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I was motivated to write this article after reading a recent headline about a "Terminally Ill" young girl who only had a short time to live. Now, I am not some gullible Pollyanna who is incapable of hearing and understanding the truth, but the truth is only real truth when it is true reality.

To declare someone "Terminally Ill", is to make a personal judgment based solely on the information that you have on hand, and that information may be limited, flawed or downright wrong. In other words, it is one person's limited view about reality, not necessarily true bedrock reality.

To understand what I am saying you must understand that there can sometimes be a vast difference between personally perceived truth and real truth, or more precisely, the difference between personally perceived reality and true reality. Taking another tack, it is one person's view of fact, not necessarily an actual, indisputable fact.

Each person on this earth creates his or her own personal reality through psychic and biological processes that I have discussed before, so technically speaking, it is actually impossible for any two people to share the exact same reality. Everyone on earth perceives a different reality.

For practical purposes everyone unknowingly communicates telepathically their own version of their own "self perceived" reality to all others, and if there is enough similarity in their beliefs about reality, everyone comes to psychological agreement that is close enough to establish enough coherence and call that "Mass Shared Reality" that will be commonly agreed upon by all. Even though everyone on earth may universally share one idea about reality, it does not necessarily make it true reality. Everyone could be wrong, and often are.

What I am inferring is that a belief in a certain reality does not necessarily mean that reality is valid and true; it simply means that you and others like you may or may not agree. Obviously, in this world of countless divergent beliefs, there are bound to be vast differences in the beliefs between not only individual peoples but also between entire cultures.

There was a time when most of civilization believed the earth was flat and that if mariners sailed too far into the sunset, they would fall off the end of the earth. And I remind you that this was accepted as true reality of those times even though it was totally wrong.

Because an entire culture or social structure believes one thing or another does not necessary mean it is valid. As a point, there are many cultures and social organizations on the planet still in this day and age believe that their god wants them to kill and that killing others not like them is good. This obviously is a "belief about reality" held by many within that culture, but it does not follow that that belief is true reality. It is a "belief about reality" and that is all, and it is not true, valid reality that will endure. In other words, it is a skewed or distorted view about reality and nothing more.

You can find many disagreements about the validity of reality in your social, scientific and religious organizations. In many cases the disagreements are so minor that they are glossed over and are barely noticeable under normal circumstances. In others, the differences are great and can actually result in wars, migrations and social uprisings.

I don't intend to dwell on this other than to say that in many cases people make statements that are truly inaccurate and in so doing can inadvertently cause difficulties that would normally take care of themselves left alone. They are making statements about their beliefs, but it is important to understand that because someone is respected and idolized, it does not mean that their views about reality are "true reality" and therein lays the rub. Who do you believe and whom do you not believe?

For instance, most people believe doctors since they are highly respected and seem to have more knowledge along certain lines than you do. Many doctors make catastrophic decisions that result in permanent injury or death of their patients. The point is that you cannot believe someone just because they wear a white lab coat, have a pen in their pocket and have a stethoscope hanging around their neck and a diploma hanging on their office wall. They operate on knowledge they have been taught. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that they were purposely bleeding patients to get rid of disease.

This subject has come up recently in many variations concerning health, and I'm thinking here of the fact that genetic testing can now in some cases predict whether or not someone who is supposedly genetically predisposed to cancer because of family heritage, carrying the so-called "cancer gene". The question now arises and becomes relevant that people didn't have to deal with previously, and that question is; should I get tested to see if I am carrying the cancer gene?" Of course, that's a personal decision and can only be made by those intimately involved.

Genetic susceptibility is greatly misunderstood and a predisposition to cancer because of either the existence or the non-existence of the cancer gene in the family ancestral history is not a certainty. Genes can be changed, mutated, fall away or disappear and this happens all of the time. A sudden illumination, a change of motivation, a new desire to live, a renewal of purpose, all can alter the genetic messaging because of one thought initiating new a desire to live.

That is all I will say on that subject at this time, other than once again to mention that your corporeal body's cellular structure follows your thoughts about yourself, and is perfectly capable of altering your genetic profile overnight.

The other aspect that I want to discuss here, and that is; should a doctor tell a patient that he or she is terminally ill and will soon die when he is not the one who will be doing the dying? I can tell you this, I would not have my breasts amputated at the suggestion of even the most eminent doctor, simply because my mother carried the breast cancer gene when no other evidence of damage is evident.

