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As many of you already know, I try to cover many subjects here, some are of this world and some are far beyond this world. I hope I have conveyed the idea that there a amy callan.comre countless, and I do mean countless worlds, planes, dimensions, universes and reality systems with their own species of beings within and outside of your cozy little universe.

It is almost impossible to get even an idea of the multiplicity and complexity of life forms and the reality systems that they call home unless you have at least some approximation of who and what YOU are, both in the three dimensional physical system that you inhabit while in your physical body and in the vaster inner universe that you inhabit without the familiar bulk and mass of a physical body.

I have talked about this in the past in limited ways, hoping to expand on the subject as you became more familiar with some quite difficult concepts for someone with no formal training in such matters.
What you are is truly unique in the physical universe it is true, but what you think you are in the usual sense of the word is but a shadow of what your individual identity is in its totality. In short, you are much more than you know.

We have talked in the past of other aspects of your total personality that inhabit other probable reality systems, all just as physical and all as real and actual as the world that you know. You will never detect these other worlds while in your corporeal body, but glimpses of them may become evident when you are in alternate states of conscious awareness, slightly askew of your normal focus of attention.

I realize that some of the concepts that I discuss here are at the very edge of the ability of human ability to bring into focus other realities that surround you and in truth, exist in the same space as your familiar world. It may help to understand with this one small insight; it's all mental.

Everything that is seemingly hard, solid, existing within the physical universe is exactly that, but it is more. In other words, it is solid and concrete within your frame of reference, but outside of your particular frame of reference, it doesn't exist.

Let me explain; things appear solid to your unique perceptions and to the second hand perceptions that you receive from the instruments that have constructed to enhance your perceptions, such as microscopes and telescopes and other quite sophisticated devices.

They will never tell you different since they were designed and constructed in the same way mentally as the reality that they were designed to perceive and so they do that very well. They are not designed to catch the reality that lies beneath the surface out of which your physical reality emerges. They do well in capturing objectivity, but are not able to capture subjectivity, and everything that is objective to your senses emerge out of subjectivity.

In a way, your race has boxed itself in by relying almost entirely on physical perceptive mechanisms, senses, once again created in your objective world. There are corresponding inner senses that are the source of your outer, exterior senses. If you are ever to perceive these countless, strange alien worlds, you will have to learn a more expansive way of perception utilizing these inner senses along with the physical senses.

There is an unseen universe, in addition to the physical universe that you are eminently qualified to perceive, but you tend to ignore it as a legitimate universe even though a portion of your identity resides there, preferring to consider it a fantasy, an hallucination or even a chemically induced delusional state of a sleeping consciousness.

Of course, I am speaking of the "Dream Universe" which, if you are a normal human being, you visit each night to some extent while you sleep. Some people are better dreamers than others for a variety of reasons, one being; they have had more practice. Children and the aged are better natural dreamers due to inherent conditions allowing them to relinquish their intense focus from the physical world. People, who believe in the importance of dreams, dream better than others who don't.

If you have trouble remembering your dreams, always keep in mind that your dreams are yours exclusively, they are your property and therefore you are entitled to remember them.

Some people take dreaming seriously and try to learn how to do it and teach themselves to remember their dreams upon awakening. Even they have little idea as to the true reality behind the manufacture of dreams and their intended purposes. These people have recognized that valuable information can be gleaned from dreams that can be invaluable in understanding your wakening reality.

Dreams are the lifeblood of the physical system and without dreams and the dream experience the physical world and its inhabitants could not exist. I don't mean it couldn't exist due to a lack of sleep in itself, although that is important too. Waking consciousness needs to recoup it's energies, rid itself of chemical residues, organize it's perceptions and most important, plan future activities. This holds true both in your personal life and in the mass experience of the civilizations of your entire planet.

The planet's populations experience mass dreams, planning in the dream state, the realities that will be created for not only each individual consciousness personally, but also for all the world's mass consciousness. Half of the world sleeps and dreams of future directions civilizations will take while the other half of the populations construct and live out those dream dramas while they are awake.

Wars are planned, inventions contemplated, migrations imagined, disasters and triumphs considered, even before one physical particle or one physical thought is given to their production in the world of atoms and molecules. Dreaming reality allows you the leeway to plan, make mistakes, make changes and consider alternative ways of doing things before they materialize on the physical plane.

In dreams you have access to the field of probabilities where you can assess the practicality of the multiple future possibilities of every possible action that you can take in your waking life. Here you can choose any particular future action, try it on for size, discard it if it's not to you liking and try another. Here you can stumble and make mistakes with no real life consequences.

The human species is unique in that you live in the world of three-dimensional physical matter; yet a third of your life is spent in another dimension entirely, the dream universe, which incidentally, is quite as real as the physical world. To you, the dream universe is chaotic and out-of-focus, but to your dream self from its own perspective, the physical world appears the same way.

