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I expect to get a letter from my friend today. I expect to lose some weight next year. I expect to earn more money at my job. These statements are common to everyone at one time or another. In fact, you are always expecting something, sometime, somewhere, but you seldom pay any notice to these somewhat unconscious musings and they usually fly below the radar of normal waking consciousness. I have discussed the creation of objects and events in the physical world many times and will do so again until everyone who reads this column finally has that “AHA” moment and is smitten by a flash of illumination, delivering in a nanosecond the truth and understanding that I have been struggling to explain for years.

The fact is that creation of objects and events have been talked about by many gurus and new age sages over the years, but most leave you in a state of confusion and disbelief since no adequate explanation is ever really given. They leave you hanging. We are not going to do that here. I intend to give an adequate explanation and more, again and again until there is no doubt in your mind that your slightest thought has more potential power in the creative process of energy propelled into physical matter than you ever imagined. This article is not about the intricacies of the creation of reality other than to remind you of some of the basics.

Lets once again consider our infamous table in our equally infamous barren room with only you and I present. Two people, one table and nothing else. This is an already created physical table, it exists as material, expressing its attributes in atoms and molecules i/e length, height, color, weight, material of construction, etc. It has the exact attributes that I unconsciously assigned to it when I first thought of and desired to own this table. At that very instant, it existed, in psychological fact, but had not yet broken through from the invisible dimension of the expanded present into the world of physical materialization. I first thought of the table, then I built up a desire to own the table, then I continued to concentrate my desire to own this table over some duration of time.

I took some positive steps required to acquire the table in the physical world. I began to concentrate how I would earn the money to purchase the table. I began going to furniture stores to browse possible choices of my future table, realizing that my original thoughts about what I wanted had changed somewhat because of the wide variety of choices available. As my exterior thoughts changed and adjusted, so did my inner table’s psychic pattern change and adjust accordingly, while at the same time, building up gestalts of powerful units of consciousness.

All consciousness has a common peculiarity, that they emit what could be termed the smallest, possible, invisible electro magnetic particles, each realizing its own potential in participating in the new pattern of a “table” that would eventually, when reaching a certain pitch, timbre and modulation of vibrational intensity, break through into the physical world of hard, concrete physical fact. Combinations of these units of consciousness will eventually form themselves and gather about them units of like attractions and like potentials to form larger particles by once again seeking areas of significance, into atoms and molecules in the world of physical matter in the form of a table.

Some of these units being more suitable in forming the table, but would not be strong enough to join in a configuration of a more complex structure necessary in the human body. Each minute, but extremely powerful unit of consciousness, acutely aware of its own area of significance, joining with other units, readying themselves for the final push through the barrier from the inner world into the exterior world of matter existing in time and space. Now here is one of the most important aspects of this miraculous process that is a part of every human being, in which every animal, insect, flower and tree also take part on an unknown, subconscious level. I will not get into their contribution to the creation and maintenance of the natural and manufactured environment at this time other than to say that all consciousness at different levels of awareness and knowingness cooperates in the creation of events and objects in the natural world to their own degree.
And here is the one thing that to my knowledge, has never been adequately explained, and I too have been remiss in overlooking this important part of the creative process. I hope this might just ignite the (AHA) blast of intuition that will help you understand what I mean when I talk of creation of a table from first thought to the materialization of the actual table in your room.
ALL OBJECTS THAT ARE CREATED BY CONSCIOUSNESS ARE ACTUALLY OBJECT/EVENTS! That means that when I say that you create the car that you have been dreaming about, you are actually creating the entire object/event, not only the car itself, but you create the entire car process, an object event, a process that will be the most favorable and most likely to bring what you want, the car, into your physical perspective. Here is what you need to know, consciousness creates matter, not the other way around.

Now back to our room with two people, one table and nothing else. Lets assume that I have created the table and it already exists in the room. But how does it exist? Our table exists as a psychic pattern, an “energy object”, created by a self aware personality such as yourself or myself. You look at the table and see it from your own perspective. Your senses, actually act as interpreters, noticing and perceiving an energy object, then sending signals to the brain, translating this picture of an energy object into something familiar and meaningful in your corporal world. I see it from my own perspective and my senses also interpret what they perceive into an object that I then recognize and utilize.

You subconsciously construct the table that YOU SEE, using the atoms available in your own space perspective, filling in the existing psychic pattern that has already been created. Your physical senses are precisely tuned to detect and analyze this atomic construction as a physical object which you arbitrarily assign the name “table”. This is important, you not only create your table, but your creation needs a place to be created in, it needs space to occupy, so in the process you also create the space continuum that your table occupies. In other words, your table exists in your own personal space that you have created to contain your table.

See, isn’t this fun?