When you make decisions based on fear, you are more likely to reap negative results. Nothing good ever comes from fear. YOU REINFORCE BELIEFS THAT YOU CONCENTRATE ON and if someone tells you that you are sick, it simply reinforces the negative condition of sickness. If someone who you hold in great esteem tells you that you are going to die, that nudges you closer to accepting death as your reality. If you believe you are going to die, you will die no matter what preventive measures are taken.

Concerning the use of the phrase "Terminally Ill" as a diagnosis by a doctor. This is totally unjustified and in fact, there is no illness, sickness, malady, ailment or affliction that is by its nature (terminal), Period!

Let me digress for a moment and get a bit metaphysical here, hoping not to throw you off the track, but your physical body is the result of mental processes that actually began before you were born.

Your very cells have their own generalized consciousness and within their limited but powerful scope of activity, they can bring about changes within the physical body almost instantaneously under certain conditions if you do not place barriers in their way.

The human body has been learning how to care for itself for millions of years and left alone, with no psychological impediments placed in its way, it inherently has all of the tools at its disposal that it needs to insure itself a long and healthy life. The immune system, operating without psychic blockages of energy flow, can heal any and all infirmities except those that you were born with and accepted at birth.
A good doctor must incorporate not only diagnosis of disease, operational skills, the prescribing of pills and potions and removal of your vital organs, with a deep understanding of the biological and spiritual origins and maintaining mechanisms inherent in the body, before he ever makes such a statement as you are terminally ill.

In the final analysis, IT'S ALL ABOUT MENTAL!

What you believe, think, desire and expect will materialize in your physical form for better or worse.
There is no exception to this rule.

Your physical life is a "RESULT" of diverse psychic processes, emotional states riding on your feelings about your own life. You will become what you think you are. You cannot run away from your mental life. Your physical body with its biological processes follows the above rules and there are no exceptions. Your physical body is a materialization of your inner psychological reality.

What that means in practical terms is that if a person has a healthy body and experiences no or very infrequent illness, he is in a good psychological balance inwardly. Of course, the opposite holds true also.

If you think you are a sickly person, illness will follow you to the ends of the earth and further. If you truly believe in health, you are essentially immune to illness of any kind. If you want to make changes in your physical body, you must change how you think about it.

At birth, notwithstanding your own desire and acceptance of a flawed body, you were born with a perfect body, health wise. The minute as a fetus, that your first eyelid flickers, you begin to accept and add new beliefs and dimensions to that body and they can be beneficial or they can be detrimental. These new bodily dimensions, which are actually your thoughts about yourself materialized, over time begin to take a toll on your physical form. So it behooves you to be careful what beliefs you accept.

If you were born with cancer, polio, missing a limb, etc., nothing you can do will change that since you chose those bodily conditions as a life challenge at birth, and you must live and deal with them on your terms.

If you were born from parents who carried the cancer gene, it simply means that you and your parents accepted that condition as a life challenge, to confront in life's context and there is always room for nullifying or altering the genetic message. Genes in themselves have no negative intent; they are simply living markers that point in a certain direction, a direction that can be altered, changed or completely neutered. Genes are not static, rigid or frozen in time, they are constantly changing with or without your conscious intent.

There have been countless people cured overnight simply because of an illuminating dream. Cancers have disappeared in a heartbeat, eyesight regained and complete health restored to countless hopeless cases. What would have happened in those cases if they had believed their doctors diagnosis of death? They would have died!

If more doctors understood this one simple fact, that BODY follows MIND and not the other way around. Encouragement cures to the degree that the patient believes he can be cured. Patients that are told that they are going to die will die if they believe the prognosis. Patients that believe they can live will grasp at any encouraging thought in the struggle to live.

There is no good reason to tell someone, anyone that they are going to die for any reason and under any conditions. Hope, confidence, love and emotional support is more powerful than any gene in the body and those negative genetic messages can be overturned at even the last breath.

There are those who have made the decision to die, and no cure will ever be effective in those cases. This statement is not a symbolic statement; a person who has decided to die, will do so regardless of measures taken by those around them. They have their reason for death and will die unless they change their mind.

No one dies who does not want to die, and no one is born, (not even you), who has not chosen to be born. Some people are born with intent only to experience a few earth years for their own reasons. They came with that purpose in mind and will die young when their purpose is finished. Nothing will dissuade them from their purpose unless they make the decision to live.

