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How can a copy of myself exist in another universe? Wouldn't this universe had to of been created & copied the moment it was formed & have the exact same formation of planets & all living things inside it? It cannot be as simple as having an mp3 on your PC in one folder & then making a copy of it into another folder, otherwise right in this very moment i myself exist in another dimension without even being born but just copied like an mp3 into another universe that consists of the same planet earth. So the moment i was born i was also born an infinite number of times in other dimensions. How is this possible?

I wanted to respond to these comments and questions since there is so much misunderstanding about the nature of probabilities. I am very much aware that the complexity of this concept makes is almost impossible to understand with the use of the trained intellect alone. If you truly want to understand these concepts, you must also rely on the use of the intuitive aspects of your personality. I want to mention here that I sometimes intermix the terms "probable worlds and parallel worlds" and may do so in this article.

The reader hypothesizes that at the moment a universe was created, another exact copy was also created including copies of all the living creatures contained in that original universe. Of course, this is not the case by any means.

The very nature and purposes of parallel universes, worlds, identities and events is to insure that variances of the originals will provide a platform for "alternate experience", not carbon copies or as the reader suggests, MP3 copies in a folder being copied to another folder. Furthermore, the whole idea of probable worlds and such would make no sense whatsoever if this were so.

 Consider for a moment the idea of other "yous" existing in parallel worlds. These worlds may have some similarities, and in fact, enough similarities that you don't realize it when you and other parallel aspects of yourself are constantly moving in and out of and through these parallel worlds constantly in your present daily experience.

All of this will be extremely difficult to grasp if you continue to believe in the "solidity" of physical matter. This solid appearance of physical matter is only relevant to YOU and other earth inhabitants whose senses are tuned into the same "world frequencies". To other beings in other civilizations, earth is invisible and does not exist, as in your case; the probable worlds do not exist for precisely the same reasons. To the other aspects of YOU living in these parallel/probable worlds, your familiar earth does not exist either.

Scientists are pretty much aware that physical matter is not really solid, but is an appearance of solid, and no more solid than a dream, an idea or thought is solid. But to your particular senses matter is solid and that is enough to make it practical for your use in the physical world.

When you are born and begin to become effective in the physical world, it becomes probable that other aspects of you will be born in other probable systems. These other you's are not you but are unseen portions of your entire "whole identity", so in that respect, they are you, but they are not you. They share the same psychic heritage as you do, but they are in no way exact copies of you no more than their worlds or reality systems are exact copies of the earth.

There will always be some resemblances between probable selves since you will be addressing the same general problems that span worlds and universes. I have not touched on this before, but now seems to be a good time to do so.

You choose your future parents before birth and by doing so you generally choose your race, gender and place of birth, but you also make another choice that is more important in the larger perspective. You also choose to be born into a certain time of earth experience, meaning you choose the challenges of the era you are born into. If your identity is one that is not particularly interested in technology, you would probably not choose to be born into an age of vast technological achievement as in the present times.

If you are interested in artistic achievement, you may choose to be born into the renaissance era. Your probable selves would also then exist in a probable world where the possibilities of similar challenges would exist.  I realize that this statement will confound the intellect, but the renaissance era still exists and not in just a symbolic way. It may help if you consider the probable systems as psychological systems from your personal perspective, but to those living in those systems, they are as real and solid as yours.

Everything that is possible becomes probable. If something is not possible, it will not exist in the field of probabilities, at least for you. For instance, there is NO probability that you will grow wings and fly. Probabilities become real in the field of probabilities only as they become possible, and some events become more probable than others. In another instance, if you had never attended college and medical school, it would be highly unlikely that you would ever become a brain surgeon, so that probability would not exist.

If you enrolled in a medical school to study to become a doctor, then that probability would be created in the probability field. The relative strength of any probable event depends on the likelihood that it will be chosen and activated in your life.

If everything in your life leading up to you entering medical school pointed to a career as a doctor, then the existing probability would be strong. If, as a child and young adult, you wanted to be an artist and just recently decided on medicine, then both probabilities would exist, both being weak probabilities for future activation.

Probabilities gain strength or diminish as your life changes and your intentions become more opaque or transparent and probabilities strengthen or weaken, meaning they become more or less likely to be materialized. This should shed some light on the obvious, that if you concentrate your thoughts and beliefs on what you want, if will materialize in your life. That is precisely why some people seem to have or to get what they want and others do not.

It also follows that as your life and reality become more complex, as it is doing now, with the expansion of technology and information sharing experience on a worldwide basis, more and more probabilities come into play. The cave man had far fewer probabilities to deal with in his times. His mental capabilities could not have dealt with such volumes of data and information.

The sometimes-exasperating thing is that you do not have to agree with, understand or think about this concept of probabilities to be a part of it. In fact, you cannot separate yourself from probabilities. You do have channels of contact open with your other probable selves during your dreaming state, and some of your best ideas may have been spillovers from a probable self who has already tried out certain ideas and already solved or failed at challenges that you are now facing. These subtle inspirations come to you in the form of hunches and urges when you least expect them, and your probable self may not even be aware that he is the source of your inspiration or illumination.

It may be helpful if you consider all probabilities, probable worlds and universes as psychological realties first, that become real to the personalities existing within those worlds and universes as they choose and perceive them with their own unique senses, they then become REAL within those precise frequencies and those worlds then exist only to them.

In a somewhat similar way, your dreams are personal to you, made real within the unique specifications of your consciousness and no one else is made privy to your dream dramas. Your dream locations are as real as your physical earth locations; they just exist on a different plane and are not shared reality in your world.

I would suggest that you read other articles on this site dealing with probabilities. This is difficult stuff.
Hint; since you are reading this article, a probable you exists that has already read this and other articles on probabilities on this site.

As a rule of thumb, understand that every action that happens creates every possible future probable action that could result from the action that just happened. For you personally, every action that happens to you or by you, a new probability is generated that will be addressed by you or a probable self and it will in turn, generate its own probabilities. It never ends!

To sum it up, probable selves and probable worlds are not intended to be copies, but to provide alternate platforms for physical experience, so that every possibility is examined and explored. No possibility is ever not tried somewhere.

 It also should be understood, to you, your world will always seem to be the prime world and other probable worlds will seem to be peripheral and secondary. To other consciousness living in those other probable earths, their earth is considered the prime world and yours is a probable world.

Finally, the existence of just one world infers the existence of others. The existence of ONE YOU, infers the existence of others, yet their are no carbon-copies of anything in the universe. Nothing exists isolate in the universe. All physical constructions including living identities, are unique and one-offs that cannot be exactly copied. You are you, and your probable selves, are themselves, all unique identities, while still retaining their psychic relationship with you that cannot be broken.

I know that these things are hard to understand and I am working on a book that I hope will explain the benefits from understanding and using the knowledge of probabilities to your advantage. For instance, just knowing that every probability exists for every future choice that you must make, and that if you don't make it, another of your probable selves will, should be an incentive to zero-in on what you want and bring it into your life experience.

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