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Where are you ?

For those of you who are not still mired in the beliefs of either Heaven on one end and extinction or at best some unthinkable punishment on the other, I would like to talk about the progression of consciousness as it moves through the physical system adopting a series of bodies in a consecutive manner over the centuries. There has been much said about what happens at death, but most people have no idea of what death really is. The reason I mention death in this article is that death, being an exit, is required for a new entrance and a series of new entrances is necessary for the conscious personality to gain enough experience in creating and manipulating matter in your material based system.

Simply put, not enough experience can be gained in one lifetime in the “Earth System”, as evidenced by your societies propensity for killing each other, destroying the animals, plundering nature and your environment and polluting your planet unnecessarily, quite possibly taking it to the brink of extinction. Only a very young, inexperienced and naive society would be so shortsighted to ignore the implications of these kind of destructions. Of course, there are some among you who are beyond these inclinations and are alive on your planet, having gained the knowledge needed to help others, and are here as teachers to the less advanced newer personalities just entering the system for the first time..

At the risk of being too playful about this, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a pretty good guess at who are the most evolved among you and who are the “first timers”. There are some among you who will be leaving the reincarnational system after this lifetime, moving on to new challenges in other more advanced systems. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, your system is one of the most basic, in terms of mental and psychological depth and maturity and in fact, among other systems engaged in the manipulation of matter, yours, even though it is a beginning system, still is the focal point for other less challenging worlds.

Consciousness, on its eternal journey, must begin somewhere, and your system is one often chosen by the soul/entity, not because it is a beginning system, but because it is also one of the most challenging and most difficult of the beginning systems. Those who evolve through their many lives in the reincarnational cycle in the “Earth”field are the best prepared to leave the system for other endeavors.

You are learning to create and manipulate physical matter in a way no other beginning system allows, with full leeway of unlimited amounts of energy at your disposal and you either take pride in your achievements or perish because of your own lack of vision. You are obviously not the only creators, but you are co-creators of your world, and your personal environment. For this reason, the results of your physical constructions can be artistic creations of unequaled aesthetic refinement like no other in any universe. Your nature and environment surpass any other physical system, and sometimes your battles and bloodshed are beyond imagination too, all of this because of the “no holds barred” type of reality you have chosen to experience. In your system there are no restrictions, no safeguards, and no place for you to hide, you must deal with and live and die with your creations, experiencing them in a way only you can. It’s the only way you can evaluate your progress and tell how well you are doing. Look around you, what you see is what you have created.

Consciousness has one very important distinction, it always gets better, grows, evolves, becomes more and evolution does not work backwards. In that respect, you can’t do it wrong, no matter whether or not you believe in reincarnation or evolution, it happens in spite of your beliefs, so you simply can’t lose at this game of life, or should I say lives. Put another way, even the most ignorant will finally “get it”, they cannot un-evolve, although at times it may seem otherwise to those observing.

Consciousness progresses and you might say it learns as it goes, creating its way through your earth system, expressing continuity through lifetime after lifetime, gaining knowledge as it progresses, and most importantly, becoming more aware. The history of the human race can be surmised by following the journey of consciousness in relation to its pursuit of religious enlightenment through the centuries. Many of you ask, if I have lived before why don’t I know it? Others ask, if I have other probable aspects of my total identity, why don’t I know them? Or, if I truly have telepathic or clairvoyant powers, why can’t I use them? These are valid questions and the answer is so overly simple that most people just won’t believe it, but you can’t, won’t, and don’t, because you are in a very real sense, an apprentice in the game of life, becoming more aware as you evolve and you are evolving from a simple beginning identity toward full awareness and full recognition of these unseen “Secret Realities” and a closer communication with the soul/entity, which is incidentally, your touchstone with “All That Is”.

You have a soul/entity, who is evolved, mature beyond your wildest imagination, and in truth, you really can‘t even imagine at this stage of your spiritual and psychic development, the full abilities of the soul/entity. (The soul does not in any way figure into your ideas of religion). You are an incipient soul now and in some distant future you will create and nurture your own personalities in the same way that you are now nurtured by your soul. You are moving ahead, to a higher state of awareness, and it is to your benefit, at some point to consciously begin your own journey for knowledge and enlightenment instead of sitting in a pew waiting for someone less knowledgeable than yourself to impart the secrets of God to you. As you already know, God can never be found in a building filled with dogmatism, guilt and punishment and no one else can lead you to God. No clergy can save your soul, since your soul cannot be lost.

Consciousness goes thorough stages in its progression, these stages not being linked in any way to the number of lives you live in your reincarnational cycle, but can be related to religion as mankind seeks the unknown truths about its own roots and greater person-hood. For those new to this material, every person who chooses to experience a life on “Earth” must fulfill a minimum number of lives within the earth system, until a more knowing awareness has been accomplished. This full cycle of lifetimes must be well rounded and varied and must include not only well chosen physical challenges, but also certain minimums of, one lifetime as male, one as female, one full lifetime as a child and preferably varied racial experience, although it is not a requirement. Remember, there are others watching and learning who, in a way are reliant on your experience in the “sensual physical system”.

