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Anonymous, I have read that God decides in advance the time and place of our death. Is this possible and if it is, can it be changed? Are we destined to die at some specific time and place and is there any way to know when and where in advance and maybe arrange not to be there at the appointed time and place, and skip the appointment?

First and foremost, there is much that needs to be cleared up regarding the subject of death. Death is something that mankind has feared and been fascinated with since the beginning of time, but in order to have any intelligent discussion, we must first agree on a commonly held definition of the word "death".

Dictionary definition; Death is the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.

In this article and for purposes of discussion, the Soul is the Entity, one and the same, it's just that for personal reasons I prefer the term Entity over Soul, due to detrimental religious baggage attached to the term Soul.
In greater terms, there is truly no such thing as death as you understand it. The above definition is correct to a certain extent, but not entirely true in other terms. At what you would call the point of clinical death, a perceived cessation of all vital functions is misleading at best. Your physical body does terminate some physical functions upon death, but that does not mean the your body is devoid of all conscious actions.
It is true that the vital functions of the physical body do shut down upon death, but the human personality is much more than the physical body. In fact the physical body represents only a small percentage of the human personality while it is materialized in human form.
 You are not your physical body, and never were. Your consciousness uses the physical form as a vehicle to gain experience while it is centered in the physical world. Your consciousness exists independent of physical form. It existed before you had a physical body and it will continue to exist after the physical body is long gone.
Your present habit of trying to pinpoint the exact time of death is erroneous at best, since there simply is no one exact point of death. Dying is a process, a withdrawal of the directive consciousness from the corporal structure, but this process is usually not an abrupt exit, but a gentle departure that can take varying lengths of time, depending on the motivations of the dying personality.
There are many extenuating circumstances considered as the personality makes the decision to leave the physical plane behind, many of these circumstances having to do with the desires of the dying personality with regards to his intensity of affection for the physical system and for those who he leaves behind.
If someone operates well in the physical system, he is usually more reluctant to part ways, but on the other hand, if the personality has not adapted well to physical life, he may be anxious to get out of his body and leave the earth system behind.
Your physical body is much more and far more complex organism than your scientists realize. Your physical body, in terms of inhabiting consciousness, is composed of your inner conscious personality attributes, the overriding directive consciousness of the organism.
But there is much more to consider. In an over-simplified way, your physical body is a two part construction, consisting of the inner directive, identity consciousness that you refer to as the ego, the (I) that you know so well and the bodily consciousness, about which you know very little. The body consciousness operates under the directive of the inner self and functions quite automatically.
You, in total, are made up of literally millions of small conscious particles, beginning with the smallest known to science such as electrons, atoms and molecules. The physical body is the result of almost unimaginable co-operation of these innumerable, smallest conscious, physical particles, working together to construct a viable physical construction that will serve as a home for the directive, self aware consciousness of the physically materialized directive, ego personality while it is focused in the physical system.
Unbeknownst to most of science today, every bit of physical matter possesses some degree of consciousness. This body consciousness is a gestalt consciousness composed of the minute consciousness of every particle that joins in the physical construction.
To understand this and much more about the miraculous assemblage of atoms, molecules and organs that participate in the construction of the physical body, you must at least begin to understand the co-operation required of all elements that participate in this construction.
I know this will be hard to understand for those who are new to these articles, but understanding the creation of the physical body, you will also have a leg up on understanding the construction of your environment, your world and your universe. They are all created in precisely the same way.
Consciousness is a participating endeavor in which all physical particles join into gestalt formations of every physical object and event, but for now lets stick with objects. These smaller particles, such as electrons, protons, atoms and such all have an inner knowledge of their being, and at the risk of being committed, I must also tell you that the same particles that compose a rock, in their limited way, also posses a more generalized consciousness. To you, they would not be considered alive since they don't move about, but neither does a flower or a blade of grass, but still, they do perceive.
It can be no other way, since consciousness creates physical matter, and if a rock did not have some degree of conscious awareness, it could not be a rock. I would like you however, to keep in mind that "everything is consciousness". There is nothing that you can see or perceive, in your waking state or in your dreams that is completely devoid of consciousness.
When you die, your inner directive consciousness has begun a process of separating itself from the physical body. To attempt to identify the exact time of death happening is a mistake, since in some cases, such as in the "coma state", that separation has happened long before the last breath is taken.
When the enduring inner personality withdraws from the body, the body consciousness, which is composed of the individual consciousnesses of all of the smaller particles, may live on for varying lengths of time. It is not uncommon upon exhuming graves of those long dead, even after hundreds of years, to find that the hair and finger and toenails are continuing to grow.
You live in a world of freedoms of actions and movement, limited mostly by your own beliefs. When you took on a life in the physical system, you were given complete independence from your Soul/Entity and while the physical body is alive and functioning, there is and can be no interference. Actually, from the perspective of the Soul or Entity, it is incapable of interfering once a new personality has been given life. So, you are on your own, for better or worse.
As far as the creation of new personalities, God has very little to do with that, since it is the Entity that creates new personalities, the Entity, so intellectually and spiritually advanced, that it has what you would consider God-like qualities. It is the Entity that creates new personalities and it is the Entity that is involved when the time of death approaches.
To the Entity, who sees beyond death, death is no big deal. The life of a personality could be compared to a day in the life of the entity. The death circumstances of any personality are known in advance by the Entity, but in terms that need further explanation.
You live in a probable system of reality, where all possibilities of action are probable. What that means in laymen's terms, is that all probable actions, including death, exist simultaneously alongside of all other probable actions. Some possible actions are more probable than others, and for that reason, some rather reliable predictions can be made in advance, by being able to perceive the field of probabilities.
All physical actions are materialized and rise up out of the field of probabilities, but until the final choice as to which action will be taken, which event will be chosen to materialize, changes can still be made. From this, you can see that there can be no such a reality as "pre-destination".
As an example, a very simple analogy is in order here. Lets presume that you are a racecar driver. In the field of probabilities, which I hope by now, you have gathered is a field of psychological future events; all of your possible future probable deaths exist from the day of your birth.
For you, it would not be too far off base to make an assumption that the possibility of a violent death would be more probable than a peaceful death in a nursing home. But, that taken into consideration, it would still be impossible to predict or know for sure, since new choices can be made at any time prior to selecting specifics.
At the very last minute, before a race, you could get sick, withdraw from the race, be taken to the hospital and die in bed of pneumonia, although this would not be the most likely probability.
The final death decision is made through inner communication between the Soul/Entity and the personality. Usually there is agreement, but in the end, the Entity will make the important decision to continue or to terminate the present life, knowing that nothing more of great value can be gained by prolonging the inevitable.
On another level, no one ever dies who is not ready to die. The Soul/Entity is aware of this information before you are born and you are not disconnected from your Soul.
From its lofty standpoint, the Soul/Entity knows what is best and has the interest of the personality in mind. The Entity, being aware of the continuity of life, already sees a probable new life rising out of the field of probabilities. Unfortunately, at this stage of your development, you are not privy to the same type of information.
As far as God and life's events are concerned, there is NO SUCH THING AS PREDEISTIATION!   
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