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In answer to this question which was posted by “anonymous” to the web site after reading the column “Do Alien Abductions Really Occur?”

As I mentioned to the reader in a short answer given earlier, this is a very difficult question to answer at the time the question was asked. Since we have not had the necessary background to at least give some semblance of continuity to this subject material, I will try to work around your lack of background information and fill it in as we go along.
Time travel in one form or another has been the subject of superstitions, myths, books and movies for centuries. Some ancient cultures believed in time travel in one form or another, so the subject matter is not new to the species. In order to dig into this idea, let me first throw out some basics of your physical reality which you are quite familiar with. These are the “Rules of the Game” of your world and to some aspects of your universe. I say some of the aspects of your universe because you can only apply the rules of your world to the parts of the universe that you can perceive, and that is a very small portion indeed.
Ever since the beginning of time as you know it, mankind, and womankind too, has suspected that there is something more than that which meets the eye. Humans have always felt an affinity with the unknown part of the universe that they know “in their hearts” exists, but cannot explain, so they resorted to religions and gods that they formed in their own images for answers. But those answers were few and far between, since the gods they worshiped were not gods at all but creations of their own imaginations that served the intended purposes for those times. Those gods, ancient and recent if not able to supply answers, did at least keep mankind in touch with that inner knowledge that there was something greater than that which exists in their physical world.
There is surely much more than that which meets the eye, but you will never find it in the world of facts, for it is the source of the facts themselves and the source of your universe. We have not touched on the greater understanding of one of the prime “Rules of your Game” and that is “TIME”. There are others, but for now we shall talk of time. You are all aware of the time in the serial form, that is one moment after the other, consecutive hours, strung together with a beginning, an end and your personal experience in between. You would not be caught dead without a beginning and an ending since it is an affront to the thinking processes of the human brain.
Cause and effect are one of the most treasured concepts of the Earth system, but at the same time, many of you quite easily accept the idea of your God, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah,,,,who always was and always will be, is a concept that escapes beginnings and endings. So you see, the idea of timelessness is not new to you and you would never have thought of doubting it where it pertains to your God, but I can tell you that it is precisely correct and there really is no contradiction when you know the rest of the story. God, or as most of you know I refer to the Prime Source as “All That Is”, did not begin in terms that you normally associate with beginnings and that All That Is (God) can never end, since She had no beginning. That which does not begin cannot end.
So now lets try and pare this down to something we CAN all understand, and that is the simple truth that underlying the world that you know, and by inference, the universe that you know to a certain extent, there is another GREATER REALITY, an inner universe, out of which your universe, your world and all other worlds emerged. It is from this inner universe then, that time is formed, and your specific kind of consecutive time is just one small variety of time perspectives that exist and that variety of “times” is endless. We will discuss some of them as they pertain to other alien civilizations in future articles.
Your world and its particular “Rules of the Game” or for those who don't appreciate my Rules analogy, “Your Physical Laws” and your perspective of time as far as your world is concerned, based on consecutive moments, must then include the moments already experienced, recognized as Past Times and those yet to be experienced, held in Future Times or not yet experienced. This kind of time system works well enough for what you are trying to accomplish as a species, and that is the responsible creation and manipulation of matter in a physical, three dimensional world. This kind of reality where matter takes time to actualize is especially effective for beginning civilizations and when you know the whole story, you will see that it is an absolute necessity before you will be allowed to progress to other more advanced systems.
Time in this “Inner Universe” is non-existent as far as consecutive moments and all events take place in the expansive NOW. I have used this analogy before and I must fall back on it time and time again, since it is the only real reliable touchstone you have with timelessness, and that is the simultaneous actions and events as they are experienced in the dreaming state. You are all aware that in a lucid dream, you could relive your entire high school prom, without missing a single dance in only a few minutes of actual clock time. And that dream dance experience would be “Free Time”, so to speak, since you would not age a corresponding time that you spent in the dream state.
In your dreams, time is free and events materialize immediately. You create your dream objects and events in precisely the same way as you create your physical objects and events, except for two important aspects, and that is, dream objects, although they do have form, and are actual constructions, they do not have the same bulk and mass as your physical objects and events and your physical constructions take TIME to surface where the dream versions materialize immediately.
And there you have an important reason for the time lapse in actual physical actualization, in that were there no time lapse in the creative processes for a beginning civilization, newer, un-evolved consciousness would have long ago destroyed your world. A weapon of mass destruction in the hands of Hitler would have been used immediately to destroy half of civilization.
