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The comments as they were presented;
I am able to understand the ideas presented here, there is no sin and punishment but there is cause and effect and a learning from the effect.
But the problem comes with the idea of the souls severing the ties with the personality. Killing and being killed has become a part of the Human species and people do commit crime every day every minute. As you have said in another comment that at this stage of evolution it has become part of life and I don't think the soul will loose connection with those personalities otherwise there would be millions of soul-less persons.
But! There are some who commit unspeakable, unthinkable acts and we do hear/read about that occasionally and it is very difficult to accept that these humanoids have any connection with the soul. Of course their Ego might have a consciousness something similar to a Beast and not more than that.

First let me thank the reader for the observations made and permit me if you will, to elaborate on the points made. Some of these things are extremely difficult to understand, and it's partially my fault, since I sometimes have trouble in explaining them in a way that everyone can understand. It's partially because of the limitations that words present in using them to explain intuitive concepts that transcend the physical system.
The physical brain has yet to create new neurological pathways for electrical impulses that can contain multi-dimensional concepts, but the good news is, that as the brain is subjected to these new concepts, it does forge new pathways, so, tomorrow you will understand what you do not understand today.
I have said many times before that the Earth system of reality is one of a beginning nature, that is, the nature of the present earth civilization, not the earth itself. The earth is very ancient and has been home to many cycles of civilizations that came before yours, destroyed themselves or evolved and migrated to inhabit other more challenging worlds and universes.
The earth, like all reality systems can be reused, recycled and reconstituted, civilization after civilization using it for their own purposes, as in all reality systems. Systems can be abandoned when their purpose has been served.
But, that's enough of that. The reader is concerned about people who commit unspeakable acts and their actual connection with their soul. Do they lose their soul? Do they abdicate all rights to have a soul? Does the soul disown them?
There is also some concern that the ego might have a consciousness something akin to that of a beast. I'm not sure what kind of beast the reader refers to, but I am sure no self-respecting beast would like to be considered in this context.
First of all, it should be understood that the term "unspeakable" is arbitrary, and your version of unspeakable, may not be my version of unspeakable. It's all a matter of perception. As an example, to execute a criminal, may be unspeakable to me, where to you, it might be perceived as deserved punishment. So we will talk in generalities, knowing that every situation differs substantially.

Point number one; No matter how despicable the act, still in the eyes of the Soul/Entity, there is no right and wrong type of judgment, and I realize this is difficult to understand when you live in a world of opposites. In the present Earth reality, there must be opposites for something to exist. If there is a light, there must be darkness. If there is up there must be down. If there is heavy, there must be light. If there is good, there must be bad.
The other important factor is that the earth includes all kinds of experience, and if that were not so, the entity would not fulfill its purpose. No one can condone seemingly evil acts, but the personalities committing these evil acts are not inherently evil. They commit what you judge to be evil acts, unspeakable because of misguided understanding, mental deficiencies and distorted thinking processes. These perpetrators of evil do not consider their acts as wrong, on the contrary, they believe they are justified in doing what they are doing.
They do not believe they are doing evil things. Hitler did not believe that he was committing crimes against humanity when he exterminated thousands of Jews; he believed he was doing the world a favor, by eliminating a flawed race of people and creating a super-Arian race.
Please understand that I am not justifying evil, and this is hard to explain, so bear with me here.
You have all heard the phrase; "What would Jesus do?" referring to situations where difficult judgments or decisions about morality must be made. In these cases, I am sure you are aware to some extent that Jesus would handle some things much different than you would at this time in the evolution of the human species.
So, I am saying that the Soul considers all experience as learning experience even though you may not see it that way. Remember, the Soul sees beyond the veil of death of the personality in your world, and understands that in truth, physical death simply represents the lack of ability to follow the continuity of life beyond physical death.
Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy are more alive today then they ever were when the walked the earth's surface.

Point number two; A Soul is not something you have and it is not something that you are. It is not something that upon physical death, you take in your hand and return to God, as many believe.
The Soul is an advanced, evolved, purposeful identity that exists in other dimensions, that endows the personalities that it creates, with consciousness, incorporating portions of itself, intertwined with the physical personality while it is viable in the physical earth system. In a sense you could say that you are a portion of your soul in physical clothing for a limited time.
Your soul is a part of you, and you are a part of your soul, in a physical body or not and that connection can never be broken. You can dissect the physical body, organ-by-organ, cell-by-cell, molecule-by-molecule, and you will never find one speck of Soul-stuff.
Even the most evil appearing people, the ones who commit those unspeakable atrocities, have a Soul connection that cannot be severed. Do you suppose that such an evolved Soul-Personality could be so petty as to seek a divorce from one of its personalities because it committed bad acts? I think not.
In a way, you cannot divorce or dissolve your relationship with your Soul. While you are in your physical clothing, you and your soul are one, yet your soul is much more. There are other aspects of your whole identity, of which you are presently unfamiliar that exist in other dimensions, other worlds and other universes, and they too are portions of your soul.
All of your other probable selves, portions of your soul, are evolving toward each other, finally to unite in one very advanced whole self. But this is some time in the distant future. The trend is toward greater enlightenment, more realization and an expansion of consciousness to perceive greater portions of reality.
Finally, some beasts, not carrying the burden of intellect, still have a better understanding of survival of the spirit and the exchange of energy and continuity of life inherent in the predator/prey system in which they dwell.
The wolf feels no guilt when it kills a deer, and the deer understands that it will one day exchange places with the wolf and become the predator and the exchange of the life force continues. There is a mutual understanding between predator and prey that is likened to an existing state of grace.
Souls are eternal, always changing, evolving, always adding-to and never diminishing, but so are you and all other human personalities including the animals, and none are devoid of a soul.

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