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There are many people that are having trouble navigating their way through life's labyrinth of the Earth realty system and all of its inconsistencies and pitfalls. In other words their life stinks, and they don't have any idea how to change it and stop the momentum of bad things that seem to keep coming one after another.

It's easy to rationalize that it has something to do with bad luck, or if they believe in reincarnation, then with bad Karma carried over from a past life. It certainly seems to have something to do with circumstances beyond their control. They may assume that God is punishing them for past sins or transgressions and if they believe in original sin, they are in even bigger trouble, so you can understand where those feelings are coming from.

Some people hold a common belief that hardship and problems come in cycles and if you get through your current cycle of challenges, then things will lighten up and there will be a change of fortune and good things are just over the horizon waiting to materialize in your life. It seems that no one can have a string of bad luck that never ends, but if you really believe that, you are in big trouble, and that brings me to the subject matter of this short article.

There is no rule that says that a string of good things happening to you will sometime end and likewise for unfortunate events, although logic tells you that all good events in your life must eventually end with bad things to follow.

There is no life without challenges, although there are lives relatively problem free on the surface. It seems almost inconceivable that earth civilization has reached this point, which is considered by many, to be quite advanced along certain lines, and not by now after thousands of years of life experience, come to the obvious conclusion that you do indeed singly create your own reality, and en masse along with all other living consciosnesses, you also create the reality of the world civilization of which you are in integral part.

As many of you know, I have been writing about this subject for years and still, many, even many of my regular readers have not come to grips with that knowledge. I think one of the reasons that it is so difficult for someone to understand is that there is a reluctance to admit that you could be personally responsible for a life experience that seems to include a lot of bad stuff, where personal experience seems to be spinning out of your control, if indeed you ever really had any control of your life to begin with.

And why in the world, if you do create your own reality could you do such a bad job of it? Why would you not create all happiness, riches, perfect health, a great family, lots of love, a problem free existence? To those people who wonder about these matters, it is absolutely impossible that they would knowingly self-inflict such poverty, unhappiness, illness and tragedy on themselves.

And that my friends is the crux of the matter, they don't do it knowingly. Since reality rises up from a bed of inner subconscious creativity, from an inner universe of unlimited probabilities. What you would consider either good or bad events, are then thrust outward into the earth's physical reality system in the form of physically perceived events, through the heart of the personality's SUBCONSCIOUS. Not through the conscious ego's aware "I" portion of the personality, but from the inner "I", inner ego portion where what you are unconsciously doing never rises to the surface attention of the outer personality.

That's why you never get a clue of your participation in the creation of the events of your life, both beneficial and detrimental from your personal perspective. There is no event that slips into your life under your radar, and without your active participation. There is not one event, not one physical object that you perceive that you have not created. The obvious good news is that if indeed, you have created the bad events in your life, and then you can certainly change them. Please note that I did not say that you knowingly create bad events.

In order to change these things, and they can be changed, you must first take responsibility for them and not place the blame on some vindictive, angry, punishing god or the slippery hands of chance. As good old Dr. Phil says, you can't change it till you own it, and he is so right. Of course, if you don't believe that you unconsciously create your life's events, then you won't make any effort to change them.

Your reality is your life experience, both personally and in a world context, along with your contemporaries. In that respect, your life experience affects not only your personal life, but contributes to the mass reality of the entire world's experience. What you are becomes a part of what everyone and everything else is. Mass world consciousness is attracted to and migrates to like consciousness, life events and like experiences of mankind, the animals and to some extent, the natural earth features. Everything is connected, so it is to your benefit, actually, your duty to contribute to this gestalt of being the best that you can in a way that will enhance the experience of all earthly creatures.

Now, here is the SECRET that few have become aware of while they are ensconced in the physical reality system. It is the secret of the insidious hidden nature of creative action itself. I have explained the mechanics of the creation of reality in many past articles, so I won't take up valuable space here repeating myself.

Every beginning college student who has studied elementary physics understands that energy and mass is one and the same thing, and the only thing in question is what actually is the cause of this change of energy into mass and mass back into energy. If you are curious, you can read all you will ever need to know about it in other articles that I have written on "creation".

Here then, is the secret that makes it almost impossible for you to understand that you are indeed creating the events of your life, bad or good, it makes no difference. Your lack of understanding of course, inhibits your ability to affect any meaningful changes to your current life experience.

YOU CREATE REALITY SUBCONSCIOUSLY and unconsciously! You don't know you are creating even the slightest particle of physical matter, but you are, and until you learn this, you will always have trouble understanding the materialization of bad events in your life.

Since this process is so transparent, invisible, unknown and undetected, so innocuous, you will never intellectually discover the secret without the use of your intuitional senses. If you don't know that you create realty, then how can you be held responsible for your miserable life? At least, that's the rationalization, and that's why nothing usually gets done in correcting the problem. A problem filled life can last for an entire lifetime if you don't make an effort to change it, and you may need some help along those lines.
Here's how you do it.

Understand that your beliefs are the blueprint for the reality of your life and so your life is faithfully structured around your beliefs. You will live your life in concert with your beliefs. There is not other way, since your beliefs create the reality first. Beliefs and thoughts come first, the reality materializes as a secondary effect.

