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There are many of you who read my humble scribbling here and for that I am thankful, but I am constantly made aware of shortcomings in my explanations of some of the most difficult concepts when I read some of your comments and questions. I am frequently made aware of the inherent difficulties in explaining that which in some cases is unexplainable and as many of you know, I am constantly trying to approach some of these enigmatic concepts in unique ways in order to get the meaning across.

You have been used to things being easy to understand and they are easy as far as you are required to understand since you have been taught to accept them as children are taught to accept the word of their parents, without question.

All you have to do is go to church, sing the hymns, read the scriptures say a few Hail Marys' and Our Fathers and spend most of your life on your knees praying to that elusive God residing somewhere up in the sky, who eternally promises to answer your prayers, but whose answers always seem vague and require some extreme rationalization on your part to maintain your steadfast belief since help seems never to come.

You have been taught myths and legends, superstitions and children's fairy tales and still are, so it is easy to understand why you were never challenged to understand the true depths of reality as you experience it. It isn't easy to grasp how everything in the physical universe including your world came out of nothing, but it did. It isn't easy to understand how one simple thought is an action that can materialize into a physical object or a personal or mass experienced event, but it can.

It isn't easy to realize and understand how the chair upon which you sit isn't really solid, but a mass of spinning electrons and other smaller particles in constant motion, but it is, and your scientists know it. It is almost unfathomable to think that they haven't put that knowledge to use in discovering the inner source of all physical reality and other reality systems that are not experienced physically, such as the dream universe.

Reality is complex and I must remind you, I never said it was easy.
 If it were only so simple as: God created the world in six days and got so tired He had to sit down and rest and catch his breath on the seventh, don't eat fish on Fridays, oh, excuse me, it's really OK to eat fish on Friday, at least for now, life would indeed be simple. All you would have to do is obey your leaders, follow the various Holy Scriptures and accept the dictum that you are nothing more than the chance result of an uncaring, accidental universe, then cast adrift in an unintentional, chaotic world.

You are taught to believe that you are the result of some chance combining of chemicals and basic elements that somehow resulted in a first consciousness, born in sin and finally destined for a questionable end in the final annihilation of your once so vital identity and indeed, your entire species in a pre-destined, calamitous Armageddon type event from which there is no escape.

It's no wonder in light of such assumptions, that anyone can feel secure and make sense of their life, its challenges, its victories and its failures. But even in the face of such negative misinformation, one cannot dispel the spirit and the inner knowing of your greater self, the heroic self that you are not egotistically acquainted with. The personality knows, but at this point in evolution of the human species, it does not consciously know that it knows. Fortunately there is a part of the personality that does know that it knows and what that Greater Self knows is at certain times available to your outer ego through moments of intuitive personal insights, illumination and inspiration.

Did you ever wonder how man, and woman alike, even in view of the indisputable proof of their birth in a physical body and the eventual death of their physical body, which unfortunately you aren't around to see, still manages to have an unshakeable faith and assurance that something greater and grander than that fragile physical self continues to exist thereafter and is eternal?

Why does the murderer, the thief, the adulterer still harbor beliefs of their own inherent goodness and still be able to maintain the belief in their inherent right to an everlasting life that cannot be diminished or extinguished even in the face of evidence of their most evil crimes and seeming worthlessness?

Mankind is constantly seeking its heroic nature and not even the ranting and recriminations your most ardent detractors can diminish that inherent understanding. Even the soaring rhetoric of all of the evangelists in the world trying to convince you that you are a sinner surely bound for the lake of fire and eternal damnation, can quench the lingering belief that mankind is inherently good by its very nature and not stained by some unbelievable concept as original sin.

Reality, the beginning of life, the emergence of the world and the origin of the universe from seemingly nothing are indeed difficult concepts, but they are not beyond the mental reach of any of my readers. I will tell you something that I am sure you will recognize as being an inherent truth. This may seem like an affront to your belief in your religious figures, your scientists, your medical men, your teachers and most of your professionals that you rely on for advice and wisdom, they are mostly wrong in their beliefs and teachings about the true nature of reality.

The Earth reality system is a beginning system and you are just beginning to scratch the surface of true knowledge of the world you inhabit. In other words, you are neophytes and that is precisely why you would believe such distorted beliefs foisted on you by your so-called "knowledgeable contemporaries".

Here are some truths that you must become familiar with in order to get a grip on the true nature of reality and take charge of the events of your lives and your society. First, you will have to begin to understand something that you have not been able to do in the past, that dream reality and other similar fields and dimensions that seem to you to be so unreal, so hallucinatory, so intangible are quite as real, actual, vital and material within their own characteristic fields as yours is in your respective field.

To you they may seem un-real and fanciful imaginings from your standpoint, but to them, their reality is just as concrete and substantial as your physical reality is to you. To these other aspect personalities such as your dream self, their systems (dream universe) are substantial, concrete systems, and Earth as you know it appears as dreamlike from their viewpoint.

