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ADDENDUM to “THE HEALER WITHIN (Previous Article")

I have never thought it necessary to "addemdumize" a previous article before, but I believe I was somewhat lax in explaining exactly what I mean by distorted, conflicting beliefs affecting your health in my last article. It is important that I make clear, that this process has absolutely nothing to do with “morality” or God’s laws, about certain types of behavior. It DOES have a lot to do with whether or not you BELIEVE your behavior is good or bad depending ONLY on what YOU believe is good or bad, and that is the important part of the equation.

So let me give you an example. Because of a recent story regarding infidelity, I will use this as an example in this analogy. Lets say that you are a good practicing Christian, believing and following the particular dogma of your faith. Then lets say that you are married and believe implicitly in fidelity to your spouse that you love dearly. Lets also imagine that you become romantically involved with another woman outside of your marriage and are having a continuing affair with her while still being married.

Now, the fact of you having an extra marital affair could have serious detrimental effects on your health if it conflicts with your closely held religious beliefs that “adultery” is a sin based God’s laws. It is the belief that cause the problem, not the actual religious or social morality. On the other hand, if you have no particular strong religious convictions about adultery, the affair would not, based on this assumption alone, have any detrimental effect on your health, irregardless of whether others might judge it as sinful. I have said this many times before, but the creative process existing in the physical Earth system is not judgmental, but creates both bad and good effects “equally” and the creation of illness is no different in this respect. It simply represents a blockage of the free, unimpeded flow of the unlimited creative energy of the universe as it flows though your corporal being.

In short, it is the CONFLICT of present acts with EXISTING BELIEFS that causes the materialization of illness in the human body, and not the rightness or wrongness or religious correctness of the belief itself. The physical body is the exterior representation of closely held inner beliefs, so inner conflicts can materialize outward into the physical body in some way as illness.

Now, this is only meant as another example, but many of your mass killers were in perfect health, simply because they, rightly or wrongly, wholeheartedly believed that their acts were benefitting humanity . Hitler, for instance, believed that he was doing humanity a service by cleansing the Aryan nation and did not see his acts as wrong. Of course, his beliefs in the eyes of others were reprehensible and totally unacceptable, but he didn’t see it that way. In your eyes, his beliefs were distorted, but in his eyes, they were altruistic, so he did not have to deal with the kind of inner conflicts that would cause ill health since his acts were in line with his beliefs. It is the conflict between action and belief that is important and not the quality of the belief itself.

I realize that this example is a gross over-simplification, since there are a multitude of intermixing factors that cause the health problems, but this was mentioned to give you a better idea of what I mean when I say that dysfunctional, distorted beliefs can cause illness.

Finally, the human body is endowed with an internal monitoring system at the cellular level, each cell knowing its own potentiality and integrity, and when that integrity is jeopardized by illness, signals are sent to the other cells, the immune system kicks in, and given no severe psychological blockages, given the necessary time, the illness will be cured from within. The human body mimics a pre-existing idealized pattern of well-being, balanced immaculately between health and illness, but always leaning toward health.

It is YOU and not some exterior agency that attacks and infects your body. You do it yourself through your thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Given enough leeway and given thoughts THAT AGREE with your personal beliefs and with the prevailing beliefs of your contemporaries and given sufficient time, your biological system will seek to return to its preferred state of balance and healthful equilibrium. Much of the healing process takes place below the conscious level awareness of the awake personality during the sleep state. A handy way of psychologically nudging the inner Healer self into action is by giving yourself the suggestion before you go to sleep, that your cells are moving into the affected area and are making the necessary changes to bring about total healing of the affliction. It is also helpful to EXPECT a healing and do not acquiesce to negative thoughts.

Your body WANTS to be well, it inherently KNOWS how to be well and it will always revert to well-ness if you will just take a step back, get out of the way and not hinder the healing processes.

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