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Recently I stumbled across a History Channel program about "Ancient Aliens or Ancient Astronauts" who are in some of the episodes credited with the emergence of life on earth. The program takes care in never making a definite statement that this did in fact really occur, but mask their investigations and beliefs in questions instead. It is much easier to make an interrogatory statement than a statement of fact.

Since the beginning of time mankind has pondered the age-old questions of how, where, when and why life had its origins on earth. Some people, as in the "Ancient Aliens" television series, postulate that millions of years ago, visitors from outer space found their way to earth, bringing with them a process that they initiated that was the first emergence of the human species. They make no such assumptions about the animals, insects, birds and even smaller living cells, molecules, atoms, electrons and smaller particles, small but depending on your perspective, also alive.

These ancient aliens, as hypothesized, represented the early earth gods, and there were many gods to follow including the Roman, Greek and sundry mythical gods long since forgotten and lost in the mists of time. You will notice that I do not capitalize the word god in this paragraph. I will capitalize it where appropriate.

In some scientific circles it has become fashionable to believe in a process called panspermia, whereby small spores and germs distributed and permeating the universe, searching for appropriate environments favorable to their growth and then seeding themselves into those worlds, eventually evolving into valid civilizations with self-aware, intelligent beings, as in the case of earth. To believe in this theory you must of course, believe that your grandmother evolved from a spore or germ.

There are of countless religious theories, taught by the some six thousand different denominations of religions now in existence on the face of the planet, all expressing in their own ideas, their versions of how some capricious god, who incidentally stands alone, separate and aloof from the physical world, while creating it and from that lofty postiion, overseeing every smallest violation of his rules, meting out appropriate punishment to those sinner violators and blessing his most ardent and obedient followers.

There are many disparate beliefs concerning the beginning of life on earth circulating at any given time, some of which have some basis in truth, but most are not even close. It is because of this, I want to put forth some quite different ideas concerning the emergence of life on earth.

First and foremost, I must ask you to forgo your beliefs in your own existence as an independent, stand alone, separate personality, while at the same time telling you that you are indeed that and more.

Here's why. There exists other portions of YOUR complete identity, unbeknownst to you, other aspects of you, existing not only in other parallel or probable worlds, in other times but even in your present world, all aspects of yourself, independent personalities, as you are an independent personality, who you could actually meet if you knew where to look. You could rightly say that they are you and yet, they are not you, but are their own independent selves.

These other portions of your identity are your "probable selves", "your reincarnational selves" and your "simultaneous selves" or soulmates. I make that statement to reinforce the idea that you are truly a multidimensional personality with other aspects of your identity just as real and alive as you at this time, living in other dimensions, out of your mental reach except in those brief moments of spontaneous illumination or psychic bleed-throughs.

The real point I am making is this, and I am aware that this statement flies in the face of everything you have been taught and also may I add, flies in the face of most scientific knowledge available today. There are just as many probable worlds and probable universes as there are probable "yous". These are not the alien worlds referred to in your usual hypothesized televised space adventures. The probable worlds I speak of here bear much resemblance to your own world, except there are "time" discrepancies and organization of consciousness that would be disorienting to your type of consciousness that deals with consecutive moments, past, present and future.

There are other worlds and universes that are home to innumerable alien species, many of which you would not even recognize as intelligent beings, they are so different than yourselves. Many of them are not physical in your terms, so they will remain unseen, yet to them, their reality is as physical and vital as your own world in your own physical universe.

There is one overriding characteristic in the "probable and reincarnational system" of which you and the physical universe of which your world is included. That is the universality of the human form body pattern that is shared to some extent by all what you would call alien species on your same horizontal plane. A horizontal plane is one that falls within your same given parameters for existence within the physical universe and can be perceived to some extent by other species.

Space travel between planets that exist on a common horizontal plane and any that you can physically perceive on the same horizontal plane as you is quite possible and has been done in the past. Of course, distance is a limiting factor, since many galaxies with intelligent beings to which you could relate are simply too far away and you would be limited by the time factor with your present technology. You would ether have to acquire faster means of space travel or live longer.

You can deduce from this that space travel to a great extent is rather limited for you at this time but progress will be made by pursuing "mental travel" rather than physical. Spatial travel is not so limiting for other more advanced alien species.

The "human body form pattern" is a psychic blueprint around which you and alien beings form their own versions of either physical or non-physical bodies. In the physical world that you occupy form adopts matter. (Form comes first, matter follows).

Matter fills out psychic/mental patterns almost as air inflates a balloon. Some alien species utilize the body pattern so others can perceive them even though their bodies have no mass. They may have a dream-like body for example.

All consciousness seeks to be known, it will adopt one of countless body materializations, many of which are totally alien to your understanding. No self-aware consciousness would be caught dead without some kind of body. (Smiling) Form exists quite well without matter but matter cannot exist without form. Matter automatically seeks actualization and will materialize somewhere.

This humanoid body form pattern is adopted by you and by most alien species that you would loosely refer to as "beings". They almost exclusively, for some reason, have adopted this "humanoid form pattern" around which they create their bodies whether it be physical or non-physical. They fill in this pattern using atomic structure in their own unique ways.

