are one and the same. You bring to your soul a perspective that would be impossible for it to experience without your life.

karan said...

I'd start off by saying that I absolutely love your blog. I was brought up ascribing to the Santmat faith from India whose principles and ideas are almost identical to what you have in your blog. What I haven't found so far in your blog is a way to connect back to 'All that is' and emerge back into 'All that is' so you don't have to take the physical form again.

Another question I had-you say:

"One inspired idea, propelled by eomtion and expectation created the physical universe and I don't need to tell you the origin of that one idea"

Why would you not reveal the original intent and emotion? I'm not placing blame, but across numerous texts and philosophies, the original intent of God is almost always concealed via some manner or reason. I understand there might be something deeper than our human intellect can understand, but maybe you can give a try and explain via examples or metaphors.

Great blog, regardless. This is probably my first comment in the blogosphere and I'm glad it's on this one.

Have a good one.

W. Allan said...

Dear Karen,
You do not have to connect back to All That Is or God. The disconnect is simply illusion, an illusion that must be maintained to create the appearance of separation and encourage creativity.

Actually, there is no separation. You are a portion of All That Is no matter what you do. You have the spark of All That Is within every cell of your body.

The creator creates and becomes a part of His creations. His creations create and their creations create and underneath it all, there is the Prime Identity of which all creation is an intimate part.

There will be no final merging or dissolving into All That Is but there is a time, when physical form ceases to be necessary, after the reincarnational cycle is finished. Form is retained, but without mass.

You will never be absorbed or dissolved into any Prime Identity. You are forever an independent identity personality, and will remain so, with all memories and experiences intact. In a larger context, you can never un-merge with God. You as close to All That Is now as you will ever be.

You will change and evolve, your consciousness will forever expand and grow, opening up new realities, but you will always be you.

After your last physical incarnation on Earth, countless new reality experiences await and since physical bodies are no longer useful, death no longer exists.

Of course, the one idea that I spoke of originates in All That Is, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that All That Is is that one inspirational idea.

Didn't think I would have to tell you that. You already knew it.

W. Allan said...

You are right, neither you or I or personality at our stage of development could ever hope to understand the true nature and reality of All That Is.