Now at the same time, in the same room, my senses are also perceiving the table, actually I am perceiving a pattern that I have filled in using “different atoms” than you used, in my own space perspective, creating my own table. Now we have two tables, actually not the same tables in the room. Now, lets hypothesize a cat in the same room as you and I. The cat, using his own abilities, will utilize different atoms, a different space continuum to create his own table, and the cats table will be different indeed than yours or mine. There are now truly, three tables in the room, all occupying their own unique space continuum. Each table is unique in its own unique space continuum, yet all share a commonality and here is why.

In your system of reality, you share your objects, so you must arrive at some similarity in the constructions that you create, otherwise there would be chaos in the sharing and utilization of these objects. None of this would work very well if it were not for the continuous use of subconscious telepathic messaging constantly going on between you and I and the cat, ironing out the differences in our constructions, finally unconsciously agreeing on a common physical appearance of our three tables, so that if we would attempt to describe each of our tables, we would find a remarkable similarity, even though we have each created our own table, and if fact, because the cat is operating with a different set of preceptors than humans, its table would be quite different but workable for the cat.

It only follows that if ten more people were to enter the room, there would be thirteen actual tables in the room, one each for you and I, one for the cat and ten more for the new people entering the room There is a good reason for this, and it is thus;

Each person only perceives and sees its own physical constructions! Period!

You do not see the same table that I see, although we can come to some agreement on what we will accept as a common table that will hold our dinner plates and glasses. After we have now created our table, I regret that I must now break it down, since even your scientists know that the table does not really exist in the normal terms that you understand the word existence. The table actually exists as an object made up of millions of swirling atoms, giving only an appearance of durability, concreteness and duration.

Actually, there is nothing static or permanent here, simply atoms with virtually no mass swirling about, enclosed in a psychic pattern to be filled. Here’s the great thing about it, it doesn’t matter if the table exists or doesn’t exist, since we are engaged to some extent in semantics here. If it works and makes everyone happy, who is to begrudge a few million atoms doing their best to fill in a form according to your psychic directions. And if the table holds the plates and glasses placed upon it, who really cares? Rhetorical question of course.

Ask yourself how the table that really doesn’t exist in any concrete way, can hold up a plate and you come up with a simple answer, the plate doesn’t exist either, at least not in the way you normally think of it existing. Now here’s a really fun thought. If the table and plate don’t really exist in any hard static, permanent, concrete way, the only reason that you can utilize them in any practical way in your world of physical fact, is that your physical body actually exists in the same medium as the table and plate. Again, if a life is filled with meaningful values and satisfactions, what difference does it make how the body becomes viable and usable in its pursuits of life’s challenges and pleasures? None.

You also have a dream body which you utilize in the dream state. A hard, concrete body is quite utilitarian in a hard concrete world, but a dream body is just as meaningful in a dream world where objects and events do not possess weight or mass. In fact, the dream body possess far more freedoms than the physical body and I dare say that there have been many dreams that you wish you could prolong indefinitely.

Now, I want to inject an analogy here, and I hope you won’t run for the door screaming, “not another analogy”. But I think I have come up with a great way to illustrate how EXPECTATION is the catalyst that actually forces atoms and molecules into those lovely physical objects and events that you love, like houses, cars, clothing, relationships, marriages, jobs, etc. Creating what you want is a definite, not arbitrary process, carried out faithfully, it will result in getting what you want. I will reiterate the rules of creation as I have in the past, but want to emphasize the ABSOLUTE necessity of “Expectation” in the creative process.

Imagine creating something you want in your life as analogous to running a marathon race. Imagine also that the first IDEA or THOUGHT is the starter shooting the starting gun at the beginning of the race. To run a race takes desire, persistence and endurance, the same qualities needed in creating what you want to actualize. You must desire what you want, you must be persistent and build that desire over time. These qualities, thought, idea, desire, persistence, duration are important in the creative processes. You do this now but you just don’t know you do it. Isn’t it amazing that mankind has been creating its reality unconsciously for thousands of years and you still haven’t noticed the connection between thought and matter.

Now, back to the analogy; all of this, thought, idea, etc., etc. is nice and represents necessary preliminary steps in the creative process, but no object or event that you want in your life will ever happen for you or to you without EXPECTATION. Expectation, then, in our analogy, would represent the “energy catalyst” for finally crossing of the finish line of the race and in many cases, there simply is not enough impetus for the runner to make it to the finish line and he or she drops out of the race. The finish line is analogous to the final breaking though of thought, idea and inspiration into the corporal, material world of concreteness and physical matter and as you know, often you don’t get what you want. Here is a truth that you must know and utilize if you want to be a conscious co-creator of your reality. No object or event will ever be objectified in the exterior world, (Earth) without expectation. Expectation, then, is the one ingredient that you cannot do without if your life is to be filled with the values, satisfactions and pleasures that you deserve.
Translation; Expectations Rule: If you don’t expect it, you won’t get it.

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