These series of reincarnational lives, DO NOT correlate in any way with the five stages of the spiritual evolution of consciousness as I will explain. Understand that there are actually NO DIVISIONS between these hypothetical stages of consciousness as I envision them, one blending into another, but for the sake of conversation and explanation, divisions are necessary. I hope in a way to explain how a personality progresses through not only one lifetime, but through many mental, psychic and spiritual developments on its journey toward new horizons in new worlds and beyond. Of course, you evolve in many ways besides spiritual maturity, but for the present, we will be focusing on spiritual awareness. (This should in no way infer any religious connotation.)

PLEASE REMEMBER, These stages have no correlation with the number of lives lived and one could progress through several stages in one lifetime or it could take someone else several lifetimes to evolve through one stage. It depends greatly on the personality, their reincarnational history and their desire for knowledge.

Stage 1.
These are the “newbees”, new personalities, first time creations, mental fragments, creations of the soul/entity, purposely given physical life through entrance into the physical environment by accretion or building up of cellular and molecular structure around a psychic mental pattern, filled out with density and mass into a pattern already decided on before birth. The first timer, stage 1 personalities will in their lifetime display a vigorous attitude toward life, being somewhat akin to a newborn puppy, rambunctious, trying everything, getting their footing. They will not take part in religious organizations and generally not be groupies, preferring instead to live life in abandon, never considering their significance in the greater scheme of things. They will have very little religious interests if any and will not be members of organized religions. They will have virtually no curiosity about their origins and will be preoccupied with the wonder of physical objects, like a child playing with their blocks. They will not be found in churches.

Stage 2.
These individuals will be in the beginning stages of “wondering” about where they came from and begin seeking information about a creator, and will be in the first stages of religious interests, perhaps experimenting with the more dogmatic religions, yet in a more reserved way, not ready to jump in feet first. They will be experimenters, tending to look for and latch onto the more dogmatic religions, the evangelicals, the charismatic religious leaders whose message is one of intimidation and fear and rewards in heaven and earth. They look for God in others who they think have greater knowledge than they do, but they will not seek spiritual development on their own and will look to others for their salvation. Their lives will often be chaotic, bouncing back and forth between one religion and another until settling on one that is in their comfort zone.

Stage 3.
In this stage, the personality is ready to dive into organized religion feet first, fully believing in others abilities to contact God in their behalf, but not their own. They will be the most enthusiastic religious believers, members of the choir, so to speak, and will be the originators, the joiners and participators in the more dogmatic religions. It matters not what is taught, they will accept it for fear of the promised punishments of sin and disobedience and eventual rewards. They will attend church regularly and consider themselves very religious. They will join in on available classes and take instructions on religious protocols, but in the later stages of this stage 3, they begin to become aware of greater truths that cannot be explained through rational thought or the promises and words of others. These will be the warriors, believing that killing for a cause is acceptable. Of course, this is never the case.

Stage 4.
By the time they are in what I refer to as stage 4, they have evolved out of the most dogmatic of the churches, preferring the more open religious belief system, finding comfort in the words of others and associations with others of similar liberating beliefs. The religions tend to be a bit more lenient in their beliefs, relying more on the individuals personal communication with his God. In this stage, they will quit the most dogmatic religions and seek out the more liberal, leaving open the interpretations of some of the spiritual concepts. In this stage, they tend to seek out religions that offer more freedoms and speak of the God within rather than some exterior God who sits on a throne in some idealistic Heaven, eating from the tree of life. They begin to see through the myths and symbolism in ordinary religions, still needing the support and structure of the organization, but beginning to depend more on their own increasing need for spiritual knowledge that is becoming evident in their lives. In this stage there is an increasing recognition of their intimate connection with nature and the environment and an unconscious knowledge that they somehow are inter-dependent on the values and survival of all other living things in a tapestry of life.

Stage 5.
By this time they have begun to realize that what they have been following is questionable at best and they begin to sense that there is more to religion than the conventionally held, commonly accepted stories and myths about a God who is at best strict, arbitrary, angry and judgmental. In this stage, they tend to drop out of formal churches and begin to seek out others in less formal belief systems that stress the nature of the individuals inner contact with the soul and All that Is.

This is the final stage of spiritual development in the “Earth” system of reality. When these personalities reach this point in the evolutionary development, they have usually achieved proficiency in the manipulation of matter and their personal environment. Because of their increasing awareness of the connection with what they think about and what happens in their lives, they tend to create more satisfying lives for themselves. They understand that the God they seek is not found in a church, but in the depths of the inner self and that inner self cannot be accessed by anyone other than themselves. They understand that the inner self aligned with the exterior ego self under the auspices of the soul/entity, is responsible for their physical body and their personal environment and they also are acutely aware of the inner connectivity of all consciousness and the continuity of life whether in a body or out of a body.

They have been men and they have been women and learned from both experiences. They do not fear death because they have learned to see beyond the dissolution of the physical body and they inherently know that as death draws near, the inner self is already exploring and establishing new inroads into the next life adventure. They do not see death as a termination but as a necessary stepping stone to a new life. There is one more thing, for those wondering if there will ever come a time where you will ever attain a state of “Nirvana”? You should hope not, because that kind of pristine state of nothingness and non-awareness would drive anyone crazy.

No matter how much you evolve, no matter how much you progress, there will always be challenges to be met. After all, you create the challenges and then deal with them, no matter the level of sophistication, no matter the dimension of reality, it is all endless as are you.

I have purposely not mentioned specific religions in this article for obvious reasons. The connections could be easily made however. My goal is not to influence you to change, but to make you aware of what is available and what is to come, and maybe, help you to get some idea of how you are doing in your own journey.

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