Psychological or psychic reality is always the primary reality and the physical and material objects of your world and its multitudinous events are secondary reality. They are results that overlay or camouflage the primary inner source of their objectivity. All that is objective rides on a river of underlying subjective consciousness.

The physical universe, and on a more personal basis, your Earth, all of Nature, the Pyramids, the Empire State Building, your own Physical Body and the most remote speck of dust on the furthest planet are simply physical effects that have a psychological underpinning. They are the effects that materialize almost magically as the result of your own species particular type of perceptive mechanisms and your consciousness particular way of interpreting time and space.

Other species, and even other species on your own planet, the animals, the fish and insects, reality is something quite different than you perceive. If you could sit down at a coffee shop with your cat or dog and discuss what it perceives of the world with what you perceive, you would be amazed that there would be such little common ground. The differences are so profound that it would seem that you were talking with an alien species from another world entirely.

As a further explanation, if there was"no first thought", there would be "no universe" to inhabit. Since it is almost futile to try and explain some of these matters when there is no real agreement on the meanings of some common words we must use in making such an attempt to explain reality in all of its complexities.

But for the sake of this article, lets assume that you use the words physical, concrete, permanent, real and solid to describe the physical reality that is so familiar to you in your waking life, and words like invisible, transparent, unreal, illusionary, intangible and immaterial or dreamlike to describe such things as thoughts, dreams, ideas, imaginations, emotions and feelings.

The following is the criterion then that should be used to interpret and understand reality as it truly is:

PRIMARY REALITY- (Usually considered unreal by you); Thoughts, ideas, imaginings, emotions, feelings, beliefs, desires, dreams, expectations and consciousness. (These always come first and remain in the background of the following objective physical effects. These are the subjective, unseen source of all reality systems.)

SECONDARY EFFECTS- (Usually considered real by you); Earth, buildings, oceans, trees, insects, wolves, rocks, mountains and all physical bodies and events. (These are results of those seemingly unreal, intangible, primary psychological realities.)

Which leads me to the statement that applies to all reality systems throughout the universe and that is "IT'S ALL MENTAL" to begin. From these mental, psychic origins consciousness has taught itself how to construct and manipulate the resulting physical matter in the various physical reality systems and the quasi-physical systems through the actualization of numberless possible atomic combinations and constructions to create "Everything That Is", and you as humans are only able to perceive a very small portion of All That Exists.

These secondary effects that you consider the true reality are of course "results" of previous mental actions. Now, don't get me wrong, they are quite real to you within your own framework of reality, it's just that they are not really solid. They are solid to you, and that's all that matters. The solidity that you perceive in objects is unique to the methods of perception adopted by your species and to others existing outside of your reality system (Earth), they do not exist. The same effects can be achieved with hypnosis.

Everything That Is, does not exist apart and separate from "All That Is (God)".
At the risk of sounding a bit flippant, and using a few words mentioned above, you could rightly say that in the beginning there was NOTHING and God's First Thought was a divine illumination, the realization that the massive power of His thoughts brought new worlds into material existence.

The thoughts of All That Is were so powerful that they coalesced in such a way that they had the potential to be perceived as solid physical matter and interpreted by specifically tuned consciousness under certain conditions as physical constructions.

All of the physical universe is the result of previous thought melded with emotional desire, love, intent and expectation and that universe expands as an idea expands, being interpreted by you as expansion in space over time.

God, then, from His own being, created fragments of consciousness from His own consciousness and they in turn became independent identities and learned how to perceive reality in all of its countless manifestations throughout the physical world, the universe and beyond. There are other reality systems with their own unique and valid conscious beings scattered throughout the universe and the assumption that yours is the only one in this vast expanse is ludicrous.

SUBJECTIVE ENERGY, thoughts thrust outward by self-aware consciousness learned how to materialize as OBJECTIVE OBJECTS AND EVENTS. It's that simple. Consciousness from that point on learned how to interpret Subjective reality as Real and Objective and forgot the Subjective origin of Everything that always must come first.

Those remembrances of your subjective origins still exist, coded within every cell of your being and existing also as electric impulses and intensities in the mind, though they are buried, but they can be retrieved by those with the tenacity to persist in their quest for knowledge. Knowledge seeks to be known, it is drawn toward those who seek it.

From that unimaginable beginning ancient state of nothingness came Everything that is now and Everything That will come in the future, and as long as mankind thinks, new realities will be created. A simple thought is the most potent source of energy in the universe.


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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you said. you soaid that God's first thought created the physical universe. God's first thought was Who Am I why Am I, what Am I? first feelings confusion and fear. alone without understanding. in for the first time n ,otic,ing that aroundaround him unlimited space. so we stretched out his awareness his physical and boom this physical body expanded what is witness and there we have creation. and we are all connected to everything there itss

Lori said...

Just wanted to thank you for posting your easy (relatively speaking ;) explanations of our world. My search for understanding always seems to lead me back here for clarification. So although it may not seem like you're getting through to us, you are--and for that I thank you!