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The questions as they were posed:
From reading the articles I understand that every thought gets realized somewhere at sometime in the future either here are in some other dimensions and hence shapes the events of the life,
In a way one is creating the life. If that is the case what will be the nature of fantasies one indulges? It's vivid, creative, Imaginative, entertaining and some times therapeutic.
Does it have any effect on the individual's life, here or somewhere?
This is a mental phenomenon and it would have its purpose like the rest of the mental activities and what may be that?
Could you please shed some light on this phenomenon for which attention is given much less. I have a feeling that it's as significant as the act of dreaming.

To Anonymous,
It's all MENTAL! Period! You are so right.

I must first tell you that I was working on another article when I received these questions from an anonymous source, but they were so evocative, that I put the other article aside and dove into the following answers. I must also say that it is my intent to slant the nature of the ABG column more to the answering of reader's questions that you may have that you want answered.
There are some very important things that you should understand before we get too involved in answering the questions that were posed.
First and foremost is your propensity to think that some things are real or something and some things are unreal and are basically nothing. You come to that assumption because of your immersion in the physical system of reality, and you can barely see over the invisible fence that psychologically imprisons you.
To you a rock is something, a mountain is something, and both are rock solid, at least to your limited perceptions, so you would call them real.
If I suggested to you that a thought is just as real, solid and enduring, you would probably still classify it as unreal, nebulous, fantasy, imaginative and fleeting at best. A thought is just as real or unreal as a rock, it all depends on perception.
I have to persistently said that the outside, exterior objects and events that you perceive are only the outer camouflage, overlay shells that exist only because of the inner pattern that supports the outer materialized and perceivable form. Your senses play tricks on you while you must use them, but you must begin to open up new vistas of inner perceptions which you also possess.
The truth is that nothing is really solid, concrete, permanent and enduring to your Soul/Entity.
Thought is the only true reality, and everything else is true only to your outer senses. When you think, you create something very real somewhere. Every thought is energy projected into a creative act and cannot be withdrawn. In that sense, every thought is eternal. It can and will change form as all creations must, but it will never dissipate, be destroyed or cease to exist.
Where it will exist is the question that we need to answer.
Other important ingredients in the creative process are the "Intensity? and "duration" of the thought, and these qualities of intensity and duration, largely determine the destination of the thought. The first itsy, bitsy, tiny, seemingly most innocuous thought initiates a creation of form of some sort. I must qualify that statement because there are countless types of matter, some that have certain qualities that are unique to your world, but there are other worlds with their own intensities of matter with which you are unfamiliar.
There are many reality systems that are not matter based at all, and I use this comparison for explanation purposes only, so don't take this literally, but some reality systems utilize "spirit-like form" in that they utilize atoms in a totally foreign way and the resulting structure is not experienced as physical matter.
Having said that, even when you think a thought that you don't remember a few minutes later, the creation of that thought into some kind of perceivable structure has begun, the die is cast, and the only remaining question is when or where will that thought materialize. Please remember that not all matter is the same as yours. You can only think one thought at a time, so when you want to think another thought, you must jettison the previous thought before a new one can take its place.
There are countless fields of actuality, dimensions of activity, worlds and universes that exist outside of your own familiar world and universe. There are universes within universes, dimensions within universes and other worlds and dimensions that share the same space as your familiar Earth.
They are not on the same frequency intensities as your world, and they don't take up any space, as your world doesn't really take up any space. There is no lack of space for all of these platforms for consciousness to occupy, explore, gain knowledge and expand.
The Dream universe and the After Death Dimension, for instance, share the same space as your Earth, yet there is no overcrowding, and although they share the same space, they are light years apart in psychological depths that I cannot explain at this time.
It is enough to know that they exist, and NO, you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination.
Some of these other systems are more elementary than yours, but most are far more evolved and complex.
After going into that for a little background information, let me continue with the journey of a thought. Once thought, a thought is eternal, usually not in the same configuration that is was at its inception, since, being formed from energy, it must change, just as energy changes as it interacts with itself as it too evolves and gains in stature through the centuries. Energy wants to materialize, to be known. Energy does not like anonymity.
Thoughts carry their own burden of generalized consciousness, small, yet valid and eternal. A thought, at its inception is an incipient object or event, to be materialized as something, somewhere, sometime.
When you think of a table, instantly a table is in the process of entering your field of perception, given enough intensity of desire and duration of the thought. Along with expectation, given the first two criterion are met, a table will materialize in your world.
If the desire, duration and expectation are not sufficient, then it will not actualize in your world, but must actualize somewhere. It must find its own "comfort dimension" that can best accommodate it..
If your desire is not sufficient and you drop the thought, so there is no appreciable duration then it will not achieve enough impetus to materialize in your world, and this may seem strange, but no thought goes homeless.