In your dreams, you and the entire world population are the architects, planners and authors of future dramas that will occur in your mass daily lives. In your dreams, both individually and en masse, choosing from an unlimited source of probable events, you will collectively write the scripts for the future earth dramas.

There is not one world-event that has occurred since the beginning of history, as you know it, that was not acted out first in the dream universe. Only then was it fleshed out in atomic structure to emerge in three-dimensional form in the physical world.

There are of course other reasons behind dreams, more playful, more fantasized, great for relieving stresses and preparing the dreamer for the coming days activities, but the real work done in dreams is the advance planning of future reality constructions in the case of future events and object events.

 All great inventions came from the dream universe before they were constructed in the physical system. Some past civilizations used pre-planned mass dreams to determine the movements of entire tribes and the spread of ideas over vast distances, observing from the dream state, the lay of the land, availability of water and the presence of other hostile tribes or dangerous animals.

Dreams are the psychological underpinnings of physical reality and without them; physical reality would be impossible. All living and non-living consciousnesses dream, from animals to trees, to rocks, dreaming from a far different level of self-awareness of course.

The smallest particles, and in this case, limiting ourselves to discussion of the largest of the smaller particles, electrons, atoms, molecules and cells. All of these dream their own dreams and as a result, construct the world that you know. The world as you perceive it does not look the same to a cell, a worm, a fish or your pet dog.

Obviously cells don't dream about dogs chasing cats, but they do dream about things that you would consider inconsequential. Still, if cells didn't dream, future probabilities could not be predicted and without this ability of cells to work with probabilities, there could be no future and you would be locked into a perpetual repetition of present experience, a dead end for sure.

From all of this you can perhaps understand that much of the underlying work of reality construction is done while your physical body sleeps and your dream body does the mental work. It would not be too far of a reach to say that the physical world is a by-product of the dreaming consciousness. The physical world is constructed in exactly the same way as your dream world is constructed, from highly effective mental actions. You literally dream you world into existence.

There is another very advanced portion of your total identity that you do not know. This more advanced identity is your Soul, or as I prefer, your Entity. This Entity portion of your identity has godlike qualities and of course does not exist in the physical universe, and not having physical form, creates you and your world in much the same way as you create your dream world. To the Entity, your world appears as a dream, and the entity pays about as much attention to you as you pay to your dreaming self.

All reality systems, all universes, all personalities and all Souls/Entities are fragments or portions of something else and all are ultimately connected, even while the illusion of separateness and individuality is maintained. You are a portion of your Soul. Your Soul is a portion of your Entity. Your Entity is a portion of even grander Entities, Intelligence gestalt beings, and of course, this type of relationship extends to the One Prime Source of All That Is.

You, as a physically materialized personality dream your dreams, and drawing from the dreaming experience, you construct your present and future reality. In a sense, you try it out first in your dreams, and you might wonder, if you get to try it out first, why is it that there are so many mistakes? Think about this; if you always experienced perfection, you would never learn that you are indeed, yourself, creating your own reality, and this is the main lesson you are here to learn.

It is through correcting mistakes that you begin to understand that everything that comes into your life seems to have occurred previously in your thoughts, imagination and desires. When you finally come to that discovery, your earthly reincarnations are through, and you are ready to move into more advanced and expansive reality systems.

You have a dreaming advantage. Your inner self (the portion of your identity that lies above and beyond your subconscious), creates the dream dramas and you live them, learning from them. In other words, your inner self writes the script and you act it out in the drama of your life on earth.
You have been taught to believe that when you awaken from a dream, the dream world contracts and ends, and that is far from the truth.

There is no end to the dream world or the dream dramas that you experience. The dream world is continuous regardless of what you think of it. Your dreaming self is another aspect of your overall identity, and it doesn't end or die when you wake up. Your dreaming self continues, dreaming it's own dreams, and the dreaming self's " dream self" also dreams its own dreams. A dream within a dream, within a dream, within a dream. It never ends.

Consciousness seeks to materialize itself on as many levels, in as many worlds, planes and dimensions as possible, in as many directions as possible, in as many living forms as possible. You can imagine then, that all possible living life forms already created and existing in a multitude of other reality systems, most of which will never be perceivable from your perspective are as real and valid as our own.

From that statement, you can rest assured that every possible "alien being" exists in it's own alien reality system, a totality of which is truly inconceivable to you or to me.

To your dream self, many would seem to be lesser consciousnesses, and that would be true, but in realizing that, you must also come to terms that there are other aspects of your personality that are more advanced, also existing in other systems, that would consider you the lesser developed consciousness. To you, that other more developed self would be a superior self.

Your other superior self is your entity or soul and to "It" your world is a dream world and you are His dreaming self. Your soul experiences you and your exploits in the physical world in the same way as you experience your dream self.

