Sunday, January 16, 2011


Killing has been a part of your world’s reality as it has evolved over the centuries so it seems only natural to kill certain things for food, wars, hate, vengeance, annoyance, sport or even in come cases, enjoyment. Killing is so pervasive in your world, that we can only scratch the surface here, but suffice it to say, killing as it applies to the human species always involves moral judgments, and in that respect, memory and guilt are involved to a certain extent. You kill many living things and I can’t cover all of them in this article, but we will try to deal with some of the most prevalent examples.

I purposely finished this article at this time which I had started a long time ago, because I felt with the news of the congresswoman from Arizona being shot, that I should talk about killing as it occurs in your system. I have said before that Entities, Helpers and Teachers are always interested in helping you obtain the kind of spiritual knowledge that you seek. They, the Entities who you also know as Souls, have one universal rule, and that is “they do not interfere” in Earth life or any other reality system that they operate in, always aware of the problems, challenges and impending catastrophes, but maintaining a hands off policy and leaving your reality to evolve in its own way in its own time no matter what the consequences, otherwise important lessons would not be learned. They do however educate those who seek Knowledge and are advanced enough to understand.

I am not so restrained or limited in my interactions, so I may at times comment on current world events if they relate to our material and in this case, they do. Killing is a natural evolved aspect of your particular system of reality. Your world's earliest personalities evolved as meat eaters, and if you had read our articles on probable systems, you would understand that there is also a world where the inhabitants were never meat eaters and in most other systems, killing is not known.

So, as you evolve through your system in successive reincarnated lives, you kill animals, birds, fish and insects for food, and of course, animals who are predators do the same. This is the accepted method for obtaining nourishment and sustaining the various species and there is nothing wrong with it in those terms.

There is one other thing that I should mention, and that is that animals understand better than you, the continuity of life, and see beyond death like you cannot at this time. Animals are quite aware that today's predator is tomorrows prey and they better understand that their death eventually returns the body to the earth from which it came, and from which new life will arise. The consciousness of the prey understands the deeper spiritual aspect of death knowing that it will view the earth at another time through the eyes of the predator.

To kill, torture or harm another human being or animal for sport, malice or pleasure is a violation throughout the physical universe and can never be condoned. You know by now that sin does not exist in the context that it is normally considered, but if it did, killing would be a sin. In that respect, humans and animals are equal and one is not above the other since both are from the same Prime Source and that Prime Source is God, as you know Him. Killing is something your species must evolve out of. It is not natural to kill anything but since you have adopted it as one of the “rules of the game” of your world, you must live with it until you evolve through it.

I have said many times that there are some, who you would call “older souls” in your world and some “newer personalities” just entering the system in their first lifetime, and it is not difficult to tell which are which, and here's a clue. The newer entering personalities, in their first incarnation, will be those fascinated by and still involved in killing, giving no credence to the right of all creatures to share in fulfillment and satisfaction indicative of their own nature.

They will see nothing wrong with killing, and will find numerous reasons to justify it. Since their reality is their own, as yours is your own so they will view the world through a different lens than other more evolved personalities and to a large extent, their view will be borne out by their world view, since they created it in the first place. There will seem to be no discordance between their view and the world's truths. Somewhere it is written; You will know them by their deeds.

More evolved personalities, having experienced many lives, preparing to leave your world for more advanced systems, will have long ago learned that killing something that you think is “separate from you” is indeed not separate from you at all, but a part of the living web of life of which you are an integral part, so in essence, when you kill someone or something, you kill a portion of yourself. You make yourself less, and in reality, you only kill a physical body, and the spirit, which is the real you, lives on. Not one personality that has ever been killed or died of other means, that has ever existed is not in existence now. Hitler, like him or hate him is alive today.

Martin Luther King was not killed, nor was John F Kennedy, they were simply taken out of their physical body prematurely detoured from their life's purpose, but True Identity has nothing to do with a physical body and they are just fine today, thank you very much. That does not justify the killing of a physical person for any reason except in self defense.

The violation is in the removing of a viable personality from the Earth system prematurely, but in a much larger scope of being, no one ever dies unless they are in agreement with the time and place of their demise. There is an old saying “It takes two to tango”, well, in the case of murder “It takes two to die”, the victim and the killer, and there must be a psychic agreement or no death will take place., and that is not a symbolic statement. For many intertwining reasons, the killer attracts the victim and the victim attracts their killer. I know there will be some up in arms over that statement, but I must nevertheless make it. You might say that there is an inner understanding of overlapping purposes and the victim acquiesces to the probable event.