Doctors should be required to gain some rudimentary understanding of the inner dynamics of life and death and should never, never tell a patient that he or she is terminally ill. Terminal Illness is a subjective judgment, but it is a judgment that can carry the weight or life or death for someone teetering on the personal choice of life or death, who has not yet decided to take the final step forward into a new dimension.

When you tell someone they are going to die, to some extent you reinforce energy behind the death decision and make it more inevitable. It is not the doctor's words that can kill, but the patient's belief in the doctor's words.

There is a natural progression of life that all must follow. Life flows into the fetus and out of the dying, but this is the natural way. Death is the first step into a new life. Mankind has lost sight of that natural transition, but the animals have not, and so they move in and out of their physical forms much easier than humans.

It would be a far better world if no one ever used the word TERMINAL since on a larger perspective, there is nothing in the universe that is terminal, and not in the least the consciousness of one human being. The entire universe could be reconstructed from life force inherent in one human being floating free in space and that life force is eternal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this blog and making it available to us. The knowledge contained here is exactly what I have been looking for.
I have some experience with creating reality and I believe my awareness about guiding my thoughts appropriately is increasing.
I no longer struggle with accepting that I have created my reality, good and bad. It is becoming increasingly, although slowly but surely, easier to believe and see the illusion which is now my reality and accept and live it the best way I can.
In one of your posts, you mentioned that we have pre-agreed with part of the other soul to experience something/ event in collaboration with that other soul. For instance, I have a highly critical boss. The boss can only view and talk about my flaws (which I don't really think are flaws) and has only given me praise once in ten months. Earlier I wanted my boss's approval which is not the case anymore. But my boss insists that I still do.
Now as I understand, I created this reality. I chose to experience this through my boss. And off late, I am not as disturbed by the comments as I used to be. In the face of our interactions, I choose to look at my boss in a very detached manner and tell myself that this is just something I have to go through since I have created it/ wanted it. It makes the after-effects of our interactions smooth.
I want to begin my own business and I am getting involved in what I want by thinking about it, reading more and working towards it, adding ideas and being grateful for all the opportunities. I am also being the best that I can be in my current position/ job, while expecting to receive what I want.
Now, as I am writing to you, a lot of my questions are getting answered in my head. But I would still like to know if my approach to my situation is appropriate.
Also, since I am soon starting my own thing, would it still be necessary to keep my boss in my life after I leave this work? I would like to remain friends with my colleagues but not have my boss anywhere near me.
In fact, a few times in the past, I have let go of a few relationships (including friends and relatives) if they hurt me or if we were no longer on same page. Is that okay to do? How does karma play in this? How would I know which lesson I need to learn and who is going to help me in that?
Also, once we become aware of our purpose, of who we truly are, of what this is all about, but we still have to live on this earth till the end of this physical body, what should we do? Is the aim then to be an expert in creating reality? In helping others? Just living?
I must admit that this work, internal work, is pretty hard. Initially it took every ounce of my strength/ will power to keep myself in the state of well being and be aware of my automatic thoughts and direct them in the 'right' direction (especially in face of grief, loss and blow to my ego). It has gotten easier over time. But it can be hard sometimes even now. But I guess it might be a part of being born a human.

W. Allan said...

The fact that you have chosen to try and understand things that many do not realize that they have any control over. It's ALL internal work. Your thoughts and beliefs are the true reality and the only reality that is enduring. The physical reality is the result and even though it is illusion, it is real and you have to deal with it while you are in a physical body.
Your interactions with your boss and other co-workers are important, and you should strive to make them as good as you can while you are there.
It does no good to say "I like you" to someone that you hate. Sometimes hiding your true feelings can cause blockages of the free flow of universal energy and cause more problems.
You are in a quandary since you need your job which requires some finesse on your part while you are there. Under normal circumstances, you would just naturally drift away from those you are not in harmony with.
The trick is not to concentrate on the negative aspects of your interactions with others, but focus your attention on the positive aspects, even though the may be minuscule in comparison to the negativity, otherwise you are just reinforcing negativity.
You create your reality and if you keep in mind that you will get what you concentrate on and try to keep a positive attitude, beneficial thoughts will flow naturally and create what you want.
You do not have to be specific with conscious thinking, since reality flows from UNconscious sources.
Sometimes people come together to challenge each other and the good news is you are involved in a game called "LIFE" and in this game there is no way to really lose. You can sometimes learn more from failures than you can from successes.
You are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply, guidance and encouragement!