Thursday, February 14, 2013


There is much that cannot be explained when asking questions about why, where or when in regards to the nature of your personal human development and the history of the world. 

There is so much that just doesn't make sense that seems to be so "out-of-synch" when you try to apply logic to esoteric tales of the world when examining history. If you want to take history at face value, believing what you read or even examining some scanty evidence from the past, you are in for some measure of disappointment. And there is a good reason for that.

Much of history is an elaborate, embellished fable!
It's not that these lies are or were purposeful, but that over time histories events tend to either be exaggerations of a true person, an imaginative character or event or they are just distortions of marginal truths that get more and more exaggerated over time.

Your senses interpret, aid and abet those distortions, so it would not be too far off the mark to say that your senses are convincing liars. In case you wonder why your senses are so inaccurate in interpreting reality, it's because your senses create the reality that you perceive and since they are the creators, it is not surprising that they try to give the perception of cohesiveness and continuity where little actually exists.

If it were not for your parents relating to you events of your birth and very early years, you would be at a loss to remember things accurately as they actually happened when you were 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old, let alone remember the details of your birth, and that's only concerning events of your own life. You take it for granted that you were born since you can verify that fact through your physical senses but after that, there is usually a gap of many years before your memory kicks in and begins to reaffirm your life experience.

It seems to you that your consciousness was new at birth and that life's experience began at that point, but your consciousness existed long before your physical birth and will exist after the current life is ended. Of course, by now, you realize the your physical body is not the real you, your consciousness which is not physical is the real you. Life is not dependent on having a physical body, even though it may seem that way. What you call life is simply the point where consciousness takes on physical characteristics for a limited time in a predetermined place.

History is not all that it is cracked up to be. What I mean by that is that history is not just a past event that you remember, but a combination of actual happenings, memories of past events, supposition, superstition and above all myth. The human race is a race of mythmakers. If that were not so, your civilization would not exist.

The psychic pattern for civilizations existed before the actual physical materialization, just as the psychic pattern for you existed long before your birth. These psychic patterns are basically rough outlines for future materializations, leaving room for changes and adaptations. There is then, a pre-existing psychic pattern underlying everything that you perceive in your world including you.

There are many events that it seems to you are concrete and permanent, set in stone, beyond alteration, so to speak, that are far from the true actual event as it originally occurred or was reported to have occurred. Truth be known, no past event is the same today as it was at the time it was originally experienced, regardless of how accurate you may think it is. The past is only as faithful to the truth as it is a pathway to the present. You might normally think that the past affects the present, and it does; it does not cause the present, but it is equally correct to say that the present affects the past.

Here is where we will encounter some difficulty I am sure, since what I am going to explain is one of those things that is teetering at the edge of the physically materialized brains ability to grasp, but lets give it a go.

It will help here if you at least temporarily let go of the notion that solid is solid and for the moment accept the idea that solid is only an illusion, a result of perception. Human perception has the uncanny ability to impart the experience of solidity overlaying psychological underpinnings. In other words, you perceive a psychological fact and translate it into objective physical data that is then perceived to have the properties of solidity.

Objectivity is an overlay of subjectivity. Objectivity is born from or arises out of subjectivity, its real source. Everything that exists outwardly has an inward source. Exterior physical objects and events arise from interior reality that is greater than its outer result.

What I am saying is that nothing, absolutely nothing in the entire universe is solid, but the "overlay" of solidity or the appearance of solidity is functional and practical enough for use in some way in all reality systems, meaning all worlds, and of these there are many.

Past events are not done, they change, and consequently past events of your life change accordingly, lining themselves up with your present experienced events so smoothly that you never notice the subtle changes that occur. Have you ever tried to remember a past event mutually shared with a friend or old acquaintance and find that the two of you cannot agree on some of the facts of that event that each of you remember? You may scratch you head and eventfully come to the conclusion that one or both of you have just forgotten some of the details.

Of course, it is not that simple. In many cases, the past has actually changed, not appeared to change, but actually changed, and if you were able to revisit the past and view the past event from the platform of the present, you would find that it had actually changed, adopting and conforming to the new characteristics of your present beliefs and the beliefs of civilizations as they have changed over the years. The past must conform to the present, so as the present changes, so does the past follow suit. In the light of time the past will always reinforce the present and will change in any way it must to do so.

Now, you will say that you can go to the library and find documentation of past events and prove they haven't changed, but you will be ignoring the fact that the confirming factual proofs will have also changed.

Much of the past that you are concerned with is pure myth, or at least an actual person or event embellished, filled out or thickened by hearsay, superstition, imagination, and legendary stories passed down through time and tradition. Many of these have to do with ancient gods or deities or traditional rites of nature handed down over the centuries until the truth, if there was any to begin with is so distorted that it can no longer be found.

There is a tendency for some of these ancient myths to achieve "larger than life" stature in the present mass consciousness of mankind and in some cases to affect entire world civilizations. These ancient myths build up strength over the years, centuries or even eons whether or not they are real or at least have some basis of truth. This strength will last as long as enough people believe in them, imparting their energy to keep them relevant in the collective consciousness of human civilization until the idea begins to fade.