It will materialize, not as the ubiquitous table that we have so often discussed, but as something else, perhaps as a cloud in a world where tables do not exist. I know this is a reach, but I need to make it clear the thoughts are as real as rocks or pyramids in your world. In this vast abundance of universal reality, nothing is wasted, and all energy will attempt to actualize in some form, somewhere.
Because you cannot see, feel, taste, hear or smell a thought, does not mean that it has no reality of its own, it just means that it has a reality beyond the reach of your senses. Thoughts that do not meet the criterion to materialize in the Earth system, will find their own level of actualization in one of countless other systems available to it. Of course, the thought of a table will be unrecognizable to inhabitants of the world where they do achieve materialization.
This is something that should be known, although it is not really pertinent to this article, but every object and event created through thought, also exists in all other worlds in varied forms that hold no resemblance to the matter created Earth object or event.
Again, this is not pertinent to this article, but you could rightly say that everything exists everywhere, just not in the same form. The patterns differ in each system where it actualizes as something unique to the type of beings that perceive it. Your thoughts exist in more worlds and universes than you know.
All physical matter possesses consciousness; it is you who classifies and categorizes what falls within your specific characteristics of what living matter is and what it is not. An atom is living matter, but you would not call it so, because you cannot sense its life force.
When you think a thought, in a very real sense, you are creating matter with some limited degree of consciousness, you are creating a conscious form, and all consciousness is living. Even though you might not agree, it really doesn't make any difference; it still is to some extent, self aware and living on its own scale.
The truth is that every atom and even the smaller particles such as electrons, have an elementary, generalized consciousness, so when your thoughts drive atoms into form, their small consciousness forms a gestalt aggregate consciousness, maybe not falling into your classification of "alive consciousness", but still aware of itself.
When the Soul or Entity desires to create a new personality, it creates you, a primary living organism using the exact same process. You, as a creation of your soul, carry the same latent abilities as your soul/entity, even though you may not be able to activate and use them at this time. Nevertheless, you are soul stuff and there are no limitations to your future development.
When you think a thought of another human being, you create a secondary living construction that does not carry the same degree of self-awareness as you have, yet, still a living construction, albeit with a more limited sense of self-awareness. It will then go its own way, settle into another system, evolve and progress and will someday stand in the same place as you now stand. Being created, it has achieved individuality and independence from its creator, you, and you have no control over its experience.
It must be understood that this new secondary personality is real, but not physical. At this point, it exists in a non-physical universe, appropriate for these kinds of constructions.
This newly created organism will be free and independent, and you will not influence its life in its system one iota. All personalities such as you are also free and independent and although you are part of your Soul/Entity, you have total freedom of choice and will follow your own inclinations, while still existing within the domain of your Entity.
The paradox is that you are part of your Soul/Entity, but still you are free and independent and will go your own way, evolve and become part of other consciousness gestalts. When you were created by your Entity, you were given total freedom to roam the universe and beyond and experience.
In so doing you satisfy your needs and the needs of your Soul and Entity. In fact when your consciousness is projected into the Earth reality system by your Soul, it essentially loses control over you as a personality.
It cannot affect your life one way or another, other than to eventually withdraw its continued expenditure of energy and eventually bring about the disintegration of the physical body, which is inevitable in all physical constructions.
No matter what the Entity thinks of your choices or decisions, it is incapable of changing them. You are then, on your own, and your own "thought creations" will follow their own paths of development. Once a thought has been thunk, you essentially you have already lost control over it.
If the Entity cannot affect the life of its living personalities, then it would be folly to think that you could affect the life, no matter the scale of that life, of one of your thought creations.
If you think of a person, you create a psychic image, but you do not have the ability of the entity to create a living personality, in the traditional sense. What you do create is a "thought form personality" that will surface somewhere.
As a secondary construction, it will not carry the same abilities that you have at this time, but it can evolve and progress. Once projected, you cannot affect it or have any control over it, and it is lost to you forever. I should emphasize, that there truly are no limitations to future progression for any kind of consciousness.
The fantasies you indulge in cannot affect the life of this "thought form personality", but they can greatly affect yours and here you can apply the rule that like attracts like. The more vivid the thoughts, the greater the affect will be on you.
No thought is ever wasted and continues to exist in one form or another, it will settle into an appropriate electrical dimension where thought creations predominate.
Thank you for your questions, and I hope this article has helped. Because of the richness of reality, this material is not easy to grasp, with persistence understanding will come, and everything will clear up.

I encourage readers to submit their questions using the comments link on the bottom of this page. I cannot promise that I will answer all questions, but an attempt will be made to answer those that are within my scope of understanding. As you learn and grow, so do I learn and grow, and your questions help both of us in this expansion of consciousness.

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Dear William,
Thanks for the detailed explanation.I understand that one has to be more vigilant in the thinking and imaginative mental processes taking place consciously and unconsciously.