That means that aliens almost universally will have one head, two eyes, two ears, and two arms with hands and two legs with feet even though they may never use them. The similarity ends there, and other alien species, while utilizing a humanoid type body could have other quite un-humanlike qualities, so as to make them unrecognizable to you. Of course to them, you would be the alien species.

The rather unusual thing is that even the most advanced entities, which are not physically materialized, still utilize this blueprint to form their non-physical bodies. To them it is simply a psychic form of reference by which to be perceived by others like themselves. Even stranger, they do not utilize legs to walk or hands to grasp. They see without eyes and hear without ears, but their senses are far superior to any you can imagine. They adopt images but they have no physical materializations as in your world.

This of course, infers that there are countless, and I do mean countless alien species occupying strange alien worlds, some physical and some non-physical that exists within yours and other dimensions still within the confines of the one physical universe, which you perceive and occupy. They are not separated from you by physical distance, but by psychological depth or distance.

The age old question of "Are we alone?" is so meaningless as to be almost ludicrous since there are literally innumerable alien species surrounding, permeating and moving through your own world, and I only mention their existence to emphasize the fact that you are not alone even in your own backyard.

Most of these alien worlds, the closest ones to your kind cannot be perceived even though some of them occupy the same space as your world. They simply do not exist in the same vibrational frequencies and intensities as your world. They are tuned into entirely different stations.

Your type of consciousness is not attuned to their worlds in any meaningful way. Other worlds coexist with your Earth in the same space and there is no interference between them. Since all worlds and all species that create those worlds reality systems exist in their own time perspectives; your present does not necessarily coincide with their present. They may be tuned into the same station as you are, but their realities do not coincide with yours so they will forever remain unperceived by you.

What I am suggesting is that other realities exist NOW. Their NOW could be their past or future in reference to your NOW which would be your present. Each system operates on their own time scale. Serial time perception is not a universal trait and each system's time is unique. You could actually visit a planet that was occupied by an alien species existing in your NOW which to them would be their past, and to you they may not exist yet, so the planet would appear to you to be desolate and uninhabited.

Remember, aliens are not playing the same game as you, so they may very well be focused in their past while you are focused in your present and in your terms, they would not yet exist even though in practical terms you would both exist simultaneously. (This might take some thought to grasp the concept.)

Alien worlds exist at precise psychological space/time co-ordinates and their true locations have nothing to do with time, distance or space, as you know them. As an analogy and so there is no confusion about this, you could be walking down the street and hear a faint whizzing sound as an entire universe zooms past or through you, and you would experience no conflict even though this were also a physically materialized world on its own level of actualization.

The true separation again is not distance, but depth perception and is caused by your unrelenting, fierce focus on your physical world's psychological co-ordinates. This fierce concentration on your own physical system leaves you unable to see or discover other alien systems that exist well within your species ability to perceive them.

Other alien species in ancient history have visited Earth and left vestiges of their journeys behind, but they were not responsible for bringing life to earth. Life was already here.

The beings that visited were so far ahead of your scientific technology, that the distances traversed were minimized through propulsion systems beyond your technology and by traveling inner pathways that permeate the universe, still undiscovered by earth's scientific communities.

We are speaking here of physically materialized alien species, not those who have never experienced physical actualization, and these kind outnumber the physical species. The real reason that scientists cannot grasp the true nature of the emergence of life on earth is that they do not understand the most important basic rule of all creation; everything contains its own consciousness of varying degrees of self-awareness.

When the first particle of physical matter was formed, it contained a generalized capsule consciousness and that consciousness was alive with the energy of the universe. There is no thing that exists that is not conscious to some degree. The more important question is; at what point did more advanced self-aware conscious beings emerge on an already alive and functioning planet? At what point did self-awareness insert itself into human form?

A rock, a fly, and a flower, all contain a generalized consciousness and those consciousness are evolving in the same way your consciousness is evolving. It is you that chooses to draw the hypothetical line between what you will perceive as living matter and what you will perceive as dead matter. There is NO dead matter, no matter what you think.

Your very cells contain an elementary awareness of their existence and slowly they are evolving toward conceptual thought and a beginning of self-awareness. Your physical body is made up of a gestalt of countless small consciousnesses, each with its own sense of being and each is an incipient personality in some very distant future. If the atoms, molecules and cells that compose your body are made of dead matter, then how in the world could a living human being step out of the context of dead components?

Everything that exists is conscious and all consciousness is evolving and expanding to become more. In some distant future, you will stand where your soul/ entity stands today and the YOU that you are today will still be part of that more advanced gestalt identity.

Alien species have visited earth in the past and will do so again as your species will visit other worlds in the future. Life on earth as you understand it arose out of the vision and creative thrust of All That Is, (God, Prime Energy) and not from random physical particles, spores or germs, but instead from particles of awareized living consciousness.

Imagine then, an explosion of universal enlightenment, a light that enveloped everything "That Was" in a brilliant knowingness, a knowing light that seeded a universe already flushed out with generalized life in all of their resplendent forms with new ones emerging even today. Energy recognized itself as identity and sought release from the universal mind, forming a myriad of independent identities and exponential new ways for expression in countless new forms, countless worlds and universes. 

Consciousness always comes first and creates its environments, which it later inhabits and experiences.
Creation is not done and finished, with new worlds being created and existing worlds being recreated every nano-second.

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