In a concept that will surely scandalize your mind and brain, time is an illusion and in the inner universe, there is no past, present and future and there is no psychic separation of events. All exist in what could be called and expansive present out of which all reality rises. Actually, there is no real separation of past, present and future that are available to you either, but your learned methods of perception prejudice you to separate out certain events from others and assume that one act must necessarily follow another in a consecutive way, past flowing into present and present flowing into future. All years, decades and ages exist simultaneously in the inner universe of probable events and to that extent, travel to one presupposes possible travel to another.
I realize that I am getting into a quagmire here of probabilities, timelessness and perception that would take a whole book to adequately explain, so forgive me if I am not explaining this well.
The past, present and future exist now in psychic fact to the extent of a myriad of probabilities available to you for actualization. All realities are mental in that respect and the creation of just one physical event in your life leads to the creation of all possible future outcomes from that one event. All probabilities exist now and all will be actualized somewhere in some time. It is you who makes the choices of which to actualize and in your reality, continuity rules.
I realize that you all want to know about the physical aspects of Extra Sensory phenomena, but ESP and other paranormal events are mental realities, that splash over into physical perceptions. Space travel in a physical rocket ship to other planets is possible, but you are only exploring the outer skin of the universe and you are seriously limited in your space ventures due to lack of time. It will simply take too long to get where you would like to go, based on your present life span. It is possible in your space explorations, that you could blunder into a different probable world or universe, or a totally different time period, such as 200 or 2000 years in the future or centuries past.
So now, lets get back to answering the question as best we can do in this short time. A physical world is the outer camouflage of a far more expansive inner world. It is an overlay of atoms and molecules driven by self aware consciousness over a psychic pattern that can then be perceived as hard, concrete reality. This holds true whether it be atoms or universes.
The past, present and future exist now in psychic fact, and that psychic fact is the true object or event, the physical version being a pale representation of the inner truth. So, the future exists now just as sure as the past exists now, but one of the rules of your reality is that you are allowed to view the past through memory, but not the future. If the rules were different, you could just as easily view the future and it would not seem unusual to have memory of future events as you now have of past ones.
In your dreams at night, you take “Out of body” excursions into the future all of the time but do to the nature of dreams, the version that you remember in the morning is usually somewhat chaotic, hazy and dismembered. Occasionally in your waking life, there will be what I call an electrical anomaly, a psychic bleed through of data, short pulses of information on future events.
You call them hunches, and some people have used this information to win lottery’s and escape air disasters by not showing up for a future doomed flight, sensing in advance the need to not go. In your dreams, you quite naturally converse with people who are long since dead in your terms.
Now here are two ways you can travel to the future, but the real trick is remembering what you perceive there and bringing it back to conscious attention so it can be used in a constructive way.
Before you fall asleep at night, ask that you rise to the level of “out of body” travel and try to remember what you see, bringing it back to the waking state. Pay attention to strange, unusual thoughts that seem out of context to what you are doing in your daily life, the bleed throughs happen to everyone all of the time, but most people dismiss them as coincidence, imaginative clutter and as background static and nothing more.
You are a multi dimensional personality, just learning how to use that multi-dimensionality in constructive ways. The rules of your world do not now include full blast perception of future events from the physically attuned body in its waking state. But there are other methods available to access the future, but never with absolute certainty since you could tune in on a future probable event that may or may not be chosen to actualize into your life.
Finally, you cannot travel into the future while you are in a physical body, since the future has not yet been objectified in a physical way. You can travel to legitimate probable futures in your dreams or by using your dreams as a launching pad for your “astral body” into an “Out of Body” projection into futures that exist just as real and vital as your present, but you may be visiting a probable future that will be actualized elsewhere in another alien probable world and not in yours.
For that same reason, psychics and mediums are rarely correct in their predictions. Until the last minute, all probabilities are possible, but some are more possible than others based on your past experience. So, in that regard, some psychics and mediums are better than others in reading and making sense of future probabilities and making predictions based on that information.

I will certainly expand on this in future articles, since we have barely scratched the surface.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the detailed answer. Your write up is like a journey in itself...
I once heard a religious man say that "Dreams are not to be taken seriously. If they were, they would be reality and not a dream..."
Often, I'm baffled by the weird dreams I have. Thus the question - Why do we dream??

W. Allan said...

I like your questions, and will try to clear up some misconceptions about dreams in my next article. You dream because you must dream to live. In very true sense that I will explain, you are a dream of your soul.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Waiting patiently for your next article...