Monday, January 14, 2013


An individual personality such as yourself introduces your soul to the kind of physical perceptions and events that it could experience in no other way. You unknowingly open the doors to new worlds of knowledge and experience.

Entities are the directing force behind all worlds, and yet they are not participators in specificities, but operate in a more general field providing the impetus that makes it possible for other consciousness to form universes and worlds, while they themselves remain in the background and never inhabit a human form.

Between these evolved psychological intellectual gestalts and human identities lie many layers of evolving conscious personalities, some of which you are more familiar, at least in terminology if not substance. We are speaking of entities/whole selves/souls and here we may have some difficulty sorting things out, so we will keep the sorting and categorizing to a minimum and deal with more conventional understandings.

Of course, names and designations are meaningless and there are actually no separate layers, just increasing levels of spiritual, intellectual and psychic development of all entities and personalities.

It is true, that there are really no formal layers of consciousness, one progressing more than the others, but one immense psychological gestalt of which all are a part. It could be called the God Pyramid Gestalt, for it contains All That Is and everything else. One rule that is pertinent in all universes, planes, dimensions and worlds, is that "everything is a part of something else" and so on.

You are part of your whole self, soul or entity. As many of you know, I prefer the term entity, because of the strength of misleading religious connotation connected with the term "Soul". If we must establish some hierarchy of evolution of the personality, then it would be; plant, animal, human, inner self, soul, over-soul, entity, intelligence psychological gestalt, God.

Obviously, this is again a great oversimplification, but nevertheless it does convey the idea of evolving consciousness and in-between these designations, there are countless variations and deviations, which are not necessary in this discussion.

It is necessary to understand the term "Soul" which I will sometimes capitalize, with intent of reminding you of the Godlike characteristics of the Soul.

God, despite all that you have been told, or taught over the centuries, did not create you. I realize that I am treading on dangerous ground here, but what should be said, must be said, and you will see that this statement of ultimate truth, in no way diminishes the divinity of the one God, the one All That Is.

That one God represents the energy that becomes everything. The distortions held by your societies since the beginning are understandable and I hope to clarify things in these communications. In another gross oversimplification, this Prime Source supplies Himself, His unlimited self aware energy and the Entities, Souls and other psychological identities, direct this energy into countless universes, planes, dimensions and worlds, some made physical and some that need no atomic structure. Many of the most advanced Entities have never passed through the worlds of physical manifestation.

God is not a person; He does not sit on a golden throne on a cloud, carefully observing every living thing on planet Earth for indiscretions in order to mete out punishments. Since He has no actual form, he does not look like Charleton Heston carrying his staff and directing lightening bolts to smite the sinners and punish the wicked. In a greater sense, in ancient times God divided Itself into all of the consciousnesses that have ever lived and will ever live, and do to that ultimate fragmentation, She increases Herself exponentially with each micro-second.

I will make some attempt at times to mete out the pronouns between the sexes to emphasize that the God that exists, has no sex, but is all sexes, so please bear with me.

God is within all forms from the lowest to the grandest, from the least to the most and still retains Itself no less than before the division. The God Energy completely replenishes itself with each energy expenditure so there is no lessening of His power and grandeur. He always becomes more.

Again, an oversimplification, realizing the potential for exponential increase of His experience, God fragmented and released portions of Himself, quite a monumental altruistic act. In addition to that, he endowed each and every released consciousness with eternal life, and imparted the gift of creation to all individual identities. This creative ability is spread among souls, entities and independent personalities through all universes and worlds.

The first Energy released in what has been described, as the Big Bang resulted in the creation of Entities that are massive creators of the universe you know and other entities and souls who also created countless specified worlds. The foresight indicated here is beyond comprehension, so every consciousness ever created has the inherent ability to create at its own level, forming consciousness gestalts at all levels of life, as you know it.

The Soul/Entity creates individual personalities in the same manner that they were themselves created by All That Is (God). The Soul and the Entity always remains in the background as the energy activators and the available energy is never depleted or diminished, insuring that there will always be more and never less. There is then a flow of creative energy that spills over to sustain all that exists.

