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Some of you reading this column regularly will begin to see some overlapping of the subject matter and that is the way it is supposed to work. Since we are working trying to understand that which is not physical, a lot has to do with combining a good strong intellect with developing intuitive abilities that can get a feeling for the underlying psychic realities. The interesting thing is that from my standpoint, it is not so much the understanding of the concepts that I want to convey, but the actual explanation itself that is so difficult. For instance, and I have not discussed this yet, but how do I explain the fact that “Time” is not universal, but an artificial construct unique to your own world, but not the entire universe, when it takes time to explain it.

In this short article I want to briefly discuss the gross misunderstanding of the use of the terminology “Gods Blessings” which is thrown about liberally with no understanding of the actual relationship of mankind with the Prime Source, All That Is. There is a greatly distorted belief that God, some superbeing living somewhere in Heaven in the clouds, watching every creature’s every move, every action, observing you in your obedience to His laws or misdeeds and sins, so you can be appropriately punished or rewarded at some future date. Some believe that this “humanlike” but superior being, will arbitrarily bestow blessings on selected persons for reasons known only to Him, and that praying helps get these blessings.

I believe most people reading this material have gone beyond those symbolic but unrealistic myths and beliefs but many have not. What are blessings? Well, when most people talk about being blessed, it means that they have got what they wanted. But I have explained how you get what you want and it has nothing to do the benevolence of God. I have talked in the past about the power of prayer in getting what you want, so no need to go into that again here.

It is absolutely necessary to understand that no human, no priest, no minister, no rabbi, no imam and surely no pope has the power to bestow blessings on anyone or anything, since not even the entity/soul has that power. Your identity, your very being, your existence as a human personality was given by your entity/soul for the, excuse the pun, for the soul purpose of gaining desired experience in the “Earth” system of reality through a division of itself into identical packages of itself. There is a reason that the soul/entity divides itself and projects portions of itself as independent identities into various systems, and that reason is that this is the only way an entity can make itself effective in a world of physical matter. An entity, then, cannot project its whole identity into any system, but must send a representative of itself, which is a portion of itself and this individualized personality has all of the powers of the entity latent in its being.

An entity/soul in order to experience the various aspects of alien worlds, must be born into that particular system, in this case Earth, through the process of a physical birth. The full powers of the entity could not be contained in one physical form, so the fragmentation of itself is necessary for entrance into various systems. The entity is not limited to one personality in one system, but actualizes itself as many personalities in many worlds. The greater portion of the soul/entity exists in its own dimension and remains aloof from the physical world and relies on the created personality for its ability to manipulate within the physical system. By the way, I do intend to soon discontinue the dual reference to soul/entity because of the religious connotations and misconceptions of the true reality of the soul.

There is one thing that should be understood and the previous paragraph should be a hint. The entity who is by the way, your closest emissary between yourself and your God, desires experience for its own growth and expansion and allows the same opportunities for its personalities. Once the entity has divided a portion of itself and materialized itself through physical birth as an independent personality in a chosen system, it has no ability whatsoever to manipulate that personality. The entity has the power to visit other dimensions, planets and planes, but it has no power to affect them in any appreciable way. The entity has no power in the exterior world, otherwise there would be no need for the creation of new identities. The power of the soul/entity lies in the inner universe of the expanded present and the only existing contact point is through the subconscious of the physical personality, usually in moments of illumination or bursts of intuition and in the dream state.

The soul/entity, once it has materialized itself or a portion of itself into a new world, has one overriding rule and that is a “Hands Off” policy. All entities, all souls of whatever import and God Herself abides by that policy of “Do Not Interfere”. A world is set in place by entities, given life and motive force to personalities therein working on a particular challenges and usually there will be no interference short of total destruction of that world. It is not just that the entities will not interfere, they simply cannot make themselves effective in the physical system while they remain out of the system themselves. These Entities watch and learn, but they learn as much from your mistakes as from your successes and so you don’t feel invulnerable, worlds have been destroyed before and it is within the realm of possibility that it could happen again.

I know many are going to balk at this following statement, but I will not dumb this material down for the ignorant, but tell you the truth as the truth exists to be best of my knowledge. I also know that this statement will be hard to follow, but I will make it anyway, and maybe in the future, I will find a better way to explain.

GOD, or your conception of what God is, is so far removed, through billions of your years of evolution, that He/She/It pays no conscious attention to creations that He has left in His wake, so to speak yet still cherishes each and every individual identity. At the same time, from the very beginning there was only ONE PRIME SOURCE and everything that exists now, is the result of the original fracturing of that Prime Energy Essence (Big Bang Theory) and because of those countless divisions of this Original Energy Being, in a diluted way, you too are a portion of those continuing cosmic divisions through countless Entities. I am sure you have surmised by now that God was and is the original Entity.

Please understand I am not implying human personality Divinity here, but one cannot evade the implications. Here is where the contradiction seems to lie; in that this Prime Source, that you may call God, even though It has long ago gone on Its own way, so far beyond one small universe that it does not give one conscious thought to the bird that falls from the tree in one single world in one single universe, but is still aware in its unimaginable awareness of every feather on every wing of every bird that falls in every “World” in every universe and still feels compassion for each and every living thing on its own scale. The actual comprehension of these statements can only be felt emotionally and intuitionally and that is why I have so much trouble putting this into mere words.

If you truly understood the miracle of your being within the corporal world, you would not ask God for His blessings, but recognize the fact that through a process of Divine Partitioning, you have been given the gifts of the gods. God lives forever, you live forever. God is a creator, you are a creator. I don’t like to de-personalize the God concept, but someone has to do it, and I have said before, you would be closer to understanding this God if you would contemplate a “Godly Process” that brings about limitless universes, worlds and identities that are eternally unassailable.

So this God, that you love to humanize, is not human by any stretch of the imagination, but in a way is human, in that He/She/It has passed through the human state on Its journey, and never loses sight of this passing through even though He has evolved to the point to be unrecognizable if you are looking for a benevolent old gentleman with long flowing beard, carrying a scale to judge you and a lightening bolt to smite you. The relevance of such symbolic myths and legends are almost so convoluted and overly simplistic that it is laughable that anyone still believes and follows such things.

As the entities honor a policy of “Hands Off”, so God follows a similar policy. No blessings are given directly by God, but your prayers for blessings however will sometimes be answered, not by any personal consideration of your God, but because of that Divine gift of creativity that is a gift to YOU by that God.

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