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The Question as it was posed;
Just wondering if in the time that we leave our bodies and go on if we won't look back on our time here on earth and miss the small pleasures that we can only have while in a physical body?
Like human touch, isn't that really why anyone seeks to be with just one other person is for the physical touch that we all crave even as babies. Look at all the studies that have been done proving that babies don't thrive without human touch and isn't that what we all search for in our lives?
Isn't that what everyone has in common no matter what their religious beliefs are?

What a really great question and observation. You have touched on the very reason that physical life as you know it exists the way it does. Your particular system of reality is but one of many that exist and not one is the same as any other. The way consciousness has divided itself up and dispersed itself through countless reality (world) systems allows for the ultimate diversity of experience that assures that no possible experience will ever be left un-manifest. You are sensualists, but not the only sensualists. All physically materialized worlds are inclined to lean toward vivid sensual experience that could not be known in quite the same way in the non-physical systems.

Remember, when you are dead, no longer effective in the physical world, in your terms, you are still very alive and vital in other realities where different rules apply and different senses predominate. Of course the non-physical personality has no eyes, but they see quite well. The outer senses that you are so used to are the exterior representations of corresponding inner senses and all sensation is almost instantaneously sensed by the inner senses first. As a sensual impulse travels through the atoms and molecules of the physical nerve structure, jumping the synapses, it is physically perceived by its various conscious physical components and achieves a new depth of sensuality. They then achieve a different kind of perception than that normally utilized by the non-physical inner identity.

Physical touch is one of the most intimate of the senses since you must reach out and actually touch, in a sense, becoming one with the subject person or object in order to assess the necessary data to form your own personal interpretation of the perceived person/object. With the other outer senses, perception is not quite so personal, carried on from a distance so there is the impression of separation of perceiver from the perceived that is not so apparent with the sense of touch.

In a larger sense, you are perceivers, and it would be true to say that if you did not perceive, nothing could exist as you know it. The overall function of the universe and outside of the universe that you know, is to create and then to perceive and evaluate your creations. It is not an overstatement to say that if you could not perceive using the senses that you utilize so well, your familiar universe would not exist. Of course, to other beings utilizing different sensual apparatus, the universe exists in entirely different terms anyway. It would not be too far off of the mark to say that the world as you know it would not exist if you could not see, smell, taste, hear or touch. Of course, something exists, but what it is depends on your human interpretation of the existing data, prejudiced by your particular type of sensual apparatus..

Let me for the moment say that “Yes” the tree in the forest exists if there is no person there to perceive it, but it exists only in terms of the consciousness there to perceive it. It even exists if a camera automatically triggered, takes a picture of the tree in the absence of a human personality. All objects, persons and events that you perceive take on the form that you then extract from the available “energy driven data” of the original creator. Nothing exists “Concrete and Absolute”. The same tree looks differently to a bird, a frog or an ant than it does to you. Each consciousness creates its own form around an existing invisible “Energy Pattern”, and once the pattern is created, the object will reappear again and again indefinitely to anyone within range. A tree is also perceived by a flower or blade of grass.

There are countless inhabited planetary reality systems and systems that exist with and without planets as a platform for conscious experience, all create their own conditions for the appearance of matter, some more physical than others. There are spectrums of matter that exist in their own level of solidity even in the same space that you now occupy, but you cannot detect it within your particular range of perception. In that respect, there is no lack of space and in the probable systems and there is no lack of diversity in the mechanics of perception. Each system, each individual consciousness has its own unique perceptive apparatus, and you cannot equate them with your familiar five senses. Some may be, but not necessarily.

Sensual experience through the physical senses is then added to in a unique way when felt though the auspices of the cells and molecules of human structure. Try for a moment to remember some of your really vivid dreams. The intensity of those dreams has probably faded somewhat, but at the time, you probably heard sounds in your dreams, you see others and landscapes in your dreams with dream eyes. You talk with friends and relatives in your dreams, you hear the rustle of the leaves with your dream ears and you feel the ocean mist and warmth of the sun on your face in your dream excursions to the beach, so not being in a physical body (dead) does not eliminate the pleasures of the senses, even though the survival personality must learn to utilize new inner senses.

Like anything else, the survival personality misses the familiarity of earthly values and pleasures, but the good new is that, in terms of friendships, love relationships and memorable times spent with those you care about, the times and the loves will never fade and you will meet those who you are fond of again and again.

It has been said before that “It ain’t over ‘till the fat lady sings” and in terms of your own identity and all consciousness, the fat lady will never sing. Consciousness cannot be diminished, destroyed, assailed or negated and is eternally relevant.

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