Of course, to those newer less-evolved personalities, killing will make perfect sense in light of their limited perspective. They will find nothing wrong with killing and will find numerous reasons to justify it, and will even, in their own minds, in some cases, be able to romanticize killing. No one will be able to convince them otherwise, but eventually they will learn and they will eventually evolve out of their distorted beliefs. They will have a long way to go, but will never be allowed to leave the Earth reincarnational system until they have learned the futility and violations involved in killing.

There is another aspect that is rarely considered, and that has to do with size and a mistaken belief that the smaller something is, the less important it is as a legitimate species and the less consideration it deserves in its right to life and fulfillment. Some would find it almost laughable to say that a fly has the same right to life as a dog, cat or a human. I would then ask you the simple question; do you think that the consciousness of a fly and a human came from a different source?

I am not suggesting that at this time in your system, there is not a psychological difference, because there is, but you could say, that at this stage of your development, it is an excusable difference, but that doesn't make it right. If a mosquito stings you, there is no violation in responding appropriately, but it would be a mistake kill mosquitos because it is a fun sport. The point I want to make is that most people would balk at killing an elephant, a tiger, a dog, a cat, but below that point it's every species for itself. Most people would have no second thoughts about killing a rat, mouse, snake and no one would flinch at killing a wasp, bee, mosquito or ant.

An ant has as much right to live as a human. Their consciousness is of a more generalized nature than yours without the self awareness compartment of the human ego, but because of that, they are able to move in and out of lives with an nonchalance not enjoyed by the human species, yet an ant enjoys its being on its own level as much as you enjoy your being from your more expansive and lofty view. Their being is obviously more limited because of the circumstances and environment, but that does not make it less pleasure able to the ant just because he lives his whole life in your basement. In that respect, all species enjoy the pleasures of life and you are not the only ones to seek it out. Fruit flies may live only a mere week but their experience is as full and enjoyable on their own level as your more expansive level of awareness.

Finally, in your system at this time, there are those who proudly espouse the right to kill in self defense given to them in your constitution by your second amendment. I would remind you that the originators of that historic document when suggesting the right to bear firearms, had in mind a blunderbuss that allowed its user to make one shot before spending five minutes to reload. Those men were visionaries, but they were not clairvoyants and they did not foresee weapons that could fire dozens of rounds in a minute and reload in another.

If you do not see the difference, then I might ask you where do you draw the line on what weapons an ordinary person should be allowed to carry on their person? Can a person carry a machine gun, a rocket launcher, a flame thrower, a bazooka or perhaps a miniaturized atomic weapon? I tell you there are those in your society today that would use an atomic weapon in a heartbeat during a heated disagreement if they had one at their disposal. Would you then defend their right to carry weapons as protected under your constitution?

I also wanted to address the idea of execution as punishment for violation of your laws. I won't dwell on this, but to say that there is no justification in resorting to killing as punishment. Most of the world has already seen the errors in this barbaric practice and have discontinued the use of corporal punishment. It is not hard to grasp this statement if you try; “If you kill a killer, you become a killer” any way you slice it. At this time in the evolution of your system or reality that yours and other species have adopted, there is nothing wrong with hunting to provide a food source, but where the enjoyment of the sport of killing an animal outweighs the need for food, it is time to do some introspection about the whole idea of killing. Many indigenous tribes around the world in the past and still today, understand the deep unspoken reverence in the killing of even a tree, and would have a sense of remorse having done so. You must learn to respect all living matter as you begin to admire more that which is alive than that which you kill.


Unknown said...

Very good article and should be viewed by a wider
public Derek Marvelley

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your insights.. But if a very very bad person does something very very bad to say, an innocent child, why don't they deserve to die? It would not be done out of sport..or enjoyment..but to simply protect our those we love.. Surely this very very bad person would repeat what he why not classify a death sentence as preemptive self defense?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
That is an interesting perspective, but in the final analysis who will pull the switch? Consider this, a death is only a death on the surface and the true identity always survives. A death is then, a mere inconvenience to the killed person since they will be born again in a new body in a new time and place. You could punish a killer by incarcerating them for life, or for a shorter time with rehabilitation. There are no bad people, there are however people who think that they are somehow justified in killing, so their acts are bad, but inherently consciousness cannot be bad. Nothing is gained by killing a killer, there are other means available to punish.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Another thought on the subject. You have probably heard of incidents where the bad guy commits a crime where he is sure to be caught in the act and confronted by law enforcement with the intent of being killed in the commission of his crime. It is referred to as "Death by Cop". In the unseen reality underlying a killing event, both parties attract each other in ways hard to explain, but no person is ever killed who is not aware of the coming event and decides to participate.

Anonymous said...

Its so much to think about..very fascinating .. Might sound crazy, but I think this is what I've been searching my heart I know there's something more.. Religions have so many common factors that scream to me! But you're right.. We have evolved passed those stories..but the reason why we created them in the first place is REAL! Now that..I can accept.. :) thanks