The myth will then lose its strength and disappear and a new myth will appear on the horizon and the same process will begin again resulting in the birth of a new myth. Of course there are countless myths, but none quite so persistent as the current myths of religion built around historic figures, or more accurately, figures, some of which actually lived and some, which didn't. Some of the most well known didn't.

Because of the risk of alienating some of my readers, I will not go into specifics here other than to generalize. Most of the current prevalent popular, commanding religions of the day and the religious identities that they were built around were the result of a conglomeration of several psychic phenomena.
These religions were first and foremost a physical materialization of the prevailing psychic needs of the civilizations of the time. Whenever a society or segment of civilization is in crisis stage, they will subconsciously call forth the "greater than life" God or god-like personality who will come to their aid in their time of need. For those who will certainly ask, even those personalities must materialize within the world reality through physical birth.

These super-personalities will be well known to the population, since their coming will usually be announced to those people of the times in the dream state and prophesies will be given. The stage will be set for their arrival beforehand.

 The energy behind the physical materialization of these religious personalities themselves is a combination of their own personal energy, but also the result of a cumulative mass energies of the civilizations of the time.

These personalities gain materialization because of this massive energy imperative of the masses. There may also be a confusion of the real identity of some of these historic figures and their identities may become blurred over the centuries. Tales are told and told again, repeated down through the ages until the facts became muddled, names and events altered, circumstances and dates changed over time, but it really didn't make any difference because the myth sometimes yielded more dynamic results than any truth could have.

Those ancient religious figures worshiped by todays leading religions are actually quite similar to the deities of ancient Rome and Greece once dwelled on Mt. Olympus and who were once held in the same esteem. What I am saying is that because of distortions, misunderstanding and the tendencies of history to be recorded by so many different sources in different times by those who were simply recording the facts as given by others who had no actual experience with those involved, the truth became obscure.

I am not saying that these "godlike personalities" did not exist; I am saying that they didn't exist as you think they did. Some of the connected religions gained prominence over the centuries because of the strength of the myth, not because of actual truths, but it really doesn't matter. In many cases the myth gained more strength than the truth ever could have. It would not be incorrect to say that most organized religions adopt, corrupt and exploit these myths for other than altruistic reasons.

When the myth of some of these religions begins to lose meaning, they will also lose strength and a new personality will be called forth by the mass psychic strength of a civilization in need of a new deity, and a new worldwide religion will be born. In a very real sense, the myth actually begins before the defining event does.

This is why beneath all of the religious dogma, doctrine, and ritualistic symbolism, most people are left with no confirming affirmation of truths in their hearts. Today's dogma is myth clothed in current rhetoric and beliefs of the times, and for that reason, when enough people begin to see through the veil of misinformation, myth and superstition, a new synthesis will begin out of which a greater understanding of the true nature of reality will arise from the mists of ignorance and misinformation.

Of course there is also much good that has resulted from many of these religions, but it is helpful to keep in mind that more people have been killed in the name of God, than for any other reason.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allan,

Is there a possibility that the Gods/Deities exits not on their own accord but through the creative energy of the believers.If for example a cult imagines a form or formless personality with specific attributes(wrath and destructive force for transgressors and non believers, mercy for believers etc), I think from reading your articles that a powerful entity will be formed in some lower plane or dimension.This entity will have its energy sustained by the worship of the believers and a sense will be God like except that its not real and hence a false god but it EXISTS controlling the humanity in some way or other, mostly in a negative way.This entity by its very nature perpetuate violence in the world through its believers, worshipers and hence will be thriving from the horror created on the earth.

But the question is, why don't the real Gods/Deities interfere and resist the horror.Why do They remain aloof.ALL THAT IS cannot do anything because IT IS everything(The killer, the weapon and the Killed), but the Gods can act on their own, They have more power and freedom than the humans living in the earth.Cant' the real Gods overpower the negative entities created by humans? Its all puzzling if one tries to understand the hidden aspects of the reality.

Sorry for the long post!

W. Allan said...

I think you are on the right track here but I must point out a couple of misconceptions. Entities are not formed by the beliefs of cults, but their existence is reinforced by the beliefs of larger populations, not cults.
These entities must be born into the physical system the same way you were born, through the insertion of viable consciousness through the male sperm and consequentially, through physical birth in the material world.
Any entity existing on any plane of existence must follow this method of entry into the physical world.
The powerful Entities, existing in other planes, do not and cannot interfere in worldly activities except in limited ways through their earthly personalities.
These earthly personalities are extensions of their entities and those entities are always of higher intent.
There are no Satan entities, if that is what you are inferring.
These "godlike" earthly personalities are reinforced by the beliefs of the populations and there is no consideration of bad or good, it works the same way. To entities both bad and good are experience and from their perspective, its all the same.

Anonymous said...

What about all the illuminati, NWO, David Icke and his reptilian theory? And I'm constantly scared of hell which a loving God I can't phantom casting anyone there. Chakras are the real?

W. Allan said...

There is no Hell, unless you believe there is, and then it is your exclusive Hell until you learn it is your own creation, and quit believing in it.
Same goes for Devils, Satan and other evil Spirits.