This is not an exaggeration, but to your soul/entity, you are the dream self and the world, as you know it, is but a dream to this larger, more advanced aspect of your consciousness. Your Identity and your world are materialized in His dream. You call this materialization "Earth Reality".

Here we have barely scratched the surface on the way to trying to grasp some understanding of the "God Concept" that is truly beyond human comprehension, but the same analogy holds. To your Entity/ Soul, you are a dream portion of its total identity, but to greater, more advanced Entities, your Entity/Soul is but a dream.

In a larger perspective, you could rightly say the God dreamed all universes and all entities into being in one massive First Dream. In that context, your world is a dream within a larger dream, within a larger dream.

This in no way trivializes or minimizes the importance of such an achievement or means that it is not real or valid. The dream illusion is just that, but the illusion was created by consciousness and it exists in many perspectives for all identities to utilize in their own unique ways, creating countless reality systems. Earth is but one.

This next analogy was given by "Seth" the other world Entity channeled by Jane Roberts in her series of "Seth" books, which I have found evocative and enlightening when considering the above material, and so I say thank you to Seth.
The analogy goes as follows,

A painter stands on a hill with his easel, painting a landscape stretching out before him and as he looks in the distance, he sees another painter with his easel standing on another distant hill, also painting the landscape before him and this painter also notices another painter in the distance with his easel, who also seems to be painting the landscape in front of him. And in the distance, this painter also sees another painter on another hill painting another landscape.

What we have here is a series of painters, painting other painters and their landscapes, stretching out into what appears to be infinity. The first painter viewing this, struck by its relevance, turns slightly to the left and looks cautiously behind himself only to see behind him another painter, also painting the landscape in which he is a part.

The inference is; consciousness creates and its creations create and there is no end to the inwardness of it all. The physical reality system, which includes earth, is a training ground for the expansion of emerging consciousness of which you are an integral part.

If you have comments or questions, please go to the "comments" link after this article. I will do my best to respond.



Anonymous said...

Hi William,
Will you be able to tell something about Matrix Reimprinting and TAT, the techniques, that claim to clean-out the experiences of our past, past lives and ancestors so it doesn't affect us in any way in the present and the future? Do they really do that?

Anonymous said...

I just walked into my into my father listening to depressing news about world going towards fuel price hike and lack of food and total disarray and killings and what have you. I walked out in a minute. Now I try to keep away from such news and focus on things I want. But with instnces like this, i a jolted back into this physical reality of economic problems and I..........don't know what to do.
Is all this avoidable? If not, how can humans protect themselves from such a scenario?
Do we believe ourselves into another reality?
What do we do?
Please reply.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry, but I have no knowledge of the techniques that you mention in your comment, but I can comment on your question.
There is a way to do what you ask, but it is not recommended and can be very dangerous. That would be with mind altering drugs such as LSD. It is possible to actually purge your ego consciousness and lose total sense of personal identity. Don't even think of doing it.
Your personal past experiences and experiences of past lives are meant to add to your knowledge, and don't forget that as much can be learned from what you might consider negative experience as from positive experience.
Memory of your past lives can be accessed with practice and with hypnosis. This can help you to ascertain why certain things are happening in your present life and why they are affecting you as they do. Using your intuition with some training, you can learn much about your past lives.
There is nothing to be gained from blasting past memories from your mind and much to be lost.
Memory is an attribute of human consciousness and was developed by the species for a purpose. This characteristic is not shared by the animals. The purpose of memory is to help you to change what you don't like about past creativity. You are supposed to be creating your reality, experiencing what you have create, then recreating it again, making it better as you go along. Without past memories, this would be impossible.
Thanks for the comments and questions.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
In answer to your questions;
Is all this avoidable? If not, how can humans protect themselves from such a scenario?
Do we believe ourselves into another reality?
What do we do?
You have believed yourself into this reality whether or not you realize it. The Earth reality system is spontaneously, automatically created through your thoughts, emotion, beliefs and expectations. It's as automatically created as you breathe. There is only one way to create the reality that you experience and that is to change how you think about it.
Whether you realize it or not, you are living and encountering a reality that you and your contemporaries have created by your joint emotional and mental states.
There are many reality systems, but in none of them do the inhabitants have a guarantee of problem free experience.
You are here to learn, both from your failures and your successes, and how to manipulate your reality more to your liking.
Good Luck, and remember, you have all the tools to change your experience, and only you can do it.

W. Allan said...

About Matrix Reimprinting,,,,,,,
I have no information about the above, but I can tell you that no matter what you do in what lifetime, in what physical body or as your level of experience, any past event of any consequence is retained by the personality eternally. The less important matters will be forgotten, but there is no way to erase past experience except to deal with it and work your way through it.