Everything else in your life will form around your beliefs. To make changes in your life, you MUST CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS, but there's an inherent built-in difficulty in doing this.

Whether you realize it or not you are caught up in a vicious circle that is so deceiving that it has only been discovered by very few. What you imagine, think about, believe and expect will materialize in your life as an object or an event, for better or worse. The thought and belief COMES FIRST, the object or event is the secondary result of those thoughts and beliefs.
The train of progression goes like this and it works equally well for what you would consider positive or negative thoughts.

1. You think repeated thoughts; those thoughts are reinforced through repetition and eventually become entrenched beliefs. They become the reality around which you life is structured. You cannot escape your beliefs, since you and everything around you are your beliefs solidified in physical matter.

2. Your beliefs act as fences, as limiters of the possibilities of the nature and quality of objects and events that can be materialized in your life. If your belief system is narrow, rigid and restricted then your choice of events will be narrow and the restricted beliefs will also affect the quality of the objects and events materialized in your life.

Distortions can then occur in the physical reproductions of the inner structure of events, and this can result in what could be considered defective events or problem areas in your life.
Now, here is the reason that you often find that you are truly mired in negativity and find it almost impossible to extricate yourself.
You first created the belief; the confirming life experience materialized as a result of the beliefs

3. You then, experience and react to what you have unknowingly created and have no clue that you yourself created that which you are now forced to react to and experience as a life event. And if those results are negative and you are asked about it, you will confidently be able to say that your life is living proof that your life experience truly is bad.

4. What you now react to and experience, adds additional energy and reinforces the original belief and becomes more and more convincing. What you concentrate on, you get. There is no other more important rule that prevails in all reality systems including systems that you would consider alien to your own.

What I am saying is that you first think a thought and the thoughts build up and eventually become beliefs. The beliefs become entrenched and almost impossible to dislodge since the more you live within their domain, the more permanent they become in your life. You then form your reality from your beliefs. Your beliefs become real in the phenomenal world as facts and if becomes almost impossible to dislodge them.

The following reality is actually an effect of preceding beliefs. To put it another way, the psychological reality always precedes physical reality, or the subjective is the underlying basis for the objective. The belief always comes first. You then react to and experience the reality that you have created.

In doing so, you actually reinforce the current reality, whether it be bad of good, which can be a good thing if you are happy with your life. This is why it is so hard to understand why some people seem to have problem-free lives and some live lives of perpetual sorrow and disaster.

 Your reality over time becomes harder to change because it is now the reality that you have created and accepted as fact. Since you are embedded within it, you constantly reinforce that reality making all apparent facts seem more real and indisputable, even though they may be flat-out wrong or not really factual.

And here's the thing;
Since as long as your belief is maintained, your life experience will be constantly reinforced, your thoughts will be filtered so that only confirming evidence of your current beliefs will be admitted into your attention. Those confirming thoughts will then reinforce already established beliefs even thought they might be totally false and wrong. Anything that does not agree will be filtered out and you will be left with only confirming evidence.

Your conscious mind does not automatically scan its contents for proof of true or false beliefs, in that sense it does not play favorites, it accepts whatever you give it and materializes that into your daily experience. That is precisely why some people can go through life believing what everyone else knows is wrong and remain oblivious to even proven truths.

There is only one sure-fire way to improve your life and that is to identify and root out your negative, unhealthy beliefs and then change them. You can rest assured that if you are experiencing negativity in your life, you are harboring entrenched, defective beliefs, and NOTHING WILL CHANGE until you change your beliefs and thoughts. If you are able to do that, your life then WILL CHANGE accordingly.

IF YOUR DAILY EXPERIENCE SEEMS TO CONFIRM YOUR BELIEFS, the implications should be evident to anyone willing to look for the message. IT WILL ALL BE SEAMLESS since the beliefs created the reality in the first place.


Anonymous said...

When you say "YOUR BELIEFS CREATES YOUR REALITY", why it does not apply to yourself? What you are saying and writing is created by you and it is not real for others. Please explain this.

W. Allan said...

I create my own reality and you create yours. There are areas where our realities intersect and overlap, hence "mass shared events".
If you and I were in a small room with a table and two chairs, you would create your own table and chairs and I would do the same, utilizing totally independent atoms to make the constructions.
There would actually be then, two tables, four chairs, two me's and two you's in the room.
You can only perceive your own constructions and I can only perceive mine.
I would suggest you read more of my articles in creation of reality.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing spiritual analysis for quite some time now, and I've reached a point where I can consciously see the loop I live in, that my beliefs are creating. I haven't discovered the beliefs but I know the building blocks they are made from. I still feel like I have to discover what the belief is and how it serves me. If the logic is understood and seen as defective by all the parts of "me", then the belief would turn off and a new one will be put in its place that's in more accord with my desires. What is your opinion on this?

W. Allan said...

If you want to know what your beliefs are, look around your personal environment. You created it automatically and spontaneously and it is a direct reflection of your inner state of being. The outer is always a result of the inner. I know this is an over simplification, but if your life is good in most respects, then your beliefs are in order.
Keep believing, we need more wonderers in this world.