The Soul hardly gives its created personalities a second thought, but experiences everything that the personality experiences, and the personality, usually unknowingly, has access to the vast knowledge and experience of the Soul and Entity. The Soul experiences you in much the same way as you experience the existence of your "Dream Personalities" that you create every night in your dreams. Don't take this too literally, but to the Soul, you and the entire earth reality system is like a "Dream of the Soul".

When you awaken in the morning from your dream, the dream personality and the dream drama that you have created in your sleep seems to vanish, yet it continues, although to you it may seem to die. Once created, it is eternal and continues to exist in its own dream dimension. No dream has ever ceased to exist.

In much the same way there is a spillover of the always-excess energy of the universe, directed through the Entity, through your Soul and through your being to create the natural environment and the animal world. This is rather difficult to understand, but it would not be too far off base to say that the creatures of the earth and the earth environment create each other in a kind of circular motion. One could not exist without the other.

 This is not easy to explain, but through psychic manipulation, you begin to psychically support your world, your future environment, plant and animal kingdoms while still a fetus in the womb. In fact, the minute you are born, you take on certain responsibilities to unconsciously redirect energy to sustain the physical world and its other creatures.

You have a Soul, and through your soul-derived energy, redirected to the world environment, so do the animals have a soul. Your soul is an independent identity, but your soul is not yours alone and also supports other facets of your identity, of which you are not yet familiar. The fact that you do not have a soul to yourself, in no way diminishes your soul relationship.

In that sense, all entities, souls and personalities co-operate and for all practical purposes are the source have the creative energy that insures the continuation of the world that you know. It would be true to say that all animals have all souls and in a limited way, you could be said to be junior souls of the plant and animal kingdom. Of course, it's much broader than that.

In the pyramid consciousness gestalt, the more always adds to and supports the less. In your body, every particle, every cell has a self-aware consciousness. The cells form a gestalt consciousness that directs the bodies condition every second of the day. The health of the body's organs is maintained by the body consciousness gestalt. To this gestalt, your overriding directive consciousness is the top of the body pyramid consciousness gestalt. When your consciousness leaves the body in dream projections, the body consciousness maintains the body at a maintenance level until the overall directive consciousness returns.

Again, everything is part of something else and this is probably the biggest understatement of this article. The multitudinous ways that consciousness disperses itself, joins with, merges with and comprehends reality is beyond the imagination. You have a Soul as I have explained. In much the same way, animals have a soul, and since the "have a soul" connotation is so distorted, let me further say that trees have souls, violets have souls, rocks have souls, waves have souls and nothing that you perceive is "Soul-less".

The soul gives life and without its participation, nothing would or could exist.
Here is one of my infamous analogies that may help explain what I am trying to convey. Imagine that the earth reality is a bowl of vegetable soup. The vegetables and noodles would be the manifest personalities, you, animals, plants, lichens, virus, bacteria, rocks, and earth, down to the smallest mote of dust. The broth would represent the un-manifest Soul and Entity and all higher evolved Gestalts within whom you exist. In that light, all are immersed in soulness.

I know it isn't the best analogy but we're not dealing with simple matters here.


W. Allan said...

You kind of lost me on this, but I will make a few comments regarding you questions.
Only one entity is represented in your present personality. There are other semi-personalities also that are not expressed, but are latent. These account for what is commonly known as multiple personalities. They do rise to the surface in some individuals as you know, but usually on a temporary basis, sharing in worldly experience for a limited time.
Your consciousness can leave the physical body and this is usually accomplished during the dream state in what you would call the "astral body". this body cannot be seen. When you think strongly about someone or something that carries an emotional charge, you send an out of body form to that location and depending on the energy behind the projection, it can sometimes be seen by others. Of course, you would perceive it to some extent either way.

W. Allan said...

The Entity is spirit, a being without physical body, color or shape, but does create an image for itself that you would probably consider a spirit image. It has the form of a human, but is not physical.
The emotions that you speak of are do not originate in the Entity. The Entity is quite beyond these kinds of destructive qualities.
You are here to learn how not to be influenced by these detrimental emotions.